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ObiiGO, the World’s First Auto Repair Bidding App Launches

December 2, 2020 GMT
ObiiGO, the World's First Auto Repair Bidding App Launches
ObiiGO, the World's First Auto Repair Bidding App Launches
ObiiGO, the World's First Auto Repair Bidding App Launches

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - December 2, 2020 - ( )

The newly-launched ObiiGo app is bringing the customer and independent repair facility together in unison to work together for the best pricing on the best repairs. Through ObiiGO’s OBDII plug-in, the consumer can punch in the error codes and get the diagnostic read on the check engine light. From there the consumer can send off “bid requests” to participating repair and oil lube centers. Within 30 minutes the consumer will receive the bids based on time and value allowing the consumer to pick which bid satisfies not only their wallet but their schedule. 


At a time when Covid-19 has limited the ability to leave the house consumers still need their cars to get to the grocery store or doctor. With ObiiGO’s “pay on the app” and “touch free” process, the consumer need not come in contact with the repair facility manager or technician. With SMS messaging and the ability to send pictures, the repair facility can get a very good indication of what is going on with the car. 

Over the past two decades, new car sales have continued to decline while the average car on the road is 11 years old. The majority of car dealerships count on auto repair to pay their fixed operating costs thus increasing the costs for repair year after year. The quality of the repairs has gone down while the dealerships continue to be more opulent with sub-par repairs and training. Independent repair facilities continue to grow at a 7% annual compound rate, clearly indicating the need for better pricing and better technicians. ObiiGO will bridge that gap for the independents by connecting them with consumers wanting good repairs at a fair price.

88% of consumers say independents charge less for auto repairs. And the average household spends 1.9% of their annual gross income on yearly auto repair. Being bigger and flashier is not what consumers want when it comes to auto repair. They want value, education on their being repaired and why. Consumers will pass up fancy lobbies and espresso machines to save their family money. ObiiGO has the capability of saving a family 50%, 60%, 70% off auto repair. Next time the check engine light comes on there will be no hesitation to check it out. 

The confidence from consumers getting “fair” priced auto repairs has always been an issue. There has been overwhelming enthusiasm for ObiiGO; as one customer put it, “I can now feel confident about the repair process.” ObiiGO will educate the consumer better than anything else that has hit the market.


While technology in automobiles has increased year after year, the help and technology for the automobile owner has diminished. With the presence of smartphones and the internet, we are at a crossroads in time to help the consumer grab some balance and power on how they spend their repair dollars.

The frustration from going to one repair shop after another looking for the best service and price will be a thing of the past. 

ObiiGO has banked on taking what has been a painful time-consuming experience and streamlined it where the consumer has more information, more confidence, and a lot more time to do what they want versus being at the mercy of the check engine light. 

ObiiGo is on a mission to help consumers with value repairs and safety for their families and others, while at the same time helping thousands and thousands of independent repair facilities benefit from this streamlined service to increase their car intake, overhead, profits, and live the American dream. Independents have been playing David versus Goliath with dealerships for decades and they will have more opportunity to show consumers they can do the same job or better at a better value. With smartphones becoming such a common necessity ObiiGo has streamlined the app so even the founder’s 70-year-old mother can use it.

Everyone from unlimited budgets to tight budgets will save on auto repair and have a better experience. ObiiGO is just scratching the surface on what they feel can revolutionize the automobile industry. ObiiGo is on a mission to better the lives and safety of millions of drivers around the globe.


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