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Uber-like Bodyguard-On-Demand Service Launched by Bond Nationwide

October 28, 2020 GMT

NEW YORK, Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Bond, the rapidly growing personal security platform, has launched a breakthrough service that enables people to easily and affordably order a trained and certified bodyguard through its smartphone-based app.

Bond’s first-of-its-kind platform addresses the “Personal Security Gap” - referring to situations in which individuals seek help when matters do not yet warrant a 911 emergency call. The Bond platform combines novel technologies with a critical human element in the form of 24/7 Security Agents available within seconds via an app whose range of services deliver peace of mind in increasingly fraught times. Its mission of resolving uncomfortable situations before they escalate to the level that justifies a call to 911 makes Bond a leader in personal security for individuals and institutions.


Under the new service, priced at $30 for 30 minutes, Bond members can request a bodyguard to arrive and accompany them in situations such as securely transporting family members; escorting a member to an event or on a night out with friends; securing an event or venue; or meeting a member upon arrival in a new city. The bodyguards are former Secret Service agents, police officers, members of the military and other trained and vetted security professionals, and can be either armed or unarmed. The Bond Command Centers coordinates and oversees their assignments.

“By enabling Bond members to order a bodyguard as easily as they might order dinner online, we’ve extended the range of preventative personal security services that Americans can affordably access via the Bond app,” said founder and CEO Doron Kempel. “By democratizing bodyguards, we’re taking another big step toward closing what we call the ‘Personal Security Gap’: all security situations that are below the 911 severity level, for which there is no systemic solution, in the US or elsewhere. People are concerned with their and their loved ones’ personal safety and our mission is to help offer personalized, confidential and affordable solutions.”

A decorated former deputy head of Israel’s equivalent of the US Navy SEALs, Kempel founded Bond in 2017 and began to roll out its personal security services nationwide last year. The company has received a total of $72 million in funding, including investments from the investment firm of eBay billionaire Pierre Omidyar and from Jerusalem Venture Partners.

The preventative platform has already attracted more than 150,000 users, called members, and has handled over 30,000 cases. In addition to immediate access to the 24/7 Bond Personal Security Agents via the app, it offers a rich spectrum of services that include monitoring members on the go or during encounters with strangers, as well as on demand security checks. If need be, the agents at one of Bond’s Command Centers liaise with authorities and precision-orchestrate first responders to a scene.


The platform is designed for the large and growing number of situations ordinary people find themselves in – walking alone at night, getting the car in a dark parking garage, encountering strangers with no one around, worrying about unsupervised children. The expansion of services comes at a time where public safety is top of mind. In a recent Harris Poll conducted October 2-5, 2020, 47 percent said public safety will become worse in the next three months, and a YouGov survey showed about 55 percent of registered voters feel violence will rise after the November election.

“These sub-911 threshold situations undermine our security and peace of mind,” said Kempel, a Harvard Business School graduate and serial tech entrepreneur who built and sold two tech companies for a combined $850 million. “Until Bond, such situations did not have a satisfactory or meaningful solution which is also affordable and assures privacy.”

Taking strain off the swamped 911 system makes Bond a potentially important player in the ecosystem. The number of 911 calls nationally is rapidly on the rise, with more than 240 million Americans having dialed into the 6,000 local centers last year alone. Many of the calls are not considered true emergencies and result in no action, which prolongs the 911 response time for genuine emergencies.

“I am happy to be part of the Bond mission,” said former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly. “Bond offers a unique and valuable service, enhancing peace of mind and personal security for individuals and families. In particular, I see great value in Bond’s 24/7 Personal Security Agents and the novel array of preventative services. Bond has taken a professional approach to designing its services, combining security expertise, technological innovation and exceptional performance.”

Kempel believes that Bond is the wave of the future in combining technology with humans as part of the solution, rather than allowing apps and bots to handle everything. While some apps amplify anxiety levels by sensationalizing minor incidents after the fact, Bond gives people peace of mind through preventative live monitoring and by being by their side to offer guidance, expertise and response times that make them feel safer, and help deter and prevent further escalation.

The bodyguard service is available nationally and focused on cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Washington DC. On Sept 22nd Bond initiated a marketing campaign in the New York City area, intended to enhance awareness and usage.

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About Bond:

Bond is a first-of-its-kind platform designed to enhance personal security and peace of mind for all via a wide array of preventative security services. It is scalable, affordable, personalized, and assures privacy. The platform is anchored on 24/7 Bond Personal Security Agents who are available in seconds via the Bond app. Bond is reimagining what it means to feel safe—for you, your loved ones and for everyone. Bond believes life should be lived without fear. We combine innovation and technology with human empathy and competence. To download the app, or for more information, visit our website or download the app.

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