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Billbuddy Review: Is Bill Buddy Energy Switching Legit?

December 27, 2020 GMT

London - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 27, 2020 - With the advancement of technology, people have started using different software and applications to make life easier. Many of them have started using a personal savings assistant and chatbox called BillBuddy that reduces their energy bills. From the website of this personal savings assistant, it is noticed that this website provides its services as a comparison provider and also service switching assistant. According to the creators of this website, they run a complex algorithm to compare the charges of energy, insurance, mobile service providers in the client’s locality and also calculates the potential savings. They also arrange for a hassle-free transfer to a new and better operator/supplier.


About BillBuddy

The designers of this software say that it is a digital savings assistant. It was initially meant to find deals on energy bills, but within a short period, the creators have developed very sophisticated software that is capable of scanning the market and comparing the prices of mobile, broadband, insurance bills also. It provides a comparison of all the service providers available in the client’s locality and provides a usage wise chart showing the amount of money that can be saved if the service provider is changed. Apart from finding the money-saving deals, this personal assistant also provides its services for a hassle-free transition. And all this comes free of charge, the company does not claim any commission from its clients.   

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How Does the BillBuddy Work?

The creators of BillBuddy say that this is a personal savings assistant that saves money for its clients by checking the market for the best deals. It manages the energy, broadband, car insurance, home insurance, and mobile services of the clients. Based on the location, usage, exit fees, and other factors, the savings assistant scans the market for a cheaper service provider and then sends an alert to the user. And if the client agrees to the switch, BillBuddy initiates the switch to a new energy or mobile service provider and completes it within a month, provided it has all the necessary information. If at any time, the user wants any information on the best deals available for energy or gas or insurance services, there is a chatbox that answers all the queries. On average, the clients save $300 per month on their energy and gas bills. 


What Products or Services Does the BillBuddy Compare? 

When BillBuddy first set up its website and started providing personal savings assistant and chatbox services, it dealt only with energy bills. But now it has expanded the service base. From the website of BillBuddy, it is seen that comparison and shifting services are available for mobile service, broadband, home insurance, and car insurance also. 

Setting Up an Account on BillBuddy

To avail of the services of BillBuddy, a user has to set up an account. The creators charge no joining fees from the clients. The user has to enter the details like name, address with pin code, mobile number, etc., create a password and the account is opened on the website. This account will be like a control hub that will have all the information regarding the energy, mobile, broadband, or insurance bills of the client. The details like the address of the client where the services are being taken, the usage, the current tariff is saved safely and based on the pin code, the comparison is done. The software then scans the market and compares the prevailing rates provided by the service providers operating in that locality. After this, it provides an estimated savings chart on the client’s account page and also arranges for a quick transition from one service provider to another.  

Benefits of BillBuddy

Saves Money - This website provides a comparison of the energy and other services availed by the user and selects the potential money-saver deals. 

Transfers the Account  - After the user agrees to shift to a money-saving service provider, BillBuddy completes the process of transfer within one month. And this service is provided free of cost.

Provides Comparisons on Various Parameters - The users can get comparisons on many parameters when they avail the services of Bill Buddy. It provides the charges for the fixed rates and also variable rates and the client knows which option will save more.

Saves Time - BillBuddy saves time for the users by providing comparison figures at one click. Otherwise, people have to visit the individual websites of different service providers to view the tariffs.

Multiple Services - BillBuddy provides a comparison for potential savings and transfers to the selected supplier for various services including energy, gas, mobile, home insurance, car insurance, and broadband. 

Secure and Safe - The creators of this personal saying buddy affirm that all the information shared by the clients on the BillBuddy website is safe and secure. They have used the latest encryptions for security on the website.

Free of Cost  - BillBuddy does not collect any joining fees or commission from its users. It provides comparative charts specifying the amount of money that can be saved if the client shifts to another supplier free of cost.  

24-hour Customer Support - There is a chatbox available on the website of BillBuddy for answering all the queries of the clients. The agent provides immediate solutions to all the problems faced immediately. There is another option of raising a query through email in which the reply is sent to the email address of the client.

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Pricing Policy

The creators of BillBuddy do not charge any fees or commission from its clients for providing the comparison charts or for initiating and completing the switch. So, the question arises, how BillBuddy makes money. The creators inform that they get a fee from the new energy or any other service provider for arranging the shift. This is a one-time fee that the personal savings assistant gets and it is the same for each service supplier. This ensures that the software treats all the service providers in the same bracket and impartially provides a free comparison chart with potential savings.

Customer Service

BillBuddy provides online customer service to its clients from its website. The users can send an email or chat on the chat box on the website and speak to the agents to get the answers to their queries. This customer service is also free of charge.


  • Saves money and time
  • Free of charge service
  • User-friendly website
  • Helpful customer service


  • Services available on the web, no application is available
  • Comparisons based on tariff only

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Why is it necessary to provide the Direct Debit details to BillBuddy?

Whenever this website finds a money-saving deal, it arranges for transfer provided it has the Direct Debit details of the clients. The company wins the client’s trust by providing 256-bit encryption that secures the direct debit details. 

How Does BillBuddy find the money-saving deals for the clients?

Billbuddy claims to run a sophisticated software program that scans the market for the service providers in the locality using the pin code. Then it immediately provides a comparison of the tariffs identifying the lowest ones that can save the user’s money.

Do the users get the best deal while consuming BillBuddy? 

Yes, the users get the best deal while consuming BillBuddy. BillBuddy scans the whole market for the best deals by usage, location, and many other factors. The software charges a small exit fee, saving the users a lot of money.  

What happens if a user doesn’t like the available suppliers?

The user can make use of the available filters to identify a perfect supplier. The user can see whether the supplier provides green energy or a paper bill.  

Is it profitable to switch the energy supplier? 

Yes, it is profitable to switch the energy supplier. Users can save up to $200 per year. 

Accuracy increases by filling in the accurate details. When a user fills in the most accurate details, the user saves more. 

How much time will it take for the switch to process? 

The software takes 28 days for the switch to get processed. Everything can be set up in just a few minutes. 

How do you shift to direct debit if the user is in the prepayment meter? 

There are very few prepayment plans for the whole market. The users will be provided with a few options but will have fewer savings. The users on prepayment meters are recommended to switch to a direct debit meter. When the user shifts, there are more expert suppliers available who can help the users with this. 

Do any penalties need to be paid if the user switches before the contract has come to an end? 

If a user switches any tariff with 7 weeks left, then the user doesn’t have to face any penalties. OFGEM has set the rule and all the suppliers are compliant with it. If any user is within this time frame, the user won’t be charged any compensation or penalties. 


The brains behind the Bill Buddy personal savings assistant boast of a website that can provide comparisons of the energy or mobile or broadband tariffs and also arrange for a free transfer to a better supplier provided they have the direct debit details of the client. Now they are providing their clients information on car insurance and home insurance premiums and the policies can be purchased through their website. BillBuddy boasts of being a personal savings assistant with a chatbox and also a transfer service provider.