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How To Do a Reverse Phone Lookup: Find Someone By Phone Number for Free

October 16, 2020 GMT

San Diego, California - ( NewMediaWire ) - October 16, 2020 - A reverse phone lookup uses a telephone number to find the identity of the caller. It’s quite literally the reverse of a traditional phone directory that uses the names to find the numbers. 

While its true public directories do not reveal cell phone numbers easily, there are ways to track phone number owners and even find their business details and social media accounts. But, these methods may take time, so most people grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a long night of hunting.


However, that does not need to be the case. 

Thanks to special people search tools, it’s now entirely possible to do a reverse phone lookup in less time than it takes to boil the kettle. Find out how in this article by

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How To Do a Reverse Phone Lookup - the Long Way

The most obvious way to identify the owner of a number is to use public platforms to search for the number. But, this can be tedious especially if the owner of the number has gone to great pains to hide it.  Here are a few proven methods to do so:

1. Use a search engine or two

One of the most reliable search engines to use is Google. It’s the best way to search the Internet to see where the number is listed. There are other search engines, so users can extend their search if needed. 

Enter the number into the search bar and from there, one can hunt further on the specific site. For example, if the cell phone is listed on a blog, one might be able to find the owner of the blog or the name of the company. 

Reverse phone lookup can be performed for cell phone numbers and landline numbers. But, once more, this may take time. Users might also have to refine their search by using filters if the first couple of searches are unfruitful. 

Pros of using a search engine:

- It searches across many sites simultaneously

- Allows use of keywords for a refined search

- It’s free 

Cons of using a search engine:

- Provides results but the majority are not helpful

- Information may be limited

- Time-consuming  

2. Look up the number on social media

All over the world, millions of people log in to social media platforms daily. Many of these accounts have an associated cell phone number. Searching on these platforms using a cell number may well bring results. Unfortunately, this will only be the case if a user has set their profile to “public.” 


One of the common social media platforms is Facebook and entering the cell phone number into search might well be successful. However, to search all social media platforms will take time as a user will have to enter the phone number into every site separately. 

Another factor to consider is that the person might well know that they are being searched because some social media sites notify the user that someone has viewed their account. This could be potentially embarrassing or even dangerous. 

Pros of using social media for a reverse phone lookup:

- Provides plenty of information within a single search

- Has a huge user base

- It’s free

Cons of using social media for a reverse phone lookup:

- Has no search function to specifically find numbers

- May not be fruitful if the user has set their account to “private”

- The number has to be entered into every social media platform to search

- The account holder may know that their account has been viewed

How To Do a Reverse Phone Lookup the Quick Way — Use Spokeo

People search engines or people finder tools — like Spokeo — are one of the quickest and easiest ways to perform a reverse phone number lookup. 

To perform a free reverse phone lookup, a user simply enters the cell phone number and hits “Search Now.” 

Within seconds, the platform searches billions of records and sites (including the deep web) to find the identity of the person. For a free search, users will find basic information about the person.

For an affordable amount, one can find out even more information. This includes:

- Full name 

- Location history

- Telephone numbers

- Email addresses

- Social media accounts

- Images and videos

- Marital status

- Relatives

- Court records

- Criminal records and more

Apart from the sheer amount of information on an individual, users of Spokeo can search in peace because the report is 100% confidential. The person they are searching for will not know about it. 

Pros of using Spokeo:

- Effective when tracking a phone number owner

- Free search provides basic information

- Helps to find a name by phone number and vice versa

- Provides comprehensive information about the person

Cons of using Spokeo:

- For detailed information, there is a small fee. But, it’s still affordable for the amount of time it will save when searching for the equivalent amount of information. 

- Users may well find out information about a person that they might be shocked to find. The site has a warning that users should be prepared to find information about someone that may shock them. 

The Bottom Line

Identifying the owner of a cell phone number is possible and one can perform a reverse phone lookup for free. However, using public platforms takes time and the information can be limited. 

It makes more sense to use a specific search tool that’s been designed to find out as much information as possible about a person in the least amount of time. Try Spokeo next time an unidentified number appears on one’s cell phone, it’s as simple as hitting “search now.”

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