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Klarisana Launches Innovative New Intramuscular Ketamine Initiative for Mood and Pain Disorders

November 2, 2020 GMT

DENVER - November 2, 2020 - ( )

​Klarisana is now offering cutting-edge intramuscular ketamine treatment for mental health conditions and chronic pain. All of Klarisana’s locations – including Denver and Westminster, Colorado, as well as Austin and San Antonio, Texas now exclusively administer ketamine via intramuscular injection.

Switching to intramuscular ketamine treatment allows Klarisana to streamline the entire process, making the treatment more accessible and affordable than ever before. Since converting to this innovative new technique, Klarisana has been able to lower cash prices of their treatments by 25 percent.


Innovative new treatments for mental health could not have come at a more important time – we can no longer ignore the rising rates of mental health problems. Through offering intramuscular ketamine treatments, Klarisana intends to play their part in reducing the symptoms of mental health conditions in society at large.

Additionally, Klarisana has become the first ketamine organization to work in-network with Medicaid in the states of Colorado and Texas, ensuring this treatment will now be accessible to multitudes of those suffering who may not have received treatment otherwise.

Though intravenous ketamine infusions have been popular over the last several years, intramuscular ketamine injections may indeed be the future of the treatment. Intramuscular injection requires a much lower dose of ketamine to get to the intended psychotropic therapeutic response. This dramatically increases the efficiency with which a clinic can operate and lowers the risk of side effects.

Intravenous infusions won’t work for everyone - those with bad veins may have difficulty getting an IV started, and others might prefer not to get an IV outright. Intramuscular administration of this treatment is much more convenient, now being offered in a series of shots 15 minutes apart rather than an hours-long infusion session.

Case studies soon to be published may even indicate that the effectiveness of intramuscular ketamine treatment is of comparable levels to intravenous infusions, despite the difference in affordability and convenience. 

“When we decided to roll out the new IM protocol, we made sure to keep very accurate records and watch the data carefully to ensure that the effectiveness would be similar,” explains Tony Schock, PA-C; Director of Quality and Training. “We have previously published a study on the use of ketamine to treat PTSD in combat veterans, so we had some good data to benchmark against. When we looked at a convenience sample of 15 sequential patients, we found that 93% of them had a positive response with IM ketamine. This is the exact same response rate that we had published with IV ketamine back in 2019. We are in the process of submitting this as a case series for publication.”


The team at Klarisana is committed to helping more people rebuild their lives with ketamine. They are well-equipped to provide this treatment, having already done well over 250 sessions of intramuscular ketamine treatment. What is it about Klarisana as an organization that makes them the prime providers of this treatment? Laura Davila, Clinical Outreach Director, is happy to explain.

“Experience and infrastructure. We have been doing this for over five years and we have created a well-organized system of five treatment centers that operate in three states. We have a huge amount of data and clinical experience to draw upon. When we decided to participate with Colorado Medicaid, it honestly hit us with a dramatic increase in patients. This has been great, though, because it pushed us to completely revamp our entire intake and follow up process. As a result, I really feel like we are operating at a much higher level with regards to effectively guiding patients through a process where we are using a non-ordinary state of mind  to help them grow and reshape their perspective on life.”

About Klarisana: Klarisana is a mission-driven organization committed to rebuilding lives. We operate on the core belief that each of us was created with a purpose and reason for living. This purpose can be obscured in people who carry the burden of various medical conditions and/or life circumstances. The way we see it, Klarisana is not a clinic. It’s an idea.

It’s the idea that we can help people who are in a dark season of life realign themselves with the unique mission for which each of them was created. We serve patients from very diverse backgrounds in a supportive and non-judgmental fashion.

Neil Haznar​
Executive Director

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