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Virtual Lean Enterprise Deployment: Incito Consulting Group Leading the Way During COVID-19

December 22, 2020 GMT
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Our 5 Step Implementation Process is designed to create an efficient workplace ecosystem for our clients and partners.
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Our 5 Step Implementation Process is designed to create an efficient workplace ecosystem for our clients and partners.

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Incito Consulting Group is proud to announce it has successfully deployed many of its lean deployment consulting services and workshops on a remote basis throughout the pandemic, continuing its history of providing focused instruction to company leaders to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Incito’s mission is and continues to be helping others succeed during this trying time, and one way it has achieved that mission is through remote workshops. Like many companies across the state and country, Incito Consulting Group has had to get creative with its consulting services and workshop delivery since in-person instruction is no longer feasible for the short term. In addition to its virtual consulting services and workshops, the company has been updating its COVID-19 Resource Center online to further provide advice for companies facing this difficult time.


“Incito has been instrumental in assisting us with our global Strategy Deployment Process. The Incito team has facilitated our Strategy Deployment Process 100% virtually with world-class results. We appreciate the Incito team for assisting us despite the COVID-19 Pandemic. Truly amazing!” said Brandon Segrest, Director of Product Strategy- Neptune Technology Group.

As always, Incito is dedicated to driving performance and results for internationally recognized brands and a host of established clients across a variety of industries who have experienced success with Incito’s award-winning approach. From Problem Solving Circles that help employees increase their self-development and two-way communication to engaged culture development through inspiring lean deployment models that provide clear guidelines for achievement, Incito has a long history of ensuring efficiency and operational improvement, with a multitude of clients who are benefiting and scaling because of it.

Part of this has to do with Incito’s focus on vertical specializations in industries such as the following:

  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer Goods
  • Energy


Innovative Solutions Driving the Future of Business

Incito focuses on business transformation through creative, innovative solutions. To that end, it has been offering the following workshops remotely:

  • Strategy Deployment: In the midst of COVID-19, it became more important than ever to have an enterprise-wide focus, without which a business risks overwhelming its employees with the new demands thrust upon them by the crisis. The solution lies in Hoshin Kanri, a Japanese strategy loosely translated to “policy deployment” or “strategy deployment,” originally developed by Toyota as a method of focusing its efforts on a few critical goals annually.
  • Value Stream Mapping: Enterprise Value Stream Mapping takes a holistic view of the entire business, defining value as determined by the customer, meeting their needs at specific price points and at a specific time punctuated by optimal value. Such a map identifies all actions required to bring a specific good or service through key tasks while pinpointing critical areas that must flow well. This streamlining process is more important than ever as COVID-19 continues to take center stage in this country and businesses try to redefine their focus.
  • Kaizen: This is a daily activity that goes beyond the confines of simple productivity improvement; rather, it is a way of thinking and doing, while eliminating instances of waste. Kaizen is a philosophy of continuous improvement in which all processes must be improved, engaging the “human element” by eliminating muri, (overburdening of people and equipment) mura, (unevenness) and Muda, (waste). True North Kaizen teaches leaders how to improve their processes by creating goals, choosing control points, and linking improvement activities to the overall strategy.

Incito Consulting Group will continue to offer remote workshops for as long as necessary but hopes to someday soon offer in-person workshops again.

About Incito Consulting Group

Incito Consulting Group is an award-winning global professional services firm and experts in strategic enterprise transformations, having worked with some of the world’s most influential businesses. It offers a clear and fact-based view of the business front-line through proven Lean Six Sigma principles, driven by a need to understand the root cause and potential improvement. Rooted in methodologies such as lean engagement, value optimization, continuous improvement, and strategy deployment, Incito provides insight, fosters innovation, and drives creativity.

For more information, visit https://incito.com/.

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