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SoloForce Reviews - Does SoloForce Power Bank Really Work or Scam?

August 30, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - August 30, 2020 - SoloForce is a power bank with built-in solar powered panels that enable you to charge your smartphone anywhere. As per the official website, this solar power bank is a well-engineered device with an appealing design with maximum storage power. This means that you can charge your phone 8 times a day and still have power left in this high-tech device.

It is as sophisticated as most technologies from big names, yet its price is not as high which means you’ll be able to purchase it even if you are on a budget. Using this device is easy too, but if you face any complications you can always open the user manual that accompanies it. Get SoloForce power bank at a discounted price here.

If you have been on the lookout for a reliable power bank, then SoloForce solar power bank is a good choice. Interested? You can learn more about it by diving into the review below in which we will be discussing its best specifications among other details.


SoloForce Review: These days, we are all very dependent on our phones. Whether it is to place an order for food, text a friend, book a cab, or do anything else without a phone we feel incomplete. This is why overtime power banks have become a necessity. With a power bank in your hand, you don’t need to wait to get home to recharge your device.

This is not because we have become impatient or lazy. It’s just that cellphones have become very important. So much so that not having them in an emergency situation could be a matter of life and death. Imagine getting stuck in an elevator without having your phone charged at all, how would you contact anyone in this scenario?

Therefore, if you don’t already have a power bank and you use your phone quite a lot, so much so that its battery often gets drained before you are able to find an electrical outlet, then you should definitely consider purchasing a power bank. SoloForce is a great power bank that you can choose. With this device, you can charge your phone easily wherever you are.

The device is powered by solar energy which is always available. It is easy to use which means you won’t find yourself thinking whether or not it’s working, how to start it, etc. The moment you place your phone on it, it will glow indicating that fast charging has started. Order SoloForce power bank from the official website here while supplies last.

How Does SoloForce Work?


As mentioned, the SoloForce power bank works on solar power. This means that it charges your devices using sunlight alone. It has built-in solar panels that capture solar energy. It also has an LED indicator light so that you know your phone is charging. It is recommended that you charge this device fully before you use it. In its package, it comes 70% charged, and the device takes 2 hours to completely charge.

Notable Specifications of SoloForce

As outlined on the official website, this device has some great specifications which show it as one of the best power banks available on the market today. That being said, below are the defining specs of this power bank:

1 – Huge storage power

Compared to other power banks, this one has a lot of battery storage power. It has 20,000 mAh stored which means you can charge your phone repeatedly for the entire day without having to worry about the power bank running out of power itself. If you are in a cafeteria without an electrical socket nearby, you can charge your phone, laptop, and other devices without a worry.

2 – It features the latest batteries

SoloForce charger is a top-end one, a feature that is evident from the batteries it uses. The device uses 74Wh of LiPo batteries which are much safer. So much so that you can even travel with them. Older batteries, such as the old-fashioned lithium ones, are comparatively dangerous with the risk of catching fire.

3 – Enables wireless charging

You have the option to either charge your phone by connecting it to a cable or charge it wirelessly by placing it on the illuminated Qi wireless charging pad. The best part is that when charging it wirelessly you will not have to worry about the charging being slow. In fact, your phone will quickly charge at high 5V/2A voltage. If you choose to charge using a cable, then you can use any available one at your home. Check their special deals at the Official SoloForce Site Here.

4 – Various different inputs and outputs

There are two input slots for newer devices – one for micro USB cables and another for type C charging. As for output slots there are three of those – USB-A1 for older devices and for newer devices, USB-A2 and type-C. Additionally, both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 are supported.

5 – Connects with all devices

With SoloForce power bank, you can charge your smartphones as well as laptops and tablets. Moreover, the device is compatible with Apple devices as well as Android phones. This means that you can charge your Android phone and your MacBook Pro with the same power bank.

6 – It can charge several devices at once

You have no reason to wait for one device to charge, so that you can connect another and then charge it. This is because this power bank can charge up to four devices at the same time. This means that if your laptop and your smartphone are both out of battery, a single power bank can power both up.

7 – Features intelligent overcharge protection

With a stable output, you will be able to charge or discharge 800 cycles. This means that SoloForce solar power bank will not leave you with no power in the middle of your day by suddenly discharging. This prevents overcharging as well. Does SoloForce really work? Find out more here before buying!

SoloForce Design Features

The SoloForce power bank has a beautiful and minimal design. Carrying it out and about, you wouldn’t try to hide it, on the contrary you’ll want to flaunt it. Other than its style, other features of the design of this power bank are also praiseworthy – we’ve listed them below:

The powerful LED light of this device has multiple functions

The product has a shock-resistant, rugged case. The case is also IP66 level waterproof which means that you don’t have to worry about light splashes of water

Moreover, since the case of Solo Force power bank is rubberized it is also easier to grip

The built-in LED panels are very bright - 786 lumens. This LED light has three light modes – Still, SOS, and strobe

The LED light of this device can last for up to 70 hours which is perfect in case there is a power outage or emergency

Since the device has a silicone case, it doesn’t get dirty easily and the power bank keeps looking new for a long time

Where to Buy SoloForce and Pricing Details

Available for purchase only on the official website here, SoloForce is available in a number of different packages. This means you can buy more devices at better prices. Here’s a look at the pricing:

1 device - $89.98

2 devices - $179.96

3 devices - $202.46

4 devices - $269.94

Shipping charges are applicable on all packages. Note that these are all discounted prices. To make your purchase, head to the official website of the product. You can make your payment by your Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American Express card. You can also make your payment through PayPal. The checkout is guaranteed safe.

The best part is that there is a money back guarantee that backs your purchase as well. This means if you are unsatisfied with your product, you can return it as long as it is in the original unopened packaging. You will get a full refund or a replacement with less shipping and handling charges. See terms and conditions on the official website.

Why Should You Buy SoloForce Power Bank?

SoloForce charger is preferable over other power banks because of its amazing working, features and design. Other power banks alright are very expensive and if you invest in a cheap one, you get a poorly constructed device because of the low price.

Such low-priced devices come with low grade batteries that fail after a certain time of using them. Furthermore, they can also pose charging problems and be outright dangerous. This device is beautiful and properly engineered with the latest and greatest features. Despite this, it is very affordable as well. You can also check out SoloForce customer reviews on its website and other places online. Get it today from the official website here.

SoloForce Reviews - Final Verdict

SoloForce seems like a great power bank for both your phones and laptops, Android and Apple. As per the official website, it can charge four devices at once and has enough power to charge your device eight times a day! It’s also safe due to its advanced batteries and intelligent overcharge protection feature.

Moreover, it’s super easy to use with you only having to place your device on it. The best part? Compared to other devices it also happens to be affordable. To learn more or make your purchase at a discounted price, visit the official website here.

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