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Americans are Ignoring the Food Shortage Warning Signs



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The summer is a nice break for families to reconnect, enjoy the warm weather, and spend time outside enjoying all the activities the season has to offer. But many seem to forget we are still facing some of the worst food shortages and supply chain issues ever. Winter is coming, and tens of millions of Americans are already feeling the shortages and price hikes. These alarming trends are expected to continue and worsen in 2023. , the leader in Emergency Food Supplies, is here to help families get stocked up ahead of time. They want to prepare as many households as possible with the best deals of the year. Save up to 55% on Ultimate Bundle Deals with their Whether you are an expert “prepper” or just starting, ReadyWise has the products to suit your family’s needs. You can have peace of mind knowing you have the resources to tackle the unknown. Don’t miss out on these massive savings. now, ending on September 5th, 2022. “We know times are tough for Americans still recovering economically from a pandemic, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and the crazy inflation, especially when it comes to grocery prices,” says Morten Steen-Jorgensen, ReadyWise CEO. “Our Labor Day Sale is the perfect opportunity to prepare at a fair price so your family can have peace of mind knowing they have food on the table.” They have deals like This is the perfect solution for short-term prepping because it’s a staple in any emergency and comes in stackable buckets with an easy grab-and-go handle for easy transport. If you are looking for long-term food storage, look no further! ReadyWise has created the ultimate bundle deal with their This unreal deal will provide you and your family with the security to shelter in place with a dependable food source. These buckets have up to a 25-year shelf life when stored correctly in a cool, dry place. ReadyWise meal solutions are so easy that you cook by just adding water. Unlike other food storage brands, their meals are disaster-proof because they can reconstitute with any temperature water in power outage situations. As leaders in Emergency Food Supply, ReadyWise recommends at least a one-month supply of food for each family member. They have excellent bundle deals to help your family prepare, like a , a , and a They also have an Emergency Food Calculator on their website,, to help your family decide on what to get depending on how many calories each family member needs per serving. They also offer products for those with allergies or dietary restrictions like their , , and Starting your preparedness journey can seem overwhelming, but it’s never too late to take the first step. Ensure you can better manage an emergency event by having the basics figured out: food, water, and power. If you want to learn more about our products, you can call our friendly product specialists at . or follow ReadyWise on .

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