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16 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Websites - Find Information on Any Phone Number With a Free Search

January 3, 2021 GMT

Chicago, Illinois - ( NewMediaWire ) - January 03, 2021 - Nowadays, a reverse phone lookup tool is essential in today’s modern era. With an ever-increasing abundance of telemarketers, scam calls, and con artists, double-checking the caller’s name, location, address, and email ID is a necessary chore. Luckily reverse phone lookup providers offer all the tools required to make this task as straightforward as possible.

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As such, this article aims to review the best reverse phone lookup websites on the market today, specifically focuses on the features offered, pricing plans, ease-of-use, clarity of information found, and more. 

How The Best Reverse Phone Lookup Websites Were Evaluated

Each site was ranked on the following key factors in order to put this top 16 list together.

Features - Availability and range of features are an essential part of any online service. As such, higher points were awarded to sites that offered more features while also looking at their usefulness and effectiveness at aiding the user’s experience. 

Clarity of Information - Whether a site can gather extensive amounts of data is useless if the information is not clear, coherent, and easy to navigate. Therefore, sites that provided the information in a concise and easy-to-follow manner ranked higher on this list.

Ease-of-use - Although seemingly similar to “clarity of information,” this refers to the website itself as a whole. Sites with straightforward search engines, filter settings, and search parameters scored higher marks. 

Value for Money - Finally, value-for-money cannot be ignored. Sites offering their services at below-average prices or offering features that bested the competition at a similar price ranked higher on this list. 

The Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

1. Instant Checkmate - Best Overall Reverse Phone Lookup Site

Instant Checkmate earns the top spot on this list for being one of the most accurate and easy to use reverse phone lookup services. Instant Checkmate, provides information (available on public record) regarding a caller’s email address, social media accounts, location, criminal records, and more. 


The site has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and offers plenty of information with a single search. Instant Checkmate is also easy-to-navigate, provides multiple options for searches, features a mobile app, and boasts an affordable $1 five-day trial. Plus, the results and data found is transparent and explained clearly. 

Instant Checkmate Pros

$1 five-day trial

- Extensive information from a single search

- Intuitive user interface

Instant Checkmate Cons

- Customer service is unreliable

- Website can be slow

- No option to buy a single report

Membership Costs and Prices:

One-month subscription: $34.78/month

Three-month subscription: $27.82/month

2. Intelius - Useful Seven-Day Free Trial

Intelius is another fantastic option that offers more features than a basic reverse phone lookup service. Not only is the site easy-to-navigate but Intelius also lets customers run a people search, uncover background details and search property records. 

Intelius uses a comprehensive data engine to produce a confidential report that details the caller’s name, address history, age, relatives, phone carrier, location and more. Whether you’re being called from a landline, cell or business number, Intelius will provide all available information associated with the caller so users can find out whether the caller can be trusted. 

Intelius Pros

- Clean and user-friendly website

- Affordable subscriptions

- Quick and confidential reverse phone lookup search

7-day trial membership

Intelius Cons

- Sneaky pricing strategies

- Mixed reviews

Membership Costs and Prices:

One-time, one-individual background check: $39.95

Searches without legal or criminal data: $6.95

Premier plus subscription: $29.95/month

3. Spokeo - Most Thorough Site for Reverse Phone Lookup

Spokeo is another excellent service and one of the most thorough reverse phone lookup sites available on the market. Not only does this site find the caller’s social media profile, full name, and address, but it also goes as far as to look up information on the caller’s relatives as well.

Dubbed the “people search engine,” Spokeo thoroughly scans over 12 billion records from social media sites, white page listings, and public records to provide customers with the most up-to-date information possible. 

Spokeo Pros

- An easy-to-navigate website with a clean design

- Fast initial information search

- Some useful features are free

Spokeo Cons

- Occasional misinformation

- Monthly fee required for more thorough searches

Membership Costs and Prices:

1-month membership: $13.95/month

3-month membership: $7.95/month

One-time name report: $0.95

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4. Infotracer - Excellent Targeted Search Options

Infotracer is another reliable reverse phone lookup website. With Infotracer’s initial report, you’ll receive access to a brief overview of the information found, including whether the number is a landline or wireless number, who the carrier is, and it’s location. Then, it’s the customer’s choice whether they purchase the full report. 

Doing so will provide you with access to the full report plus a seven-day Unlimited Lookup Pass. The full report includes the caller’s name, address, information related to their social media account, and possibly information regarding any court documents or criminal records. 

Infotracer Pros

- Confidential searches

- An extensive amount of information provided in the full report

Unlimited Seven-day Lookup Pass with each report

Infotracer Cons

- Pricing plans are a bit expensive

- No long-term membership plan available

Membership Costs and Prices:

5-Day trial: $2.95

One-time report (includes seven-day Unlimited Lookup pass): $19.95

One-month access: $19.95

5. TruthFinder - Best Reverse Phone Lookup for Beginners

Another extensive background check service that also offers reverse phone lookup features is TruthFinder. Their phone lookup algorithm provides up-to-date contact information, including names, locations, email addresses, social media profiles, and more. In some cases, users can also find the caller’s employment data and photos of the person. 

