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TVShareMax Reviews - Screen Sharing Device TV Share Max Worth Your Money?

December 4, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 04, 2020 - Let me take you through the TVShareMax review where a revolutionary and must-have product will be evaluated to help my readers understand how empowering and user-friendly add-on this device could be for educational and other purposes.

Not everyone can afford a smart TV and they run the show using an old traditional TV. These TVs do not have an option for screen casting from their phone nor do they have WiFi compatibility. You might have an incompatible TV at home but since your data works only on your phone, you would end up watching all your favourite videos on the phone itself.


In this TVShareMax review, I will be disclosing to you an exclusive device that can transform any television to be a video streaming full HD version through a wireless network. Read the review till the end and you will realize that this device is the only thing you want when you are at home and the pandemic is not getting any better. Read further to know that TVShareMax is legit and not a scam.

TVShareMax Review - Product Overview

TVShareMax is a handy and easy to configure device that can easily sync your phone into any TV you have at home. This will allow you to instantly watch a movie, TV series, or other YouTube videos directly on your television screen and all it will need is an active WIFI connection at home. It benefits you and your family to watch any videos on a wider angle with a better feel. 

TVShareMax’s easy HD mirroring option is what makes it stand out from the rest of the devices. Life would become much easier where you can watch your Netflix, a soccer game, or watch anything that you would like to without causing any disruption.

The technology is unheard and TVShareMax is one such innovative product that nobody would expect that existed in the market. So can other alternative devices help you share the screen with full HD quality?

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How does TVShareMax full-screen viewing work on TV?

TVShareMax works under a whole new technological advancement unique in its class. You can do things beyond watching your favorite TV shows or games. The purpose of the TVShareMax device is to transform every nonsmart TV into a smart TV by having the ability to stream anything and everything both live and offline.


TVShareMax works with an HDMI and AV output and once when you connect the cable to the TV, that’s when you view an image on the TV screen. So you need to turn on the WIFI connection and then your smartphone screen can be shared.

The best thing about connecting TVShareMax to your TV is that you will be able to watch videos that are 1080p full HD quality, unlike any other screencast gadgets that show you blurred video quality when you bring it at home.

TVShareMax Features

  • TVShareMax comes with a High Definition Output
  • HD screen Sharing is possible on the TV screen, sync a map on the car and other screen types with WIFI dongle
  • It is compatible with iOS, Windows, and android
  • Setup of the TVShareMax is very simple
  • Small form a super portable device that can be carried anywhere
  • On default screen setup instructions

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TVShareMax Benefits

  • Easy usability

Usually, screen sharing does not provide the exact picture quality and you would keep regretting all the time about the mistakes you have done.  You get frustrated with lots of wires and installation processes.

When your installation process is purely experimental then that’s when things get bored for all who are eager to start watching what you have to show them. With TVShareMax, everything is just so simple and hassle-free that you just have to deal with an HDMI cable and an AV output.

So just connect it and link the device to WIFI so that the phone would be connected automatically to the TV.

  • Simplified Setup

Connect the HDMI cord to TVShareMax through USB and you will find an image on the TV screen. All the instructions you will find are so simple and easy to connect the device to your WIFI router that makes it easier to stream whatever is there on your phone screen to the TV screen.

  • Picture Quality

TVShareMax provides Crystal clear picture quality through HD streaming. Sometimes HD screen streaming devices might be of the best quality when you see them at an outlet. But when you bring it home, everything will look blurry and abysmal. So you don’t have to think of such a problem with TVShareMax. Everything you watch will be of the highest quality at 1080p.

  • Instant streaming

Unlike other screencasting devices that are slow to connect to the TV, TVShareMax provides a quick and instant video sharing and watching option compatible with iOS and Android. Do anything including playing games, binge-watching, photo browsing, and online video watching, switching to the mini car screen mirror streaming, and showing presentations for meetings.

  • Normal TV to Smart TV

If you think of buying a smart TV to have better online access to watching series, you don’t have to spend so much money on a new TV. Instead, get yourself TVShareMax that can convert a normal TV into a Smart TV without any problem. Whatever you have on your phone can be watched on your TV whether it is an old or a new TV that is not smart. Your phone will be a remote controller and it will play songs from the Spotify playlist or YouTube

  • Portability

It is a lightweight, small, and handy screen sharing device that is unlike any other similar device that is not so lightweight. Carry it easily in your pocket as it won’t take much space. Wander around from place to place and play on any TV. Its portability makes it the simplest device when you are traveling abroad and the hotel where you stay has a TV without knowing how the video works. At such times, carrying TVShareMax will save your idle time and boredom by watching your favorite shows.

  • Make any app work

Never feel frustrated when you want to facetime a friend when TVShareMax is available. It works on Netflix, streaming services, HBO now, and much more. Try to use and stream any apps on the TV screen

  • Money-Saving

TVShareMax saves your money by not buying a smart TV and people have also started to put an end to their cable connections and use a WIFI and TVShareMax instead. Save more in the coming months and years to come. Make a smart move and save more money.

TVShareMax Technical Facts

  • Diameter: 2.28 inches
  • Width: 0.47 inch
  • Power switch with Power light
  • HDMI port
  • AV port
  • Mode Switch

TVShareMax Specifications

  • Instant Plug and Play
  • Supports Android, Microsoft, and iOS
  • 1080p HD crystal clear quality
  • Supports H.265 high-efficiency video coding
  • Faster HDMI output
  • WIFI supported
  • Usability at home, office, and car.
  • Modes: airplay, DLNA, and much more.

TVShareMax Price

TVShareMax is reasonably priced and you are given 5 options to choose from

  • 1 piece of TVShareMax will cost you $59 for the device
  • 2 pieces of TVShareMax will be available at $45 per piece and the total amount would be $89
  • 4 TVShareMax devices will cost you only $ 32/ piece and the total amount would be $129
  • Buy 2 TVShareMax devices for $36/piece and get one piece absolutely free. The total amount incurred will be $109
  • When you choose to buy 3 devices of TVShareMax, you get 2 of them free. You will have to pay $30 only for each piece and the total amount will be $149

You won’t find a product with such perfect quality screening at a very reasonable price. I recommend you to buy the TVShareMax pack of $149 where you could save more money and share it or sell to others 

Where can you buy TVShareMax?

TVShareMax can be purchased easily from its official website without complicating yourself to fall for any scam web pages. The official TVShareMax has special discounts when you are ready to place an order soon.

Click the link below and you will be redirected to the parent website of the screen mirroring device

TVSharemax official website -

TVShareMax Review - Final Verdict

Screencasting devices are truly unpredictable and while you see the demo of such devices, you will be overwhelmed and they will be able to captivate your mind easily. After purchasing the device, and trying to configure it at home, you will complicate and frustrate yourself.

Later when it starts working you will only be able to view the mirrored video from your phone at a normal vision instead of an HD vision.

TVShareMax is a high-end technology product that is completely different from the above-mentioned products. The product is exactly as stated on the official website and TVShareMax Reviews that the users have shared after buying the product.

Nothing sounded negative and the discount they got was fabulous. TVShareMax is available at the cheapest bargain price as the current early-bird discount might not last long and the stocks won’t be replenished soon considering the pandemic situation.  Even if the product is available again, the price would only be higher.

So take a decision that would help you deal with the best ever technological upgrade at a low price. TVShareMax is always better than buying a smart TV that costs you more money.

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