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Introducing POTENT GOODS, A Luxury Cannabis And Lifestyle Brand

July 14, 2021 GMT

LOS ANGELES, July 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Luxury cannabis and lifestyle brand POTENT GOODS launches today. Created by co-founder of Juicy Couture, Gela Nash-Taylor and son Travis Nash, the Hollywood-based brand is a new movement in cannabis. Inspired by California’s casual yet glamorous culture, POTENT GOODS offers a gentle tilt towards euphoria for the cannabis lover and for those curious.

In addition to the cannabis product line, which includes premium all-in-one vaporizer pens and boutique flower pre-roll packs, POTENT GOODS has created an elevated loungewear and accessories collection designed to complement the California casual lifestyle.

The family team sought to create a high-quality cannabis brand that they could enjoy together. The pre-rolls consist of 100% hand-selected premium flower and each pack consists of seven .5g pre-rolls. The all-in-one vaporizer was formulated by award-winning extraction company Gold Drop to produce three proprietary blends utilizing liquid diamonds and HTE (high terpene extract) to provide a premium experience.


POTENT GOODS loungewear and accessories are created with the intention of enhancing the high with comfort and imaginative style. The unisex collection includes crossbody bags and tracksuits and every piece has a discreet pocket, to carry POTENT GOODS cannabis products. The silky kimono and lounge pants are made to complement the experience while enjoying POTENT GOODS cannabis products, or for those who just want a sophisticated way to unwind.

Each print in the collection corresponds with a different type of strain. For ‘Offline,’ which is Indica based and relaxes the body and untethers the dreamer, there is a moody, floral print. The snake print is created for ‘Amplify,’ the Sativa blend which engages the inner-creative and it’s natural pursuit of beauty. Lastly, there is the PG monogram print for ‘Muse,’ the hybrid strain which energizes and balances the self without overwhelming the senses.

“By partnering with my son, my goal is for people to understand that cannabis can be used responsibly and enjoyed in the same way as, for example, premium tequila.

I’m a casual drinker and a casual smoker, and I like the discretion of smoking a vaporizer, although I prefer the term ‘pen’. I can put one in my evening bag and take it to an event and have a discreet smoking experience, maybe just a few small ‘sips’. We call it a gentle tilt towards euphoria. It’s the epitome of chic,” says Gela Nash-Taylor.

“The flower that’s going into the pre-rolls is high-quality and delicious. I can’t wait to open a box with friends, because while you can smoke them on your own, since there’s seven in a box, I think they’re perfectly suited to being shared,” says Travis Nash. “I also have found that our sativa pen makes organizing/doing house-hold chores a lot more engaging and pleasant.”


POTENT GOODS is launching in partnership with Amuse in California and will be available on and The all-in-one-vaporizer is $34 and the pre-roll pack is $40.

The loungewear and accessories collection is available on and ships internationally.

For more information visit: @potentgoodslashop and

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