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Press release content from PR Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Celebriffy Pays Teachers More Money: Pros & Experts Cash In

March 31, 2021 GMT

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Teachers, professionals and experts are cashing in on the Celebriffy platform. It takes about one minute to download the Celebriffy app, set subscription fees for the content, and start creating content- to get paid. It takes less than a minute to cash out! The app is extremely easy and the platform takes care of all the administration and money processing, allowing those with special knowledge and skills, to share it for a fee.


Teachers can charge small fees or large fees for their lessons, and moreover, the platform allows for pay-per-view sessions, live or recorded, and one-on-one sessions, live or recorded, right through the app on the phone. The content is easily created with the phone, like TikTok, however professional studios are jumping in too.

YouTube allowed independent content creators to offer education and entertainment to the world, demonstrating a market for independent content, both raw and refined. Today anyone can attend Harvard lessons, observe how to speak foreign languages, calculate quantum mathematics or how to cook a Peking duck at “youtube university”. However, there are limitations to this educational method, and most are placed on the teachers, earning a small percentage of the revenues earned from their content!

Celebriffy is evolving content publishing to full accreditation for audiences that want to acquire knowledge and skills from experts, with documentation of certification inherent in the platform functions.

Got a special skillset or knowledge base? Audiences want to pay professionals to consult and learn directly, without wasting travel and waiting time for in person interaction. The big difference is that educators can earn much more to transfer knowledge, understanding and skill, directly to students willing to pay for the education, versus simply transmitting it for a small percentage of the mega revenues generated from their content on other platforms.


Celebriffy is a hassle-free, no-cost, content publishing business platform. Publishers earn 80% of the money generated for their efforts and enjoy freedom of audience interaction and independent monetization options, without disruption to their existing livelihood or lifestyle. Teachers, pros, and experts can easily create content and grow audiences on the platform. Some educators are calling it the new Alexandria!

Celebriffy is the ‘content creator’s publishing platform’ because it is designed around the business of content, serving the creator first, then exchanging content with audiences in more powerful ways, to enrich people’s experience with content. People pay for ad free content meaningful to them, especially when the content is focused and interactive. The value is always in the content and that only comes from people offering benefit to others. Celebriffy shifts the power of content monetization to content creators, to maximize their value to audiences.

Celebriffy recognizes the importance of teachers and believes they should be paid more money. Educators of all types are increasing their earnings right now by easily converting their skill into valuable, monetized, educational content. Teachers, Professionals and Experts should cash in because they deserve it and the Celebriffy platform allows them to educate and consult with more students, on the teachers’ terms and time.

The Celebriffy App is free. Your Content is not! Get paid like a Rockstar!

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Celebriffy is a powerful content publishing and monetization platform with a user-friendly app, empowering content creators to full control content value, fan engagement and freedom of expression.

Lori Ripstein

Raphael Gonzalez


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