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MyEggBank® Launches Rebranding Campaign “This is Who We Are” and Expands Services with Synchronous™ Egg Donor Program

June 28, 2021 GMT

HOUSTON, June 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The largest donor egg banks in North America with over 150 participating fertility clinics, MyEggBank® (MEB), announces the launch of This Is Who We Are, a brand repositioning campaign with a mission to highlight its commitment to the patient experience while showcasing its forward-thinking and innovative approach that uses the latest science and technologies in reproductive medicine.

To accompany the rebrand, MEB has launched a new website ( ) that features content for aspiring parents, donors, and participating clinics and describes MEB’s approach to care, which includes the use of the best technology and medical expertise to achieve the optimal pregnancy outcomes.


This launch also includes the expansion of its donor services, including the Synchronous™ egg donor program ideal for those patients who are interested in using fresh egg donor services to build a family with two or more genetically related children, and Asynchronous™ egg donor program, the most common offering involving selection of donor eggs that are already frozen from the bank. Both programs include options such as preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), which genetically screens embryos for chromosomal abnormalities.

MEB is the premier network of donor egg banks and practices and is part of Inception Fertility, the country’s largest provider of comprehensive fertility practices and services. Launched in 2010, MEB was the first frozen-egg donor bank to license vitrification know-how to its participating network of clinic; vitrification is a process that rapidly freezes eggs and embryos through state-of-the-art technology that significantly increases pregnancy success rates. Today, with more than 150 affiliate clinics, MEB boasts the largest number of live births using frozen donor eggs than any egg bank in North America.


“For whatever reason an individual or couple pursues egg donation – whether that be as an aspiring parent or an egg donor – it’s important they know that with MyEggBank they have a steadfast partner who empowers and guides them through education, individualized care and by using the best possible technologies to help them reach their goals,” says Nicole R. Braley, Chief Marketing Officer of Inception Fertility, the parent company of MEB. “Through this brand repositioning, we are also making a stronger and deeper connection to our aspiring parents and highlighting how our approach to their journey centers around ease, rigor and inclusion.”

At MEB, aspiring parents can expect a full screening process, a diverse selection of donors, compassionate care and innovative doctors who are at the forefront of reproductive medicine – all in an effort to provide them with the best pregnancy outcomes.

For those looking to become egg donors, they can expect that their comfort is paramount, and their care will be provided by the most highly-skilled fertility specialists using the best of reproductive medicine. Clinics who are interested in partnering with MEB will have the opportunity to be part of its innovative and trusted premier network that elevates the parent and donor experience.

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About MyEggBank®

Launched in 2010, MyEggBank® (MEB) is the premier network of donor egg banks and practice in North America. It offers aspiring parents who are seeking egg donation as a way to build their families an opportunity to experience the fertility journey through education, compassionate care that utilizes the latest science and technologies in assisted reproductive medicine. It also provides egg donors with a personalized and comfortable experience, while welcoming new clinics to its growing network. Part of the Inception Fertility brand of families, MyEggBank is a pioneer in reproductive care as it is the first frozen-egg donor bank to license state of the art vitrification know how to its affiliate clinics, and this innovation has led MEB to having the highest number of live births than any egg bank in North America.

About Inception Fertility

Inception Fertility, LLC (Inception) is a family of fertility brands committed to helping patients build their own families. Built by patients for patients, Inception’s purpose is to achieve the highest bar in experience, science and medicine in an effort to enhance each patient’s experience and achieve better outcomes.

Inception’s medical experts are leading pioneers in fertility care. Our doctors are some of the first to use breakthrough assisted reproductive technologies (ART) – including in vitro fertilization (IVF), pregenetic implantation testing (PGT) and fertility preservation services – and they continue to lead the industry by building on these technologies by through development, research and thought leadership.

Through its growing family of national organizations – which includes The Prelude Network, the fastest-growing network of fertility clinics and largest provider of comprehensive fertility services in the U.S.; Pathways Fertility, clinics that provide affordable, individualized and high quality care; MyEggBank, one of the largest frozen donor egg banks in North America, and Bundl Fertility, LLC (Bundl), a multi-cycle fertility service bundling program –Inception is working to deliver on its promise to push the envelope of what is possible for exceeding patient expectations.

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