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Eight Glaring Perks of Pursuing a Career in Teaching

November 17, 2020 GMT

Los Angeles, CA ( TS Newswire ) -- 17 Nov 2020

While the most important benefit of pursuing a career in teaching is that it has the most potential of impacting others lives. And as a teacher, you can make a big difference in shaping the lives of students by continuously guiding and inspiring them to learn, so that they could become an erudite person and can lead a better life in future.

Candidates planning to enter the teaching profession should have the knowledge of various teacher eligibility tests conducted by different states. For instance, a candidate planning to appear for the UPTET exam must go through some important details regarding it such as the exam pattern, Syllabus and previous UPTET result in order to crack it and secure a Government teaching job.


Other than the benefit of impacting students lives, there are various benefits and perks that a person doesnt hear about often. On that note, given below are some benefits that a teaching career provides.

  • Less Working Hours

The average work hours of a teacher lies between 7-8 hours a day. Which is better than that in corporate jobs, as people working in corporate often have to extend their work hours from 8 hours to sometimes 10 to 12 hours, when there is urgency of completing a project or increase in the workload. At the same time, a teaching job leaves a person enough time of the day to spend it with his/her family and friends, taking care of his/her daily affairs. Yet sometimes they will have a long work day due to certain events such as parent teachers meeting, examining of exam answer sheets or homework and more, but if you are active and efficient enough than you will not have a problem with it, and as a whole a teaching job can provide you ample time to enjoy your life outside of the workplace, that may not be possible in other occupations and lets you have a balance between work and personal life.

  • Job Security and Handsome Salary

While demands of teachers may vary from state to state, for a person who has gained fair experience and established himself/herself as a competent teacher, there will always be availability of teaching jobs.Also, there are very rare occasions of job shedding in this profession as compared to other professions. At the same time, in recent years the demand for teachers has only risen across in almost all states in India. States have started conducting multiple exams to appoint eligible candidates for teaching posts in primary and higher secondary schools. One such exam is UPTET conducted by the Government of Uttar Pradesh every year for filing of teaching posts in the Government schools in the state of Uttar Pradesh. A candidate after applying for the UPTET admit card can sit for the exam and upon shortlisting can get a teaching job in a public school, which would offer him/her a handsome salary along with additional perks.


  • Ample Vacation Holidays

With ample number of festive and vocational holidays in public schools, you get a great benefit of using this time off to further develop your skills and knowledge, to travel with family or friends, or to just relax. So, at the time of opting for a teaching job make sure to look into additional perks such as this one, and not just only consider a higher pay stub.

  • A Chance of Sharing Your Knowledge and Passion With Children

Teaching profession gives an individual the opportunity to share his/her knowledge and enthusiasm with the new generation. This excites as well as inspires the students to take interest and put efforts in learning a subject matter that the teacher is teaching with so much love and passion. On the other hand, sharing knowledge is the most immortal act of humankind, passing knowledge and information to the younger generation would sow the seeds of innovation and development in their minds.

  • Best Way to Master a Subject

It takes years of study to become an expert in a subject or topic. And teaching a topic is the best way to learn it, as to avoid embarrassment, a teacher gives extra effort while studying a subject matter. Also, students doubts and questions make a teacher go for an in depth study until he/she knows every aspect of the subject. Having knowledge is not enough, the one who understands the subject or topic can only teach.

  • Help in Creating a Better World

Education has the power to change lives for better, there is no doubt that quality education has a far reaching impact on students lives, especially those coming from a lower income background. It is the teacher who is responsible for motivating the students and providing them the best learning experience, so that they can develop a strong desire for learning and this increases the chances of their graduating the high school and then going for higher education. This will also help them in earning better later in life so they as well as their family can lead a better life.

  • Be The Boss of Your Class

A teaching career gives you the freedom to teach the way you want to teach the students, and the way you manage students and syllabus etc. This gives you space to experiment and to teach in the best way possible to deliver knowledge effectively to the students. There are very less professions that will let you plan and execute your work.

  • Continuous Learning

The constant learning and unlearning things is a part of a teaching career. Just even for the sake of teaching, a person is required to continuously learn new topics and pedagogy to keep himself/herself driven and relevant in this profession. Not only this, continuous interaction with children lets them learn new things everyday. The most important aspect of this profession is that everyday is not the same, each day is accompanied with new challenges and opportunities of improvement for teachers. This compels them to find new technologies and findings through regular research work in order to introduce them to the students.