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Ping An Doctor Home launches “Online Comprehensive Medical Care”

November 2, 2020 GMT
Ping An Good Doctor Logo (PRNewsfoto/Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited)
Ping An Good Doctor Logo (PRNewsfoto/Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited)

HONG KONG, Nov. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On 29 October 2020, Ping An Doctor Home , Ping An Good Doctor’s (stock code: 1833.HK) sub-brand, launched an industry first, “Online Comprehensive Medical Care”, boasting medical accountability and medicine quality as its pillar services, and covering seven security guarantees including doctor qualification, quality of diagnosis and treatment, and medicine safety, thus directly addressing the pain points of “trust” between doctors and patients.

Through synergies with insurance products, Ping An Doctor Home provides users and doctors with complete protection throughout the consultation journey, including insurance coverage of up to RMB1 million – representing the industry’s largest and most comprehensive protection system.


Real Doctor, Real Medicine, Real Punctuality – Ping An Doctor Home’s Seven Guarantees

An online medical service platform breaks through geographical barriers and allows people to have convenient medical experience, including seeing the doctor without leaving their home. For those who have never experienced an online consultation, and still wonder: “Is it reliable to consult a doctor online?” Now, the launch of “Online Comprehensive Medical Care” by Ping An Doctor Home will give them the peace of mind they desire. Ping An Doctor Home provides each user with full medical protection, and covers the entire process of purchasing medicine – before, during and after the consultation, with maximum coverage of up to RMB1 million per user, which is the highest single coverage amount in the industry.

The new products launched by Ping An Doctor Home have seven major guarantees, including qualifications of doctors, access speed, quality of diagnosis and treatment, and medicine safety, which are generally the main concerns of the public. Hence, before a medical consultation, Ping An Doctor Home guarantees that the information presented by the doctors are true. After initiating the consultation, users can receive the doctors’ response within a short period, thus saying goodbye to the “two-hour queue but five-minute consultation” experience. At the end of the consultation, the platform provides accountability for the accuracy of the expert diagnosis. The platform ensures that the prescriptions received by the users are based on the relevant doctor’s diagnosis, thereby ensuring such prescriptions are professionally prescribed and safe. The dual guarantee of “consulting the right doctor and using the right medicine” completely removes people’s doubts about online consultations. When paying for prescriptions, the users’ personal privacy is guaranteed. Furthermore, prescriptions are delivered accurately and within the promised time. Ping An Doctor Home also provides quality assurance for the medicine ordered.


For users, this means that any personal injury or loss of time or property caused by the doctor, platform or medicine can be compensated accordingly. The guarantee covers the quality of diagnosis and treatment, security, information protection, service, etc., thereby removing doubts and worries that users may have about online medical treatment and allowing patients to truly enjoy peace of mind medical care.

Let doctors concentrate on their work and let patients feel at ease, with million-dollar insurance coverage “doctor and patient can have peace of mind”

Medical treatment is not a trivial matter, it is a matter of life and death – doctors are not less vigilant to medical risks than their patients. Especially in the context of frequent doctor-patient disputes in recent years, doctors often have to bear extra pressure when giving important treatment advice.

Through Internet Medical Liability Insurance, which is an Online Medical Protection scheme of Ping An Doctor Home, the platform bears liability for medical acts, and Ping An Doctor Home’s own doctors as well as collaborating doctors can provide medical consultation, health management, medication advice and other medical services to patients via the platform in a more professional and worry-free manner.

Each doctor is covered by a Ping An Doctor Home RMB1 million insurance policy, which is a guarantee of the professional services of the Internet doctors, as well as clear and explicit responsibility protection, allowing patients to feel at ease when seeking medical consultations, and doctors to feel at ease when giving medical advice.

As the leading Internet medical platform in China, Ping An Good Doctor serves 346 million registered users. With a medical team of over 1,800 people, including ample doctors and experts with more than 15 years of clinical experience from top-ranked hospitals, the Group has achieved daily consultation volume of 830,000. Apart from nearly 10,000 experts nationwide, numerous scholars of special diseases, national academics and renowned doctors have collaborated in the construction of “Famous Doctors Office”.

Ping An Good Doctor’s large scale of users also implies that “Online Comprehensive Medical Care” has the most extensive coverage in the industry based on similar products. What is more, 24/7 online professional services, high-speed response, and efficient delivery system represent industry leading service standards.

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