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The Cell Phone Changed The Lives Of Everyone On Earth - Its Impact Is Accelerating And It’s Mostly All Positive

December 15, 2020 GMT

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- World changing, the cell phone revolutionized how people communicate, freed them to get in touch with one another at any time, in any place without the constraints of the wired network. The cell phone led to the creation and growth of new industries.

CUTTING THE CORD: The Cell Phone has Transformed HUMANITY, by Martin Cooper “the father of the cell phone,” published by Rosetta Books, $26.99, hardcover, $17.99 ebook, $17.99 audiobook, is the story of how it came to be.

It centers on a battle for control of how people communicate, involving government regulators, lobbyists, police, technology breakthroughs, failures, quartz, and a horse. At the center of that story is Martin Cooper. This book describes how his early life influenced the creation of the cell phone.


Industry skirmishes became a political war in Washington, a struggle to prevent a monopolistic company from dominating telecommunications. The drama culminates in the first-ever public call made on a handheld, portable telephone—a cell phone. Despite that, the cell phone we know today almost didn’t happen.

Without the vision of a small group at Motorola, the last 40 years of history would be different. Their story is inspiring and instructive. After a 29-year career at Motorola, Cooper became an entrepreneur, helping launch companies dedicated to accelerating cell phone adoption.

The story of the cell phone has much to teach about innovation, strategy, and management. This book also relates Cooper’s vision of the future of personal communications. That story is far from finished. We have only achieved a small fraction of the cell phone’s potential impact.

The cell phone empowers people from all walks of life. It is reshaping how children learn. The ways we work together will soon seem primitive because of continued advances in the cell phone. Most of all, the cell phone will transform medicine and healthcare, contributing to the eradication of disease, elimination of poverty, extension of life, and close coupling of human and artificial intelligence.

Cooper is a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology, where he is a Life Trustee. The Marconi Society, where he is a Fellow, awarded him the Marconi Prize “for being a wireless visionary who reshaped the concept of mobile communication.

Learn more at www.martycooper.com.


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