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Bunion Removal Surgery: Preparation and Recovery - Northwest Surgery Center

January 12, 2021 GMT
Bunion Removal Surgery: Preparation and Recovery - Northwest Surgery Center
Bunion Removal Surgery: Preparation and Recovery - Northwest Surgery Center

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A bunion is a name given to a deformed foot with the big toe forcedly exaggerated on the side of the smaller toes and the toe’s bone getting dragged on the opposite side. This condition is caused by unresponsively wearing extra-pressured, ill-fitted, too narrow, or too pointed shoes. Apart from that, a bunion can also be a genetic problem—in this case, the bone structure is likely to develop a bunion due to hereditary reasons.

Whatever the case, bunions are extremely painful and require medication for pain relief and for the reformation of the toe bone structure. In some cases, bunions can be dealt with using physical helping tools for pain relief. Many people use bunion pads to stop the pain, others use night splints to keep the pain from increasing. A lot of people with deformity also wear large, athletic shoes instead of what they regularly wear to stop the increment in pain.


However, bunions are not likely to go anywhere unless you get proper surgery. The detachable physical helpers can only provide temporary relief but would fail as a long-term solution.

If the pain increases, the condition can go as severe as not being able to do everyday tasks, pain becomes a barrier to everyday comfort. People cannot walk for long without triggering pain in the foot. In these conditions, the doctors suggest that you immediately get a bunion removal surgery—also known as a bunionectomy.


If you decide to get a bunion removal surgery, the doctors will check your overall medical health before scheduling a surgery. This checkup might include a couple of body X-rays, electrocardiogram, urine and blood test, etc.

These checkups are done to ensure that you are capable of surgery, and there is no other medical condition in your body that doctors should be aware of. If you have been taking medications for your foot pain, you might need to stop a few days before the surgery.


A bunionectomy is an outpatient procedure, which means that the surgery would only take a couple of hours. Once the surgery is done and you are moved to the recovery room, the doctors might hold you for a further couple of hours, so your anesthesia wears off. After that, you will be all set to go home.

The exact bunion removal procedure differs from surgeon to surgeon. Some surgeons align your toe after numbing your foot; some would remove the extra joint directly without the alignment. Moreover, some surgeons might even use metal screws or plates to rectify the deformity in the joint—this process is known as arthrodesis.


Since it is a matter of your body, there should be no negligence on your side. You must look for the most reputable surgeon, read about them, and schedule an appointment accordingly. One of the most experienced group of people to perform bunionectomy are Northwest Surgery Center. If you put your faith in the right place within the right doctors, your surgery is bound to go successful.

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