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The Bitcoin Compass Review 2020: Does This Software Really Work? Or Is It A Scam App?

September 30, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - September 30, 2020 - Smart and innovative technologies are bouncing into the crypto industry, offering auto trading robots as investment platforms for investors and buyers to generate a constant income source. There are many bitcoin auto trading platforms, but one of the enchanting software is “Bitcoin compass,” which catches our eyes.

The ” Bitcoin Compass ” is one of the popular and innovative automated trading tools used to profit with cryptocurrencies from digital assets every day. The platform runs with unique auto trading robots that automatically detect profitable deals in the digital market and perform transactions on behalf of the investors who have activated the live trading feature after making deposits.


The outstanding auto trading system of the Bitcoin Compass can be very advantageous as it allows the system to work all independently. It also aids people who have zero skills in trading to make money from the crypto markets. The user only has to set the trading account, monitor it for a couple of minutes, and let the system do all the work independently.

How to join the bitcoin compass platform?

The bitcoin compass can be accessed from its website following the simple steps to get in.

1.      Account Registration and activation

The user needs to create an account by providing all their authentic information, such as the user’s name, contact number, email address, phone number, and a strong password. The registration process is entirely free. Once the sign-up process is completed, a confirmation email is sent to the priorly mentioned email. The user needs to verify and activate his account by clicking on the confirmation link.

2.      Initial Deposits

 Once the user gets into his account, he must transfer an initial amount of minimum $250 as seed money for initializing the trading features by first choosing the payment method. The Bitcoin Compass offers several payment methods for investors to deposit funds to their crypto accounts using bank cards such as Master Card, Visa card, and some other alternative methods like bank transfers, Skrill, WebMoney, or through PayPal. Once the deposits are successfully made, the user gets access to all the bitcoin compass platform’s functions and features.

3.      Demo trading

A smart Demo trading feature is added to the system to assist newbie traders in crypto trading markets. Though this demo trading feature works exactly the same as live trading but it works without money. This feature helps the user to understand how the working of the crypto trading system.


4.      Auto Trading

Once the account is funded with the required seed money, the user enjoys access to a live trading system for nine hours. Before starting, the user must decide on the trade settings he intends to use to minimize the risks. The settings include managing the risks determined by stop loss and taking profit limits. The auto trading system works fantastically on its own as the trading robots scan the market for money-spinning deals by utilizing the funds’ deposited into the crypto account by the investor.

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The Key Features of Bitcoin Compass

The following are some key features the platform offers.

  • Payout threshold

A user can decide the threshold payout from the account settings. This feature allows the user to withdraw the earned amount once it reaches the desired threshold limit set by him. If the user wants to keep his account running, the system doesn’t allow to withdraw all of the money present in the account, for instance, the profit gained and seed money initially deposited.

  • Verification system

The system requires the user’s personal details, such as contact number and email address, to confirm and authenticate the user either by email verification or by calling. The entire process is swift and completed in 2-3 minutes.

  • Initial deposits

The system requires an initial amount of $250 to activate the trading features. The user can deposit up to $15000 depending on his investment interest. These are the minimum and maximum deposit value ranges involved in the bitcoin compass system.

  • Easy Withdrawal

Once the profit threshold is achieved, the user can pull out the earned amount by making a request, filling the form, and submitting that into the system. The system then enables the withdrawal process, and the user can easily withdraw the desired amount using the decided payment method.

  • Fee charges

One of the best things about Bitcoin compass software is that it doesn’t charge any registration fee for those who only want to understand the system and how it works. But to operate it with all functions for profit-making, some initial investments must be made by the user. The system for each positive trade deducts a small amount.

  • Customer service

Bitcoin compass platform offers 24 hours customer service reliability to the users assisting their inquiries. The user can contact them either by email or phone number.

  • Brokers

The affiliated brokers claim to be certified with years of experience, but the system doesn’t provide any verification method or the brokers’ authentication; therefore, it lacks evidence.

  • User testimonials

This section can be seen on the homepage, which includes all the reviews of the current and past users’ experience with the platform. However, it also lacks evidence either they are real or fake because of no verification technique.

Advantages of bitcoin compass trading system

The bitcoin compass is advantageous to use because of the following factors

  • No specialized skills needed

The system is easy to handle and operate, starting from account registration to making and withdrawing money. All the functions are user-friendly, so this makes it easier for beginners to work with it.

  • Demo trading

The demo account work without any investment, making the software credible for auto trading, indicating users first to test the system before making any investments.

  • Fast withdrawals

Funds are transferred directly from the bitcoin compass trading account to the user’s local account. The process is fast and reliable.

  • High success rate

The bitcoin compass system has a high success rate of 92-95%, making it reliable and alluring for investors to increase profits opportunities.

Is Bitcoin compass a scam or legit?

Many scam websites are promising high-profit returns on investments but based on all the claims, indications, and positive feedback of the clients, the bitcoin compass trading system seems to be legit and not a scam. It is confidently stated that the users earned a high amount of profits after investing in the platform as, according to the bitcoin compass website, a user can generate $1300, only spending 20 minutes a day. Moreover, the homepage testimonials revealed an amount of $3000 daily profit made by a current user. The website is also tested with legit users of around 100 countries.

The bitcoin compass website is secured with the online security system, i.e., SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which encrypts the necessary information stored on the auto trading website to keep personal data funds protected whilst trading.

It is reported by the claimers that the bitcoin compass is one of the best platforms in the crypto industry because of the advanced algorithms used in the development of the software and also of its variant capabilities. For instance, the platform works to trade all kinds of cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.

Thus, concluding the user’s claims, it can be stated that a bitcoin compass is legitimately a reliable tool for earning money without stress.

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