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What is ACN? Everything You Need to Know About

March 27, 2021 GMT
What is ACN? Everything You Need to Know About
What is ACN? Everything You Need to Know About

03/25/2021, Concord, NC // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

In the digital age, companies like ACN use technological resources to develop effective business models. In order to provide multiple benefits for large, medium, and even small entrepreneurs.

The viability of this business model is due to the fact that marketing is booming and has taken on more and more importance in the medium. Proving himself through the influence he has had on the success of countless projects.

For this reason, it is not surprising that the competition is becoming wider. However, the effectiveness of the methods offered by other companies is not comparable to those of ACN. Well, this is a company with a great track record and many years of experience. Therefore, many decide to entrust the success of their projects to the quality of work offered by this company.


What is ACN?

ACN is an American-born company engaged in multilevel sales. Offering a wide variety of services through the direct selling model. This company was created and still has its base of operations in Concord, North Carolina. It also works in 27 countries on 5 continents gaining more and more global presence.

ACN develops mainly in the energy and telecommunications field without neglecting other domestic services. Such as fixed telephony, mobile telephony, broadband internet, insurance brokerage, and security. Its effectiveness has positioned it as one of the 1,000 largest and most important companies in the United States, according to Inc Magazine.

The emergence of this company occurs in 1993. With Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano, and brothers Tony and Mike Cupisz. Who founded this company with the help of 20 independent representatives. The company was initially known as American Communications Networks, Inc.

Since then it has expanded to multiple nations on different continents applying its business model in different places such as Canada, the Netherlands, Sydney, Australia, Poland, and Mexico.

It could be said that the direct sales model of multilevel marketing type is the key to the success of the company. This method involves creating a network of customers who purchase ACN services.

Which is offered through independent entrepreneurs who become the owners of their own businesses. Obtaining access and management of your personal virtual store where they offer all the services offered by ACN.


These offers are made according to the availability of the same in the different regions. Allowing these entrepreneurs to work from the comfort of their homes. However, the success of your store and the magnitude of your revenue depends on your ability to sell the services.

Income with ACN

You will wonder how it is possible for independent entrepreneurs to make money with this method. The answer is simple entrepreneurs who work with ACN can generate profits through three channels.

  • The first is a bit obvious, as it is obtained through the sale of an ACN service to a new customer. This is calculated based on the monthly bills paid by the personal customers of each independent entrepreneur.

  • In the second, it is obtained through residual income, which is a percentage of the monthly bills for services purchased by customers.

  • While in third is that each independent entrepreneur can receive a percentage of the invoices of the customers of entrepreneurs that they recruited.

  • However, it is important to highlight that the income of independent entrepreneurs is not subject to the hiring of other entrepreneurs. The goal is to increase the number of customers purchasing ACN’s services. In this way, they are creating their own increasing customer network and their revenue.

ACN reviews 2021

There are various positive and negative opinions or comments about ACN circulating on the internet. The legality of the company is even questioned with questions such as great business opportunity or scam?

The reality is that the company is based on principles and legal bases that have allowed it to create an empire. This company sells real services to customers as real as the profits that have consolidated it.

That is why he has reaped an excellent trajectory for 27 years and hundreds of opinions that allow him to stay at the forefront. During this time the company has offered its customers offers and quality. Therefore, it is not difficult to find positive reviews from customers who have encouraged themselves to work with ACN. It is considered the largest direct selling firm in energy and telecommunications. So the competition can try to discredit the company by creating negative opinions.

A comparison of ACN’s business model with a pyramid structure was recently made. Among some opinions of internauts, this is one of the most wrong. Because in a pyramidal business structure a person is attracted with the promise of payments and services.

But they only enroll other people with the intention that they do the same with more and more people. Without selling real products or offering services to real customers. Making the business model unprofitable and illegal. Well, the more people you recruit, the less likely they are to keep recruiting.

Contrary to this modality ACN pays its independent entrepreneurs based on the sales of products or services you make. Basing the profits of the entrepreneurs on the sales that you consolidate in your network of customers.

In conclusion, this is a company that allows anyone to generate income and start their own business from home. Who can also entrust their earnings to their skills as a salesman? Offering its customers offer and quality in all the services it provides in the different regions.

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