In fact, TruthFinder offers more than simple reverse phone lookup features and is considered one of the best background check services available to date. With an easy-to-navigate interface and crystal clear explanations describing how to use their background reports, TruthFinder offers its customers more information than available on other standard search engines. 

TruthFinder Pros

- Mobile app (Android and iOS)

- Up-to-date and current information unveiled

- Extensive search parameters

Membership includes unlimited background checks

TruthFinder Cons

- Users cannot purchase individual reports

- No trial period

Membership Costs and Prices:

One-month reverse phone lookup membership: $4.99/month

One-month membership (including background checks): $27.78/month

Two-month membership (including background checks): $23.02/month

6. PeopleFinders - Most Up-To-Date and Accurate Directory

Aside from only being available in the US, PeopleFinders is a fantastic platform that offers more features than a basic reverse phone lookup service. Plus, the site is easy-to-navigate and lets customers do comprehensive research with just a phone number. Customers can see the caller’s address history, carry out detailed background checks, and more. 

PeopleFinders also prides itself on keeping its directory up-to-date, guaranteeing you’ll find relevant data on suspicious calls. A simple phone number search can include the caller’s name, address, email ID, and more. However, customers will need to create an account if they wish to have full access to reports and public searches.

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7. Spy Dialer 

Spy Dialer can look up information using a landline, cell phone number, or email address and works with non-published numbers as well. Using publicly available information, Spy Dialer provides you with details on your caller, including social media data as well as user-contributed address books. 

Spy Dialer is great at finding lost contacts, checking unknown numbers, and also allows users to remove their information from the database for free. 


Another great reverse phone lookup provider, SPYTOX, offers a white page directory renowned for premium-class services worldwide. Users can search for numbers, names, addresses, and more. Plus, SPYTOX also provides access to information regarding the caller’s social media profiles. 

Like Spy Dialer, SPYTOX allows users to take advantage of it’s reverse phone lookup features for free. Simply enter the email ID or phone number you wish to find information on, and you’ll receive quick access to the information you need.

9. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is first and foremost a background checking service used for criminal record checks. However, the site also offers a reverse phone lookup feature, plus a seven-day free trial for customers not interested in purchasing a full membership. The reverse phone lookup feature provides information on the caller’s location, email ID, address, and social media profile.

BeenVerified users can also benefit from using the mobile app that’s available for iOS, Android, and Apple Watch as well. 


Another free reverse phone lookup site, ZLOOKUP, offers a simple interface that ensures searching a phone number is as straightforward as possible. The site searches millions of records to gather information regarding the business or number you’re interested in researching. Searches are unlimited, anonymous, and secure.

The only downside is that users cannot look up email addresses, names, or other information besides a landslide or cell number. 

11. USPhoneBook 

As the name denotes, this service is for residents of the US. As such, without using a VPN, you won’t be able to look up information from outside of the US. However, USPhoneBook is still a 100% free and anonymous reverse phone lookup service that provides information on any caller in seconds. 

To provide users with the information they want, USPhoneBook searches billions of public records and keeps their records up-to-date with business details, phone numbers, addresses, and more. 

12. CellRevealer 

CellRevealer is a versatile service that claims to be the most accurate (and free) reverse phone lookup service. You can look up information by typing in the name, number, or email address of the person you’re interested in. Plus, they also let users identify which numbers are “spam” and allow you to post feedback and check complaints from other people on the platform.

Check out this article “ Suspicious Phone Number Lookup ” to find out more about looking up information spam callers. 

13. AnyWho

AnyWho is another straightforward platform offering a reverse phone lookup service for free. Users can look up a local business and find information on their Yellow Page listings as well. Simply type in the 10-digit number into their search bar and click on the “Find” button to receive results instantly. 

14. Whitepages

This site boasts an extensive online directory and has the largest contact list for Americans. Users can do background checks, look up phone numbers, and screen callers for fraud for free. Businesses also have access to premium packages as well should they decide they need access to more data. 

15. Truecaller

Besides requiring users to register an account, Truecaller is 100% free to use, with roughly 150 million people using the service daily. Plus, the site offers dedicated apps for iOS, Windows, and Android devices as well, with the app letting users see details of the caller in real-time. 

16. ReversePhoneLookup.com

Since 2010, ReversePhoneLookup.com has offered users its reverse phone lookup feature for free and identified over a million numbers. However, similar to USPhoneBook, users will need a VPN to access the site outside of the US. 

Best Reverse Phone Lookup - Final Verdict

Reverse phone lookup services offer an extensive range of features, some including background checks, criminal records, and more. The best reverse phone lookup service is one that meets the demands of the customer while providing all the information they’re interested in finding at a fair price or for free.  

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