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Cocospy Reviews: Best Spy Phone App? MUST Read Before Trying

November 19, 2020 GMT

Maine, ME ( TS Newswire ) -- 19 Nov 2020

Monitor smartly with Cocospy and keep your child and business safe from undue troubles!

Now it is easy to keep track of your children, family, or employees confidentially with the help of the advanced, high-tech, and feature-rich monitoring program called Cocospy . This iPhone, iPad, and Android monitoring utility is best for finding out the location of any device, can instantly help customers read messages discreetly, scroll through files, call logs, and can even view social media texts without your kids knowing. All that the customers need to do is take a few minutes to sign up and install it.


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Price range

The pricing packages of this monitoring program are divided into three plans. These packages are generally called a premium, Basic, and family packs. Customers can choose a pricing plan according to their convenience. Additionally, a business plan is also available for those who are looking forward to installing the Cocospy app for business purposes. While for Android users, the Price range starts from 9.99$ to 69.99$, iPhone users can get this software from $10.83 to $399.99.

Who would benefit from this product?

Once customers are done with Cocospy login and installation, their life can become worry-free. Why? The answer is evident in thousands of customer reviews online. It doesnt matter if you are a family man, a parent, or a businessman, now this spyware gives you 100% Tracking and monitoring solutions in a few clicks. For example, if you are worried about your kid misusing the internet facilities, the monitoring program helps you to keep in check, what are the websites your kids are opening, and even go through their chats on Facebook. Similarly, for business persons, this software can help you stop serious matters like your employees leaking confidential information about your company or using your companies devices for Drugs or Sexting.

360 monitoring solution for Android and iOS platforms

When it comes to the Key feature of this product, compatibility takes the first position along with the call tracking and Android keylogger feature. The manufacturers of the product have made it user-friendly, affordable, and highly compatible with smartphones, iPads, and various tablets. Fortunately, this spyware will come in handy for Android users and even those using iOS devices. Moreover, once installed, this spy software lets you trace and track calls, their duration/time, and even take a sneak peek at the outgoing calls made from the smartphone. Further, the keylogger features allow customers to crack any password fast and login into your kids Social Media accounts.


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Reliable spyware for parental monitoring that never disappoints

One of the most popular features of this spyware is WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat monitoring, which is clear in many Cocospy reviews. These features not only help parents to keep an eye on their childrens online activities but also help them to protect them from scammers and sexual predators who target unguarded kids and make them fall into their trap. More importantly, the software can be made undetectable once you install it. Therefore, it runs in the background, and your kid will not notice it ever. Now, this resolves any chances of an unnecessary clash with your child, and they wont feel that you dont trust them.

Fundamental features and specifications

  • SMS tracking remotely

The SMS tracking feature allows customers to check the texts of the target phone when a message is being exchanged. Now, this helps parents to read the conversations their kids are having with friends or even strangers and protect them if they are in trouble or understand them better emotionally. Further, these features are crucial for keeping track of the texts your employees sent to each other. In case if they are exchanging confidential information with your competitors or are involved in something illegal, you can immediately take the necessary step and save your business.

  • Geofence Alert when you need

The Geofence Alert feature of this monitoring application helps customers set up a boundary on a virtual map and set prohibited zones according to their choice. This particular feature sends notifications when that boundary the user has set is breached. For example, if your kids enter the area you have restricted, you will get an instant email notification. Further, if you are a business owner, you can track when your employees enter or leave the office space as well and find out if your office staff is leaving the office premises during working hours.

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  • Reading FB Messages

Social media messages reveal a lot about a person, their friends group, and activities as well. The FB messages reading feature lets parents and married couples find out who their kids or husbands/ wives are chatting with and help them out if they come in contact with toxic people and scammers. By monitoring the chat activity of the employees, you can check if your staff is doing social media marketing properly as well.

  • Stealth mode

The stealth mode option of this spy monitoring application lets customers become a real spy as it remains undetected on the devices it is installed in.

  • Website History monitoring

Web history monitoring feature helps customers to check the browser history and even allows customers to block websites if necessary. This browsing history monitoring feature lets parents have control over what their kids are watching online.

Further, by monitoring the browsing history, the businesspersons are able to check what their employees are doing at work, secretively.

  • Tracking SIM card Location

Get the location of your lost device and even an email notification if the sim card is replaced with the sim card location tracking feature.


Made by technical experts, Cocospy has numerous benefits and helps you to protect your kids from harmful or mature content on the internet, and cyberbullies are the best advantage of all. It is always better to take preventative measures than regretting later on, and this undetectable software lets you save your kids from becoming Internet-addicted and even stop behavioral issues that may come from it. Further, teenagers often talk about their problems with friends instead of their families, and the spyware on their phone will help parents to read the personal chats and texts and not only understand but solve their kids problems if necessary.

Additionally, this is a digital era where kids today make friends on social media platforms every day. Unfortunately, not all of the strangers they meet have good intentions. This phone/iPad spy software allows parents to check who their kids are talking to or sharing videos with and intervene if something wrong is happening.

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Besides, the GPS monitor feature of this software is best for checking and tracking the real-time location of your children as well. Customers who have installed this spyware can check where their kids are when they are outside and get an idea if they are safe or not. Parents can now get peace of mind as this phone spyware allows them to stay updated even from their offices.

Another advantage is finding your smartphone if it gets misplaced or lost. With the help of this software, you can get your lost phone back effortlessly by tracking your phones location. So there is no need to stress about your kids losing their new smartphone when they go out alone. Plus, the software is virus-free and keeps your data secured.


There are plenty of features of this secretly monitoring software, but the only downside to this software is the requirements of steady internet access. Besides, you cannot track an unlimited number of devices with it. Although Internet access is not a big issue nowadays, and if you want to track many devices, the manufacturers of this spy software have given customers pricing packages that come with additional benefits. For example, the family plan for Android users allows customers to connect with three devices. Additionally, the business plan for IOS users can track 25 devices at once.

What customers say about this monitoring software?

Surprisingly most of the customers have only good things to say about this application, and the majority of the reviews online about this software are positive. Based on the reviews, it is significantly clear that the features of this application are best for working parents who want to keep tabs on their children without taking away their freedom.

Three out of five stars for sure!

The keylogger and track browser history feature of this application are favorites of many parents as it has helped them to figure out passwords of their children, read the text and even block websites that they think are not suitable for their kids.


From the above-mentioned points, it is obvious how this iPhone and Android software is not only useful but fast, reliable, and affordable with various customized packages for customers as well. Besides, the manufacturers also offer 60- days money guarantee and Cocosopy free trial, which is a bonus. Moreover, this is no doubt a one-stop solution to spy on devices used by your kids or employees, which does not need any additional downloads or in-app purchases as well. Although, keep in mind that customers will need to register first to get the installation link and will need to choose a subscription plan before they start to reap the benefits of this software. Customers can contact the help desk 24X 7 for any inquiries. So clear your doubts if interested and start tracking and monitoring like a professional spy effortlessly.

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