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Perricone MD Unveils Next Generation Polyamine Technology - High Potency Growth Factor Firming & Lifting Serum

October 7, 2019 GMT

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Perricone has spent the last 18 years in a relentless pursuit of a new, revolutionary skincare solution. Harnessing the power of a recently developed proprietary polyamine technology, Perricone MD unveils its High Potency Growth Factor Firming & Lifting Serum. The three-tiered complex, a combination of novel ingredients including polyamine growth factor, eggshell membrane and encapsulated retinol, delivers dramatic anti-aging results. Working to improve skin plumpness, texture, strength, cushion, bounce and resiliency for a rejuvenated appearance, the High Potency Growth Factor Firming & Lifting Serum also creates a lifting effect while supporting skin’s moisture barrier.


The synthetically derived polyamine growth factor is a replication of the molecule found in all living things. As we age, smaller amounts of the naturally-occurring molecule are produced which, in turn, negatively affects cellular growth, skin elasticity and collagen production. Growth factors are building blocks that the skin needs to regenerate, and these unique ingredients help to replenish it.

Clinically proven to nourish and protect the skin, Perricone MD has harnessed the power of its highly-acclaimed eggshell membrane, a favorite amongst the brand’s loyalists, for their newest serum. The thin, water-soluble layer that lines an egg’s shell was designed by nature to nourish and protect the egg white and yolk. Mimicking that concept as a gatekeeping barrier, the membrane supports protective and regenerating collagen, elastin and cellular renewal to improve skin’s elasticity over time.

Rounding out the trifecta of youth-boosting ingredients is encapsulated retinol, a stabilized form of powerful vitamin A. The encapsulation not only makes it more effective, by improving the serum’s ability to penetrate skin’s surface for optimal results and minimizing the likelihood of destabilization, but also negates the adverse side-effects commonly associated with the powerful ingredient. Giving retinol the ability to be slowly released over time, High Potency Growth Factor Firming & Lifting Serum has both immediate and long-term skin benefits.

“After many dedicated years of research and development, we’ve brought the High Potency Growth Factor Firming & Lifting Serum to market with a combination of proprietary polyamine growth factor and other key sciences,” says Dr. Perricone. “The polyamine growth factor plays a pivotal role in the skin’s structural integrity for strengthening and ultimately generating a more youthful, radiant complexion. This makes the High Potency Growth Factor Firming & Lifting Serum unlike anything on the market.”


High Potency Growth Factor Firming & Lifting Serum is a day and night treatment and can be used on all skin types. In consumer testing, over 88% of respondents saw smoother fine lines, 87% felt more resilient skin and 85% felt firmer skin and saw improved texture. Additionally, 84% noticed skin elasticity appeared to improve, dull skin appeared brighter and appearance of wrinkles was reduced.*

High Potency Growth Factor Firming & Lifting Serum retails for $129 and is now available on PerriconeMD.com and coming soon to Ulta Beauty, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Lord & Taylor and Neiman Marcus and Sephora.

*Based on a consumer study of 104 people over 28 days.

About Perricone MD

We Pick Up Where Nature Left Off.

For over two decades, Perricone MD has been based around a three-tier, holistic skin and wellness system. It consists of an anti-inflammatory diet, essential dietary supplements and potent topical skincare solutions backed by some of the most powerful ingredients on the planet. Perricone MD was created by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, whose New York Times best-seller The Wrinkle Cure introduced the world to the benefits of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Perricone MD is driven by the pursuit of fearless innovation and a stubbornly uncompromising spirit of excellence. “We continuously seek the truth in unlocking the powerful science behind healthy-looking skin, from the inside out and outside in.”

Perricone MD products feature some of the most potent ingredients on the planet that replenish the building blocks of healthy-looking skin, picking up where nature left off. The brand’s award-winning patented sciences include: H2 Energy Complex, Nrf2 Antioxidant Support Complex, DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C Ester, Acyl-Glutathione, and Neuropeptides. Perricone MD products are available on PerriconeMD.com, as well as Ulta Beauty, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus, QVC and Sephora, and other leading specialty stores in the US. Perricone MD products are also available in more than 34 countries around the world in prestige retailers.

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