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Finexro Review – a Registered Crypto Trading Platform

November 8, 2020 GMT

Los Angeles, CA ( TS Newswire ) -- 08 Nov 2020

A few very numbers of trading platforms exist that offer trading of multiple investment tools, such as stocks, shares, forex, indices, cryptocurrency, saving accounts, and commodities. And most of them are a scam as they rob money out of people in the name of offering services. To find a trusted brokerage platform is a difficult task as it requires a lot of time. I find a broker that is different in all things than its competitors in the market. First of all, it is a broker that you can trust blindly as it is reliable and has credibility from all perspectives. The name of the trading platform is Finexro, which prioritizes the needs of users.


Brief Intro of Finexro

Finexro does not need appreciation as it is very popular among the prominent investors of the financial markets. It is serving the trading needs of the customers as a registered trading firm. It strictly follows the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules and regulations set by the concerned regulatory authorities.

It is offering five different account plans, and each is having different features and services. Another potential feature of Finexro is its offering of multiple traded products from cryptocurrency to stocks. For users help and guidance, it has also rolled out a wide range of tools and a full education package comprised of modern-day trading techniques and tricks. Due to the offering of five different investment plans, one can choose one account based on his investment amount. Whats more, its professional customer care will uplift your experience with the trading site. In total, it has won six awards, including Best Forex Provider 2019, Best FX Provider 2019, Best FX Broker, 2019, Best FX Execution, Global, 2019, Best MT% Broker, 2019, Best Execution Broker, Global, 2019.

Five Trading Accounts

Like many other trading sites, Finexro is also providing a service of five different investment plans for customers. Each investment plan is providing different potential features and services for users. The main purpose of the idea of five account types is to accommodate investors based on the amount of investment. For instance, the Bronze is for those who are having a low investment, and the VIP program is dedicated to VIP customers who are holding capital in millions of dollars. So, it depends on you as you have the freedom to choose any of these five investment plans. The company has clearly written on the page that the primary account can only be opened with at least 1,000 in the sites wallet. However, one can also deposit 200 in the account, which is necessary to activate the dashboard. Finexro has deployed the option of a segregated bank account to store all funds of clients. I will probe each account with the only necessary information needed for those who want to join the trading platform.


According to Finexro, all account holders will be able to receive trading services, including online chat support, access to all trading platforms, access to an online education center, demo account, maximum leverage (1:30), webinars, segregated bank account, professional account leverage (1:200), seminars, STP dealing desk, 50% stop out level, and variable spread (0.1 pip).

Bronze Account

In the list of five accounts, the Bronze account comes at the first number and includes basic trading services. If a trader wants to open the Bronze account, he first has to deposit 5,000 for activation of the account. Most services are available to Bronzes account holders on a trial period, which can become permanent in case of an account update. A relationship account manager will make you introduce to all things. You will receive trading central premium signals and trading central daily newsletter and one session of private one to one trading academy. Whats more, the functionality of the trading commission standard is also unlocked for the Bronze account.

Silver Account

If the Bronze investment plan is not fulfilling your trading needs, you can update into Silver account, which has more trading facilities than the previous one. But it requires 10,000 to activate the Silver account, and the amount is not very much if you can review the services of the account. Here, the trial period is not implemented as a relationship manager will assist you on a permanent basis rather than a temporary stay. Moreover, holders of Silver account will get the trading central daily newsletter on a regular pattern, but the access of trading central premium signals is on a trial basis. You can get exposure to three trading sessions of a private one to one trading academy. Two other functions, cryptenix investments and trading commission standards, are also available for people.

Gold Account

The Gold account comes at the third number in providing advanced trading facilities. To start a journey with the Gold account, a trader must deposit at least 50,000. It is more updated and advanced than the Bronze and Silver accounts. If you are a holder of a Gold account, you are allowed to attend two sessions of private trading access to the event room of the trading platform. Options of trading central daily newsletter and trading central premium signals are also at the service of people. A user can also claim up to a 10% discount as a trading commission. However, these discounts have an expiry date of only ten days. To engage and update investors about the current financial markets, the option of SMS trading notifications is also functional. Whats more, users are eligible to attend four sessions of the private one to one trading academy.

Platinum Account

The Platinum account is specialized for intermediate traders and investors who have a reasonable amount to invest in various tradable products. Almost, 90% of trading features are open for Platinum account holders. To open the Platinum account, the trading firm has set the limit, which is around 100,000. The features of the Platinum account include trading commission up to 25%, cryptenix investments (Mirror Trader and RoboX), SMS Trading notifications, access to even room (two events per month), private trading sessions (4 sessions per month), private one to one trading academy (up to 8 sessions, trading central premium signals, trading central daily newsletter, and access of relationship manager.

Premium Account

In features, the Premium account is more update than the previous ones. Holders of the Premium account are also eligible for VIP services on trial period. If you want VIP services on a permanent basis, you will have to join the VIP program of the trading place.

VIP Program

The VIP program is especially available for those who want to trade investment products by investing millions of dollars. VIP customers get VIP trading services from Finexro as these are special customers of the brokerage company. Over the website, Finexro has not shared much information about the VIP program. If you are interested in knowing about the VIP plan, you should contact the customer care team of the trading platform.

Investment Products

A variety of investment products are listed over the page of Finexro as it supports multi assets. It is a very rare thing to find a place where a trader finds all kinds of investment opportunities and tools. Finexro is one of the few trading sites where you can see a variety of traded products, including forex, stocks, cryptocurrency, commodity, indices, and saving accounts.

In todays world, there are a great number of cryptocurrency exchanges available for trading. But Finexro has managed to list top digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash, over the platform. Derivatives products of Bitcoin, such as long/short positions, are also present for crypto traders. Whats more, the option of Bitcoin leverage trading is also functional for those who are seriously interested in cryptocurrency.

