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Instagram Growth Marketing - Ultimate Guide to Drive Brand Awareness Using Instagram in 2021

December 31, 2020 GMT
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Instagram Growth Marketing - Ultimate Guide to Drive Brand Awareness Using Instagram in 2021
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Instagram Growth Marketing - Ultimate Guide to Drive Brand Awareness Using Instagram in 2021

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If you are looking to build your Brand awareness and improve website growth then you have arrived at the right destination.

Brand Marketing and Website growth is important for any business for its survival in the market and to attract new prospects. Businesses would always like to discover the new and effective ways to market their brand and website to reach their audience quickly and easily.

Instagram is the Right Platform to Build your Brand Image

When it comes to building up your brand, social media marketing and networking is one of the effective internet marketing tactics. Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks around today. With over millions of users, it is one of the best platforms to market your brand, attract more people to your business and build an authority brand. Instagram has the greatest tools that you could use to build up your brand and build up your self confidence.


As per Walter Moore [1]

“Any social media marketer who hasn’t yet gone all out to own Instagram marketing is behind the curve.

Boosting brand visibility

There are over 700 million Instagram users and, with more than one billion photos being shared daily, your brand will benefit greatly from such exposure. Marketing works through visibility, and if your brand is not being seen by the target audience you’re simply not doing enough.

By posting helpful creative content, you can easily increase the number of brand mentions and make more people notice your brand.

Many smaller brands have upset the pecking order in their industries by leveraging Instagram to promote their brands and exceed the influence of older established companies.”

Use Instagram to Reach Millions

There are a variety of ways out there to promote your Brand or business on Instagram. Ultimate goals are to spread the brand awareness to millions of people, increase brand image and followers and Convert followers to customers. Keeping these goals in mind you have to set-up your Instagram marketing plan.

  • Text postings: Write a descriptive caption with engaging and interesting text with compelling titles and get people to take action.

  • Create a Video: There is no wonder that people love watching the videos. Attract more people, grow your Instagram followers and build an authority brand by creating really better HD videos that explain your Brand products or services or anything about your brand that creates interest and excitement; the video should be short, simple and interesting. Don’t create too lengthy videos, again, make it short and simple.

  • Images: Instagram is very well known for high quality images sharing platform. Post eye-catching images; the goal of your images is to really grab someone’s attention, to catch their eye and pull them in, so they essentially read the caption.

  • Direct messages: Instagram has one of the best direct message platforms available and is growing its popularity. You can have real genuine conversations with real people with direct messaging features. Having conversations with your follower, with your audience and with your customers could be a great way to increase conversion rate.

  • Instagram Live: Go live! Tell your story, Answer questions, engage and respond with your community and with your followers. This builds trust and image of your brand among people.


Drive Brand Awareness on Instagram with Events!

Events are an effective way to explain your audience that you care while driving brand awareness. Make an interesting event about you or your brand or business that creates excitement to viewers. If you are new to the community, you can introduce yourself and get involved with the community in a great way with an event.

Here Are Some Tips to Promote Your Event on Instagram Platform

∙ You want to use an announcement to help promote you event

∙ Use a Countdown about your event; this is going to attract the users

∙ Create an info-graphic with rich text and high quality background images that going to build excitement around your event

∙ Create a short length HD video about your upcoming event. Remember people love to watch videos.

∙ Instagram is familiar for photo sharing. The more photos you can share, it’s going to make your event reach further and have a better engagement.

∙ Run a contest - This is probably one of the most fun ways to use Instagram to promote your event.

∙ Use Hash Tags - Make sure to use relevant and good #tags that people are searching for.

As per Social Tables

“When it comes to pools of potential attendees, Instagram is about as big as they come. In fact, as of 2019, the social media platform has an estimated 1 billion active global users every month. And with so many people regularly visiting the site for inspiration, not using instagram for event promotion means leaving tons of potential registrations on the table.

New social media platforms are bound to pop up, and one day Instagram may lose its luster. But we don’t see that happening anytime soon! And as events continue to raise the bar for immersive experiences, Instagram event promotion promises to be a strong lever marketers can pull to generate hype and registrations.”

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