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NAAB Radio Backs Nonprofit Advocating Prison Reform With Celebrities, Politicians and Key Influencers Following Kim Potter’s Verdict In The Death Of Daunte Wright

December 28, 2021 GMT
US Behind the Walls (PRNewsfoto/US Behind The Walls)
US Behind the Walls (PRNewsfoto/US Behind The Walls)
US Behind the Walls (PRNewsfoto/US Behind The Walls)

DETROIT, Dec. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On January 22nd, 2022 NAAB Radio brings U.S. Behind The Walls ( ) to gather the City of Detroit and celebrities in style at the Downtown Marriott Renaissance Center with a ballroom initiative, bringing awareness to strategies that can effectively make improvements in judicial statistics. NAAB Radio is an online radio station with over 50 million annual listeners and 22 locations across the country. As advocates, we know that if you have a voice, it is important to use it: it is as good as your vote. USBTW, a non-profit organization, is motivated to remedy what could be missing in our policing structure which has been resulting in wrongful convictions, police brutality and mass incarceration. U.S. Behind The Walls is proactive in making change possible. Despite the unfortunate circumstances of the case of Officer Kim Potter in Daunte Wright’s death; right now would be a good time to diagnose the real cause and effects leading up to these events. The key is in education, accountability and creating better evaluation methods when training officers to conduct themselves. Lets not forget, it is important for officers that patrol neighborhoods to have good rapport with the communities they are assigned to.


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Targeted keynote speakers include Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, Philanthropist & Scholar Michael Eric Dyson, Chief Assistant Prosecutor Victoria Burt and more! Invited guests include Dej Loaf, Big Sean, Carl Craig, Mike Valenti, Mary Barra, Leah Vernon, and Wendy Lewis Jackson, to name a few: as well as some of the most impactful politicians in the field. Michigan Senators such as Jeff Irwin and Stephanie Chang, who have spent most of their year shedding light on the current state of legislation in Michigan with city council members. Earlier this year, they proposed a Second Look bill that would allow inmate cases to be re-evaluated after a certain amount of time is served. This indicates that society may do much better by implementing a reward-based system and going lighter on the punishment base. Economic fairness is limited to those that have made their way into a system that disqualifies their future. This only perpetuates the same conditions upon the human psyche that reflect not enough is being done to produce necessary results.

At the Ballroom Initiative, we address mass incarceration, wrongful convictions and improper use of power in law by proposing more conducive policies. U.S. Behind The Walls aims to ensure that the community can gain confidence that real concerns will be assessed while also introducing better preventative measures on both sides.


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About US Behind the Walls

“US Behind the Walls was founded on the principle that all Americans should receive equal justice under the laws, regardless of their race, social, or financial status.

One important value in American society is that everyone has equal justice under the law. This means that the government and its leaders must also obey the law. Our Constitution was written in 1787. The writers of the Constitution wanted a government that was ruled by laws, not by men.

Unfortunately, we have found this to not be true and it is time for a change. We also believe there are two Justice systems in our country that have never been so divided.

Here at US Behind the Walls, we are working to make a change! In the US there are currently over 2.5 million men, women, and children locked up behind prison walls. Our streets are no safer, our criminal justice system is a billion-dollar industry, paid for by you, the taxpayers. Every year during the election, our politicians make big promises about prison reform and after they have been elected, they suddenly develop amnesia and do not follow up on any of their campaign promises.”

About NAAB Radio

“We are an online radio station with a team of professional radio personalities and production engineers. We have set the bar high for NAAB Radio and in the past two years we have broken the glass ceiling. NAAB Radio started in 2019 with one radio station and as of today, we have over 20 stations with millions of listeners worldwide.

Our goal here at NAAB Radio is to establish 360 radio stations by year end of 2022, with 50 Tribute radio stations honoring major recording artists past and present like Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson and many more. Our listeners are resilient; they listen every day for new ideas, products, and services, which makes NAAB Radio truly a great place to advertise your business.”

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