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#SocialDisDANCE With DJ Angel

June 19, 2020 GMT

LOS ANGELES - June 19, 2020 - ( Newswire.com )

​​​​​​​The COVID-19 pandemic poses challenges to artists and performers around the world. DJ and music producer Angel Parilli, founder of Parilli Productions, is gearing up to release his latest EP “Social DisDANCE” with innovative, fan-centered engagement. The first single, “PakMan on Hormones,” will begin release on Friday, June 19, 2020.

DJ Angel’s Team had been gearing up for the summer 2020 season, planning shows abroad with a follow-up Fall release of his latest EP. “But then COVID happened.” With concerts and festivals on-hold indefinitely, DJ Angel didn’t want to leave his fans waiting. Instead, he puts up new live video sets every Saturday afternoon for Instagram and Facebook, and a new live mix every Monday for his YouTube followers. “My social media engagement has quadrupled,” he said. DJ Angel saw the excitement from his:


●400,000+  YouTube views combined with previous projects under the name of “SOCIOO”.
●90,000+ Spotify  plays from his last release

●90,000+  Soundcloud  plays
●81,000+ Instagram followers

Faced with uncertainty for the future, he decided to release his album early, but one song at a time, so as to keep fans dancing throughout the lockdown. “Of course, I can’t wait to get out and play venues, but it’s especially important that people stay at home. I’m doing my best, in my own small way, to help.”

“Social DisDANCE” will be available for pre-order on Friday, June 19, 2020, on all major platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. A new track of the five-track EP will be released every month. “It’s an amazing opportunity to distribute music during quarantine,” DJ Angel says, “because people have nothing but time, they are hungry for entertainment. I’m excited to bring them something new. I want us to dance together again, even in our homes around the world.”

About DJ Angel: Venezuelan-born artist Angel grew up playing instruments and devouring all genres of music, from Guns ‘N’ Roses to Michael Jackson, from Nirvana to Tiesto, from Bob Marley to Enanitos Verdes, from Korn to Kaskade. “I couldn’t get enough of music.” And while he never stopped producing electronic music, he gained traction producing Reggaeton, in 2004, under the name “SOCIOO.” He jokes, “Reggaeton is my culture, it’s a force! And you’re still going to feel that Latin flow in certain songs; it’s very danceable.” He’s very excited that after many ups and downs, including immigrating permanently to the United States, he gets to release his music under his given name...just “Angel.”


For all Press Inquiries, contact Jose Ramos at (323) 570-2231 via phone or Parilli.Productions@gmail.com via email. Media available in Electronic Press Kit at  www.djangel-music.com  or  www.djangel.epk.fm

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