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CES 2021 Lydsec Bao is the new generation of cloud authentication with a multi-factor solution

January 12, 2021 GMT

TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Lydsec Digital Technology developed “Bao” is a new generation of cloud authentication product that secures authentication and transaction verification with a multi-factor (MFA) solution.

Bao allows the user to control and verify program accounts via mobile devices and computer equipment.

The new patented design “A key-lock function” brings more convenience to the users when they are experiencing online/offline transactions, and at the same time the users can also control the range of their accounts. It is totally up to users when to enable their accounts.


Building the future Fintech for everyone to use

By being under the circumstance of authorized time, locations and devices, your online accounts (banking accounts, online gaming accounts, email accounts, cloud hardware, etc.), credit cards and online payment will be impervious to attacks and both your personal virtual and physical assets and privacy will be safe.

Bao ensures that only the authorized mobile phones or computers can the accounts be logged in and can transactions be processed. It can also restrict that only from the location where the user is can the accounts be logged in and can transactions be processed. It can also secure that only at the given period can the accounts be logged in and can transactions be processed. Bao moreover provides cross protection authentication by two-channel structure and risk engine analysis.

Pros of Bao

  • Efficiently avoids the risk of online/offline payment, fake credit cards and other credit card frauds.
  • The convenient one-key lock provides customers with safe and convenient account management and control functions.
  • Financial accounts, credit cards, third-party payment, game accounts, etc. can be widely used.
  • It can be implemented and added to the account management treasure without changing the existing design structure.
  • Mobile payment methods develop continuously, and various hardware and software manufacturers continue to invest into it.

Embedded with innovation, Lydsec Digital is the startup to pay attention to.

Lydsec Digital Technology is a software company with specialization in Internet third-party authentication solutions that was founded in 2012.

Lydsec developed Keypasco Multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution with Keypasco AB from Sweden. A total solution for Internet content providers (ICPs) and service providers a convenient, easy-to-implement, and cost-effective software. It is successfully used in banking, third-party payment companies, smart building, E-commerce, online gaming companies, and health-care industries.


In recent years the company also introduced Multi-Peer VPN, program weakness scanning, and program quality control tools as well as biometrics like facial/voice recognition, providing a complete solution from endpoint authentication, protection, and programs security to meet the needs of customer identification and data leakage prevention. Regarding to the authentication need of OPEN BANKING, Bao authentication platform is developed and launched. We aim to be the leader of online security.

Feel the energy of the founding team

Lydsec Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman and Founder Cheng-I Lin has an International MBA from Portland State University in US and master of hydraulic and ocean engineering from NCKU in Taiwan. Focusing on Internet authentication services, cross-border payment system, and O2O EC platform.

GM and Co-founder Cindianne Lin has a master of Human Resource management from NCU in Taiwan. She worked for Gamania, a leading gaming company, Alcormicro, a leading IT design company, and Taiwan Carrefour as head of human resource for several years.

CTO Sean Chang was graduated from the Graduate Institute of Technology & Innovation Management of National Chengchi University in Taiwan. Sean worked for Multi-Media QA Head of VIA Technologies (2001-2008) and Product Manager of AlcorMicro (2008-2013). Experience in Internet Security & Financial platform.

The significant innovation momentum of Lydsec Digital Technology has made them being selected by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups to showcase at CES 2021.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion: https://pse.is/3aypeu

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