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How To Do a Reverse Email Lookup: Find Someone By Email Address For Free

October 16, 2020 GMT

Seattle, Washington - ( NewMediaWire ) - October 16, 2020 - At some time or another, most people have received an email from an unknown source and wanted to know the identity of the sender and their motives behind the communication. The easiest way to find this out is to ask the sender who they are. However, sometimes a person may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to do so. In this situation, the next option is to conduct a reverse email lookup. 

A reverse email lookup can help identify the sender using any information that they’ve made public online. Typically, there are different methods of tracking the person sending an anonymous email through reverse email lookup. This article will cover the most effective ones. 


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What is a Reverse Email Lookup?

Usually one uses a person’s name to find their email address. A reverse email lookup does the opposite and uses the email address to find the name of the person.  

How To Do a Free Reverse Email Lookup

There are a few methods to identify the owner of an email address. Some are more effective than others. Here are the most reliable.

1. Use Google search

Google has the answers to anything and everything. If an email sender has ever mentioned their email address anywhere on the Internet, it can be easily retrieved through Google search. Simply type in the email address and wait for the results.

Also, check the descriptions and page titles for any clue, or narrow down the search even further by putting quotation marks (” ”) at the beginning and end of the email address. That way, the only results seen are where the email address appears.

Although using a search engine can be effective, it might take time and be challenging if the person has tried to avoid using their email address on the Internet. 

2. Check social media platforms

Social media sites have a large following of people. And when used correctly, they can help find reliable information concerning anyone on the Internet. 

When creating a social media account or profile, users tend to use personal information, which means that the sender’s email information can be easily retrieved if they used the email to sign up on any social media site.


Social media sites have search buttons that can be used to look for an anonymous email sender’s identity. Simply do a free reverse email lookup manually by checking out the list of 60 most popular social media websites and then entering the email on each of them. 

The process can also be automated using a search tool like Lullar, which has a search bar where one can enter the email, and the email will automatically be searched in more than 30 most popular social networking websites. 

Once the email address is found on social media sites, more information about the sender is revealed, including pictures and their real names. It’s also possible to learn more about their identity.

Although this is a good way to identify someone, it can be challenging if that person is not on social media or they have adjusted their privacy settings.  Learn more about how to find someone on social media here.

3. Research the domain name on the email address

Use the domain name on the email address to find out the host. For instance, if the email is, the “” is the email domain. Search the email domain to get more information.

4. Research any product or service offered

Sometimes the anonymous email may offer a product or service. By searching the name of the specific product, someone may be able to trace the sender. 

5. Use a specific people search engine that uses email addresses

Last but not least, the best way to perform a reverse email lookup is to use a people search engine that is designed specifically to do just that. 

There are several email lookup service sites that come in handy when doing a reverse email search. These sites are connected to multiple social networking sites, search engines, and the deep web. Once anyone performs a search, the search engine searches to find any clues about the email address owner. If the email address is used anywhere online, the email lookup site will find that information.

One highly effective tool is Spokeo that offers a free reverse email lookup that provides basic information to help identify the email sender. This platform searches billions of records, including deep web sites, government records, and more, and delivers results within seconds. 

Apart from the identity of the individual, for a small fee, one can also find out:

- Full name

- Photographs

- Location history

- Marital status

- Social media accounts

- Social media images and videos

- Criminal activity and history

- Assets

- Close relatives and more

There are many advantages to using Spokeo. The search is 100% confidential and the person who is the subject of the search will not know about it. The basic information is enough to identify the person and, if more info is required, it can be obtained for an affordable cost. Lastly, the sheer amount of information will be far more than one can find using the other methods. 

However, this comes as a slight disadvantage because a user may well find out information about someone that could shock them because the search engine also uses the deep web. This is why the website comes with a warning to be prepared for the information that may be revealed. 

What To Do if the Above Methods Don’t Work

If the sender’s identity is not clear after doing all the above, he or she likely used an anonymous email website to send the email. Opting out of the mailing list should stop the anonymous emails from arriving in one’s inbox. 

The next option is to block the sender’s email. However, on the rare occasion that this doesn’t work, it will be necessary to inform the website owner as there may be something illegal going on. 

Parting Shot

Anonymous emails can be bothersome to most people. However, before becoming a detective, start by asking the sender to identify themselves. Going through the reversal email lookup process can be tedious and may not be necessary if the sender can voluntarily give their identity. However, if the person does not want to reveal their identity, then alarm bells should ring. Using a tool such as Spokeo is a safe way to conduct an anonymous email reverse lookup to find out who is behind the emails. 

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