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Bunion Removal Causes, Bunion Surgery Options and Recovery Report by Northwest Surgery Center

January 14, 2021 GMT
Bunion Removal: Causes, Surgery, Recovery - Northwest Surgery Center
Bunion Removal: Causes, Surgery, Recovery - Northwest Surgery Center

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A bunionectomy is one of the most overlooked types of foot surgery. It is also known as bunion removal surgery. A bunion is a formal word for the bony bump that emerges on the base of your toe, where it creates a joint with your original foot bone, known as the first metatarsal. In other words, when there is an extra bone along with your big toe, something which is not common in feet, it is known as a bunion.

Technically, there is no “extra bone.” A bunion occurs when your big toe’s direction is excessively on the side of the smaller toes, and the joint of the toe gets dragged on the opposite side, creating a bump on the side of your foot; it starts looking like an exaggerated bone, but it only is a bone deformity. It is not how a toe usually looks like; that is why it comes under a serious foot deformity. It softens your foot bone and tissue.


The Causes of Bunions

Typically, a bunion is caused because of wearing poorly fitting shoes. Too narrow or too pointed shoes are usually the unnoticed causes of a bunion. This kind of footwear forces the toe towards an unnatural position—this can be considered as a pressure-response effect. People often ignore the slight pain they feel from wearing ill-fitted shoes and stay unresponsive to the gradual increment in pain and deformity, which eventually leads to bunion formation.

Moreover, some bunions are hereditary—people inherit feet, which are more likely to develop foot deformity due to their body shape and structure of their genes. However, in the cases of hereditary bunions, the pain is less. According to reports from relevant authorities, bunions are more likely to develop in women than men. In both cases, bunions are considered untypical and bad. That is why there is a way to get rid of bunions.

Bunion Removal Surgery: Bunionectomy

As states above, the bunionectomy is a surgical process that rectifies the deformed area of the big toe part boot bone. Other names of this process are bunion removal surgery or hallux valgus correction—which means “foot deformity” in Latin.

There are nonsurgical options too for those who want to avoid surgery. These options include bunion pads, toe spacers, night splints, shoe inserts, etc. Many people wear wider and more athletic shoes to avoid pain. These lifestyle adjustments come under physical therapy, which might help reduce the pain, if not reform the bone structure.


However, if nonsurgical options don’t contribute to pain relief, bunionectomy becomes necessary. In fact, if your pain is the barrier in your everyday comfort, you can’t walk for long without triggering the foot pain, or if the rest of the medication isn’t tuning down the swelling in your toe, you are the ideal candidate for a bunionectomy. In these conditions, doctors suggest that It is more than immediate for you to get a bunionectomy.

The bunionectomy only takes a couple of hours, after which you can go back to your old, comfortable life.

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