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Wayne Shulick Discusses the Latest Nightlife Trends

October 22, 2020 GMT

Nightlife is Constantly Evolving and Wayne Shulick Is Here To Discuss Some of the Latest Trends in Nightlife

Los Angeles, CA - ( NewMediaWire ) - October 22, 2020 - There is nothing like going out at night. In major cities all over the place, there are crowds that seem to hit the street for the first time at 11 PM. Then, they stay out until 3 in the morning. For bars and clubs, these are their peak hours and this is where they make most of their money. At the same time, this is an incredibly competitive industry, and those who would like to keep their doors open need to keep up with the latest trends.  Wayne Shulick is an expert in the industry and he is here to discuss some of the latest trends when it comes to bars, clubs, and nightlife as a whole.


Wayne Shulick Discusses the Role of the Experience, Which Matters More than the Location

Today,  Wayne Shulick has noticed that the experience matters more than anything else. It isn’t so much where the crowd is going as much as what they are going to be doing when they get there. With this in mind, Wayne Shulick has seen countless bars and clubs change the way they are approaching the experience. If there is a major DJ who is coming to town or a unique food event that is going on, this is going to bring in a much larger crowd than the location would otherwise enjoy. Nightclubs need to think about ways that they can create a unique experience for their party guests.

Wayne Shulick Discusses the Importance of Food for Bringing In the Crowd

In the past,  Wayne Shulick knows that people wouldn’t care so much about the food as much as the drinks and music. Now, food matters more than ever. Guests want to eat lat eat night, even if it is after 11 at night. Therefore, clubs should think about ways they can serve up some food. For example,  Wayne Shulick knows that food trucks are incredibly popular right now. There could be a way to bring in some extra guests by advertising that one of the top food trucks is going to swing by.

Wayne Shulick Reviews the Growing Role that Technology Is Playing in Nightlife

Finally,  Wayne Shulick has also noticed that technology is becoming more important to the nightlife experience. Efficiency matters and technology helps businesses become more efficient, even late at night. For example, Wayne Shulick has noticed that advanced point-of-sale (POS) systems are becoming more common at bars and clubs, helping them process payments more quickly. In addition, technology is also playing a role in the way bars and clubs coordinate their lights and music. As a result, this goes back to the experience, providing a better one for everyone who comes out late at night.