Traders who want to invest in the Forex market can also fund an unlimited number of currency pairs. Profitable and top-trending currency pairs are listed for investors. An experienced trader can get a handsome amount of profit over-investment in the Forex market as the daily trading volume of Forex markets reaches above $4 trillion.

Besides cryptocurrency and Forex pairs, the trading firm has also listed other investment tools, including commodity, stocks, and saving account. Stock trading is easy, but if you trade it in a professional manner, you can earn thousands of dollars from it. Users will also find a wide range of commodities, such as gold and silver. Investment over saving accounts is less risky, but its return ratio is also restricted. However, it is a safe play of investments while retaining the original amount of investments.

Active Customer Support

Users of Finexro have a very healthy relationship with the staff members of the trading broker. The customer care section of the trading firm is managed and controlled by a professional and experienced team. They have experience of years in serving traders and investors, which is a great thing about it. The customer agents remain active 24/7 and respond to customers queries and questions on time without any delay. The immediate action of customer agents over traders inquiries makes Finexro more charming and attractive among financial experts. In three different ways, you can make a connection with the customer support experts. With a provided email for support, you will write a message and send it to a respected email address. Second, one can ask anything by making a phone with the support team as the phone number is given on Finexros site. Third, you can write your query and send it through the Contact Us section after giving personal details.

Professional Team of Finexro

The team behind the trading broker is fully experienced and has professionalism while serving duty. The trading firm has got success because of its dedicated and hardworking team, which is serving users days and nights. Finexros team is comprised of professional customer agents, developers, and experienced traders. The customers have given very positive comments about the staff members of Finexro.

Demo Account

Very few trading brokers offer the facility of a demo account, which is very beneficial for people who are new in the industry. With a demo account, you can introduce yourself to the platform and its services. It is a big opportunity for beginner traders to get exposure to the site. They can even improve their trading techniques by making virtual trades over multiple traded products.

Trading Platforms

The trading platform plays a crucial role in managing and trading objects. Advanced trading platforms employ artificial intelligence in the execution of orders and contracts which increase the speed double folds. Finexro presents separate trading platforms for both web-version and mobile devices: Web Trader and Mobile Trader. To utilize Mobile Trader, one does not have to download it and can open it from any browser. For a mobile phone, it presents a Mobile Trader that helps to trade anytime and anywhere.

Advanced User Interface

The user interface plays an important role in the popularity of a broker or trading company. Sometimes, people judge a company by its website through its user interface. If a user interface is good, he will get a good picture of the business. In case of a bad impression about the user interface, they can leave it and move on to other trading brokers.

Finexro has designed a high-level user interface that is equipped with all advanced features. Feedback about it is very positive and satisfactory. Customers are not only satisfied with it but have also praised it for the exceptional and feasible user interface. With robust technology and a top-notch user interface, it has made its name in the leading trading platforms.

Full Education Package

Unlike other trading companies in the market, Finexro has offered a free education program for both professional as well as beginner traders. In this education resource material, staff members have put all necessary and advanced trading detail about the trading process. If a newcomer decides to invest over investment products and has no knowledge of trading then he can take benefit from the education package of Finexro. It is equally beneficial for professional traders as they can learn new and advanced level trading techniques and tricks. In the education section, you will find information about all traded objects, including cryptocurrency, commodity, forex, stocks, and saving accounts. Your trading strategies can become more professional when you go to the education package in detail.

Trading Tools

Successful trading is impossible without the aid of trading tools as they can help to draw a technical picture of the financial markets. By using a wide range of trading tools, one can earn a handsome amount of profit. The price charts of cryptocurrency are used to do technical analysis as the past data and trends are employed by experts and analysts to speculate or predict the future price of investment tools. You can also make thousands of dollars utilizing the technical tools and indicators, which are usually based on the previous market data. Like cryptocurrency, price charts for Forex markets and indices are also available, which also help in correct speculations of price values.

Security and Privacy of Users

Security is a major priority of the company as it is the most demanding thing in the online world. Millions of dollars are lost every month due to theft attack as a result of a security breach. As online startups are increasing security, the attackers are also adopting advanced technology, which result in security breaching. There are many brokerage firms which can became the victim of a security breach in the past in one way or the other. As the site is protected by various security layers, there is no chance of a cyberattack at all. In its entire history, it has never become vulnerable to any theft attack.

Besides security, the privacy of users is the second most important thing before joining any trading platform. However, it has centralized control, but the staff members of the firm do not have access to users information. At the time of registration, personal information is asked only for identification purposes. Moreover, Finexro has clearly written the rules and regulations regarding the privacy of customers. Once you become the official member of the brokerage firm, the firm takes responsibility of for customers security and privacy.

Robust Technology

Finexro has deployed the most advanced and robust technology at the time of site development. The top-notch technology ensures multi-layer security standards which prevent it from any kind of threat. The trading platform is equipped with modern-day technology standards which is responsible for fast orders execution, which help traders to make a handsome amount of profit. It has also rolled other advanced tools indicators, which make sure that traders and investors feel comfortable and professional at the time trading process. According to the company, it has an ultra-fast order execution (7.12 ms on average). Whats more, it has as industry-leading trade engine with real-time risk management. It has deployed a power infrastructure that is powered by Amazon AWS. One can trade currency pairs after checking their live rates over the first page of the platform. Similarly, one can also find real-time rates on indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.


Since its inception in 2018, it has expanded its reach to the traders and investors of 150 countries. Unlike other trading sites, it has exceptional features such as ultra-fast order execution and Amazon AWS-powered infrastructure.