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How to find the Right Ceiling Tiles for your Home Project

October 27, 2020 GMT
How to find the Right Ceiling Tiles for your Home Project
How to find the Right Ceiling Tiles for your Home Project

NEW YORK, NY ( TS Newswire ) -- 27 Oct 2020

Whether youre renovating your house or looking to build one from scratch, the small details add up to make the place feel like your home. From personalized touches to living your life there, all the bits and pieces add up to make your house experience a more homely one.

One particular factor is choosing the right ceiling tiles. This detail is often overlooked, and laid out as a blank canvas for most homes, but recently theyre making a comeback with all the varieties they have to offer.


From chic designs to acoustic qualities, ceiling tiles make a significant impact on your rooms aesthetic and atmosphere so you must select the right one for your home.

With the plethora of options available on the market, choosing the right one may be a hassle for some. Fret not, for we have compiled a short guide on all types of ceiling tiles and where you need to use them.

Types of Ceiling Tiles For Your Home Project

Whether youre looking to enhance the look of the room or adding a more functional quality to the room, ceiling tiles help cater to all these needs without massive changes.

Depending on the rooms function and your needs and preferences, you can select ceiling tiles that will enhance the experiential qualities of your home by a significant margin.

Here are the types of ceiling tiles that you can select from depending on your demands.

Acoustic Tiles

As the name suggests, the installation of acoustic tiles helps in enhancing the acoustic properties of the room. These tiles help to provide insulation whilst maintaining the qualities of a soundproof room.

Acoustic tiles are generally made from fiberglass and are excellent for use in studios, cinemas, theaters or just around the house if you desire maximum soundproofing. They are installed with the drop ceiling technique and can be easily installed by yourself if you have little experience.

Tin Tiles

To give you a modern and futuristic look to your house, tin tiles are made with copper, aluminum, or brass with eye-catching patterns across them to add a dynamic, reflective twist to your ceiling.

You can use a drop-in method or nailing method to install these ceiling tiles and attain a chic look for your home.

Styrofoam Tiles

These lightweight tiles are a great alternative to the typical ceiling tiles. Giving a more retro look, these affordable styrofoam ceiling tiles come in an extensive array of options which makes them the most versatile choice of all.


They can be used in any and every room and are very easy to install in. With a little guidance, styrofoam tiles are the easiest of all tiles to work around.

Cork Tiles

Cork tiles are an eco-friendly and sustainable option that provides you will all rounding properties, from fire and water resistance to soundproofing capabilities, cork tiles are the most efficient of the lot that also helps in reducing your carbon footprint.

These rustic looking tiles add a modern and natural feel to your house at a low cost, and the installation process is just as easy as any other ceiling tile.


Choosing the right ceiling tiles for your home project can be a challenging task, especially for our indecisive fellas, so it is best to assess the needs of the room and choose accordingly. Happy renovating!