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11 Parallel Forums of CSCTE 2020 Held

December 28, 2020 GMT

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo 2020 (referred to as the “CSCTE 2020”) was held online from December 21 to 23. At the same time, 10+ multi-dimensional supporting forums attended by 100+ high-level participants were held concurrently, bringing together Chinese and foreign high-end sports administration officials, representatives of social organizations, experts and scholars, corporate executives, and industry elites. The participants shared new ideas, new achievements and new technologies in the fields such as sports culture, tourism, business, science and technology, and they explored the pathway for sustainable and high-quality development of the global sports industry.


The China Sports Culture Expo is hosted by the General Administration of Sport of China and the Chinese Olympic Committee. The China Sports Tourism Expo is hosted by the All-China Sports Federation, the Chinese Olympic Committee and China Tourism Association. The CSCTE is organized by the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government, the Sports Culture Development Center of General Administration of Sports of China, International Data Group (IDG), and Aiqi Sports Co., Ltd.

The China International Sports Culture and China Sports Tourism Forum, which was the main forum, was held on the morning of December 21. Tu Xiaodong, Director-General of the Press and Publicity Department of General Administration of Sport of China; Liu Fumin, Director-General of Sports Economic Department of General Administration of Sport of China; Xu Zhijun, Deputy Secretary-General of Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games; Chen En’tang, Secretary of the Party Committee of General Administration of the Wushu Administrative Center of General Administration of Sport of China; Lin Jianchao, Chairman of Chinese Weiqi Association; and Timothy Fok, President of the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and Honorary Member of the International Olympic Committee, delivered keynote speeches at the Forum. More than ten representatives of international sports federations, including IOC Vice-President Ser Miang Ng, sent video speeches to the Forum. The moderator of the Forum is Li Jing, Director of the Sports Culture Development Center of General Administration of Sports of China and President of China Sports Museum. Tu Xiaodong proposed that we should nurture the cultural environment for building a sports powerhouse, better meet the public needs for culture services, and strengthen the people’s spiritual strength. Liu Fumin proposed that we should bring vitality to the high-quality development of sports tourism, create a catalyst for the new growth drivers and advantages for the high-quality development of sports tourism, and facilitate the development of the sports industry. Participants from international sports federations discussed the international communication and cooperation regarding sports from their respective fields.


At the parallel forums such as Sports Business Forum, Sports Intangible Cultural Heritage Forum, Youth Sports Development Forum, China Sports, Culture and Tourism Venture Capital Forum, Presidents of Sports Colleges and Universities Forum, Winter Sports Industry Forum, Sports Film Forum, Mountaineering Forum, Sports IP Cooperation Development Forum, and Sports Venues and Facilities Forum, participants discussed key issues, buzz topics and difficult issues thoroughly, playing an active role in promoting exchanges, exploration, industrial integration, etc.

Showcase the soft power of sports culture

This year’s CSCTE places focus on the development of sports culture in China, and sets up the Sports Intangible Cultural Heritage Forum and Sports Film Forum. Sports intangible cultural heritage is an important part of China’s fine traditional culture. While conserving and carrying forward traditional sports culture, it is necessary to promote its creative transformation and innovative development. The Sports Intangible Cultural Heritage Forum focuses on traditional sports events such as dragon boats and the golf-like sports event Chui-Wan, and explores the positive role of colleges and universities in the inheritance of traditional sports culture. Sports film is an important vehicle for promoting sports culture and telling well Chinese stories. The Sports Film Forum discusses the current status of China’s sports film industry and the future development of China’s sports film and TV dramas. Two roundtable forums place focus on the production of sports film and the online spread of sports film works.

Explore the development of youth sports

Strong youth leads to a strong China. Developed sports leads to a strong China. Youth sports and physical education are important for building China into a sports powerhouse. The Youth Sports Development Forum focuses on the integration of sports and education, covering key topics such as the integration of sports and education to promote the healthy development of young people, and modern sports literacy for young people. Handball is used as a case to explore the experience in carrying out this sport for young people. At the Presidents of Sports Colleges and Universities Forum, Xi’an Physical Education University and Chengdu Sport University, two sports universities steeped in history and culture, are used as cases to showcase the achievements of Chinese higher physical education, and discuss the positive role of sports colleges and universities in the new era in the fields such as talent cultivation, scientific research, and social development.

Focus on popular areas of the sports industry

In recent years, China’s sports industry has been booming, especially in terms of commercial development. At the Sports Business Forum and China Sports, Culture and Tourism Venture Capital Forum, experts, scholars and corporate executives exchanged views on the core topics such as interdisciplinary sports, sports technology, sports sponsorship, and e-sports in the forms of online keynote speeches, business roadshows, etc., to explore new industry trends, promote matchmaking of capital and projects, and achieve the spillover effects of CSCTE.

At the Sports IP Cooperation Development Forum, participants discussed the creation of top event IP and the accelerated upgrade of the sports industry chain from multiple perspectives such as creating event IP, increasing communication capabilities, adding commercialization attributes, and promoting socialized events. China has been building sports stadiums at a fast clip. With the new concepts such as smart upgrades and digital stadiums, attention is focused on innovations in stadium design, construction and operations. At the Sports Venues and Facilities Forum, participants discuss the use of information technology to empower sports, think out of the box for stadium operations, and assist the sustainable development of stadiums.

Focus on the development of popular sports events

Due to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, winter sports are gaining popularity in China, promising great prospects for the winter sports industry. At the Winter Sports Industry Forum, heads of relevant management authorities and representatives of well-known enterprises are invited to demonstrate the achievements of China’s winter sports industry development in recent years, and discuss the high-quality development and all-round upgrade of the winter sports industry based on the important goal of “300 million people taking up winter sports”. In recent years, mountaineering sports has evolved from a professional sport to a “phenomenal” social culture. It becomes an important part of national fitness program and a new growth area in the sports industry, and ushers in unprecedented development opportunities. The innovative transformation and development of mountaineering sport is discussed at the Mountaineering Forum.

At the parallel forums of CSCTE 2020, participants held fruitful discussions on various topics of concern to the industry and the public. The forums promote the driving effect of CSCTE, offer reference value for the development of sports undertakings and the sports industry in China in the post-COVID-19 era, and contribute to the recovery and healthy, sustainable development of the sports industry in the new development pattern with the “domestic circulation as the mainstay and domestic and international circulation reinforcing each other”.

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