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How to Find Someone on Social Media, 8 Tips and Strategies

October 9, 2020 GMT

San Francisco, CA - ( NewMediaWire ) - October 09, 2020 - Social media is the easiest way for people to stay connected. However, since billions of people use these platforms, how to find someone on social media can be a challenge. It’s easy to get lost among the many posts, tweets, pins, and photos posted online. 

The most popular social media platforms are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. When looking for someone on these social media sites, the results are overwhelming and not always the most accurate. However, there are ways one can use them to locate a specific person but they might take time and patience. 


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Why Finding Someone on Social Media Can Be Challenging

Looking for someone online through social media networks is no walk in the park. Some people open accounts on various platforms, but they are not very active. This hinders their popularity and makes it hard to find them. Others might use a false name or a nickname that is unknown to those searching for them, making it even more challenging to be found.

Most individuals who use pseudonyms do so to keep their personal information private. However, it does complicate the whole process for those who might be wanting to connect with them. And, as a result, they might end up missing great opportunities because they can’t be found on social media. For example, if an old contact remembers them and wants to find them for a potential job or the “adventure of a lifetime.” 

Tip: For the privacy-conscious individual, it’s a better idea to adjust their privacy settings to hide personal data rather than use strange names that their family, longtime friends, and acquaintances may not know. 

Another challenge that presents itself when searching on social media platforms is the fact that the search is not always confidential. Some platforms notify their users about who has been viewing their profile. This could potentially be embarrassing if someone wanted to conduct a confidential people search

Lastly, the information found on social media is often limited and might not be a “true reflection” of an individual. For example, if someone wants to find out if a specific person is trustworthy, their social media account might only reflect them on their “best behavior.” This level of information can be dangerous if used to make a decision about an individual. 


How to Find Someone on Social Media in 5 Steps

As challenging as it is to find someone on social media, there are some steps that can yield positive results and shorten the time taken to find someone online. 

1. Start with a search

Whichever social media platform one is using to look for someone, a search within the network is the best way to begin. To improve the search, use the various filters that each platform has to offer.

A good place to start is Facebook. This is the largest social network and most people at some time or other have opened an account which increases the chances of finding someone. 

To use the filters on Facebook, click “search” after entering the name and use the “people” tab to narrow the search. This will bring a list that can be narrowed further by indicating city, work, education, and many other factors to refine the search. 

2. Use a mutual friend

This is only possible if the person searching knows of someone who may be their common friend. Start by going to that person’s profile and viewing their friends. It is also possible to search within their friend’s list and get quick results.

A social media username search is also possible through the “People You May Know” list, which appears on notifications or News Feed. To find this list, one has to log in to their Facebook account and move to the “Settings” button, which opens next to the question mark button on the upper part of the page. The “Notifications” are on the left side of the page and show a list of people likely to have mutual friends with the searcher. 

3. Use of a web address

A web address can ease the process of locating someone online. This is where the person’s name is added at the end of the web address, depending on the site being used. For example, someone could search on Facebook by writing the URL followed by the person’s full name.

It’s common for most people to use similar usernames on different social media platforms and will most likely bring up good results and closure to the long search. That’s if the person is using their name. Try this for each of the platforms below:




4. Try a reverse search

When looking for methods on how to find someone on social media, using details such as a phone number can help. It is not common for people to include phone numbers, but it is possible to find someone by typing their number in the search bar. Besides, most social media accounts need to be verified using a phone number and used for security purposes. So, where the person’s phone number is known, a reverse search with their phone number is an excellent option. 

5. Use a Google search

A search for someone on social media networks should not come to an end without a Google search. This may sound like the last alternative, but it can be quite effective. 

All that’s needed is the person’s name, location, and other related keywords to narrow down the search. The results may vary but users can also search under images and videos for more leads. 

Go to, type the person’s name, and click search. It is also possible to add the person’s other details, such as a workplace, city, marital status, and much more. The result will be many images, and the person being searched may be one of them. If he or she appears, the searcher should click on the image, and it will lead them to the site where the photo was posted. From there, it will be easy to locate a lost friend or relative. 

How To Find Someone on Social Media in Less Time -  Try Spokeo

Last but most definitely not least, if the above 5 steps are fruitless, before giving up searching for someone on social media, it’s worth trying dedicated search sites. They are search engines that help when the person’s name is unknown, and they are not on social media platforms.

Spokeo is a  daily intelligence tool that uses billions of records to collect all content publicly available on social media, blogs, news sources, and homepages. It uses the information to determine the identity online and provides in-depth information to find specific people. With Spokeo, people can confidentially search for anyone in the US by name, telephone number, email, address, and even username. 

Although users need to pay a small amount for a detailed report, Spokeo does provide basic search results on a person for free. Information in the basic report may include name, age, relatives, city and state, and other locations. 

Spokeo’s advanced search requires payment, however, the detail in the report is well worth the cost. Not only will a person save time hunting on the web, but it will also provide information that is not freely available on the Internet, including deep web results. 

In today’s world where fraud is rife and trust is eroding, it’s worth conducting a thorough search on an individual before establishing a connection whether it’s in a relationship or in business.

In Conclusion

The above 5 steps should be fairly effective when looking for ways on how to find someone on social media. However, it will take time especially if the person in question has not been active on their social media account or they have used a pseudonym. Also, it might not be that confidential as some platforms can tell a user who has viewed their profile. This could potentially be embarrassing. 

A much better option is to use Spokeo to find the person. Not only will a user be able to find the exact individual in much less time, but for a small fee, they will also be able to obtain a detailed confidential report on the person in question with a free background check

Don’t waste time hunting, try Spokeo today, and know more.