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Bitcoin Era Review - Is it Trustworthy and Profitable App? Read My Test Here!

September 17, 2020 GMT

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) -- 17 Sep 2020

When the progenitor of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, got launched in 2009, nobody anticipated the growth that it has been able to achieve. Though some visionaries were excited after its invention, most investors were left apprehensive. Most believed that an open-source network can never make anyone rich. Now, in hindsight, we can say that Bitcoin Era has probably been the most profitable technological invention of this millennial.

About Bitcoin Era Review


Bitcoin Era is an up-and-coming trading software that helps crypto enthusiasts trade Bitcoins, and other cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, Litecoin, MONA, XRT, and many more. The developers have in-built the software with essential market parameters and historical market data. The algorithm enables the software to analyze and breakdown the market movements accurately. It brings precise trading opportunities for you and places them on your behalf.

How Does Bitcoin Era Work?

The Bitcoin Era trading software is powered by AI. It’s an intelligent software with an advanced in-built algorithm that helps you win profits on every trade. First, the software analyzes the market fluctuations and predicts the future position of the crypto market. Then, it pulls out the most lucrative trading opportunity for you, based on your trading requirements. It proceeds to execute trade orders on your behalf. So, you don’t have to do any work when it comes to trading with Bitcoin Era. You only have to sign-in daily and withdraw your winnings.

How to Use Bitcoin Era?

Step 1: Register on the Bitcoin Era Trading Platform

First, click on the link and visit the official website of the trading platform. To become a member of the Bitcoin Era trading platform, you’ve to fill the registration form of the platform. You’ve to provide personal information such as your name and email ID. Now, you’ll have to set a password. A password-protected account prevents unnecessary scams and frauds. Since the software is free of any costs, you don’t have to pay any fee upfront while joining the platform.

Step 2: Add Funds

After opening an account with Bitcoin Era, you’ve to add funds to your trading account. To start executing trades on the software, you need to have money in your trading account. So, provide your credit card details and proceed. The minimum deposit set by the software is only $250. It allows apprehensive beginners to place small orders.


Step 3: Verification of Your Account

Once you provide the platform with the required information, personal and bank account details, the AI-powered software will verify it. It helps prevent Internet scams and swindles, which are prevalent in the crypto industry. After your verification is complete, the amount you want to deposit gets automatically deducted from your bank account, and the software encrypts your trading account under a secure network. It ensures that only you’ve access to your trading account and nobody else.

Step 4: Practice Using Virtual Credits and Explore Platform

You also get access to a demo or practice account, credited with virtual credits. You can use these credits to execute virtual trade orders. It helps you understand the crypto market and how it functions. You also get to learn financial concepts, which will be useful when you start placing live orders. A practice account also provides you with the opportunity to explore the software and the features it offers. So, you get a virtual tour of the Bitcoin Era app, which allows you to decide if the software is worthwhile or not.

Step 5: Choose Trading Mode and Adjust Parameters

Setting and adjusting trading parameters like your risk profile, credits to invest in every trade, and the time interval between trades is essential when it comes to the execution of profitable orders. So, make sure you set them according to your requirements and modify them regularly. Trading parameters also help you be in control of your trading account.

Now, you’ve to select the preferable trading mode, i.e., manual or assistance. If you’re a beginner who’s starting out in the crypto sector, you must go ahead with the assistance mode. In the assistance mode, the software automatically executes trade orders on your behalf. But, if you’re a professional crypto trader and would like to book profits yourself, you can switch to the manual trading mode.

Step 6: Start Trading

Once you complete all formalities, you can proceed to live trading. The software accurately analyzes the crypto market fluctuations and brings out the most lucrative trading opportunities for you. It then places these trade orders on your behalf.

What makes Bitcoin Era unique is that even though the software places trade orders for you, it allows you to remain in complete control of your account.

Step 7: Withdraw Profits

The Bitcoin Era trading software supports fast withdrawals. The profit earned in every trade session gets instantly transferred to your trading account. To request a withdrawal, fill a form, and submit it. The money will get credited to the linked bank account within 24 hours.

Benefits of Bitcoin Era

Accurate Market Analysis

The Bitcoin Era trading software is spot-on with its future predictions of the crypto market. The algorithm used by the software helps it to analyze significant market parameters accurately, and break down market fluctuations, thereby predicting the position of an asset market. The software boasts a win rate of 99.4%.


The developers have built the ingenious ‘time-leap’ technology into the software algorithm that helps the market get 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. It makes trading software even more trustworthy and reliable.

Zero Subscription Fee

Except for a nominal transaction fee, the platform doesn’t support any hidden charges, such as registration or withdrawal fee. So, you can use all the features of the software and take advantage of its assistance to execute profitable trade orders.

Minimal Starting Deposit

The initial deposit is set by the developers at only $250. It allows amateur traders to place small orders initially and raise investment as and when they deem suitable.

Easy Accessibility

Bitcoin Era is a web-based trading platform. You don’t need to download or install any app to access your trading account. You can log in to your account from anywhere in the world if you’re connecting to the Internet.

Secure and Protected

The AI-powered software verifies all your data, including your credit card details. Verification of personal data essential to avoid any chances of the platform getting hacked. The software also secures your account, and only you can access it.

24/7 Customer Support

When you become a member of the trading platform, you also receive 24/7 customer support from highly-skilled and professional financial advisors.

Cost Implications

The Bitcoin Era trading app is free of charges. The developers allow their customers to use the services of the platform without charging a subscription fee. Even though the software doesn’t charge registration and subscription fee, or withdrawal commission, they deduct a minimal amount as transaction charges. So, for every executed trade, you’ve to pay a transaction fee twice, once while placing the trade order, and then while booking profits.


How much money can you expect to win daily?

You can expect to win $1,100 daily in profits. But, the profit you earn depends directly on your investment. So, as you increase your investment, your profit will go up as well. Ensure that you keep adding funds to your account regularly and raise the amount of investment in each trade.

Is there any upper limit on the amount of money you can win?

No, there’s no cap to the money you can make on the Bitcoin Era trading platform. The software has helped thousands of traders around the world in their journey towards becoming a millionaire. Traders have used the facilities of the software to become millionaires within 2 months!

Is the trading app associated with affiliate marketing?

No, the Bitcoin Era trading platform isn’t, in any way, associated with the concept of affiliate marketing. It’s an automated trading software that assists traders to place profitable trade orders and book profits.

What’s the subscription fee of the app?

Bitcoin Era is a free trading platform. The developers offer all the services at zero cost. So, you can use the automated-trading feature of the software to leverage the volatility in the crypto industry.

Are there any other cost implications?

The platform only deducts a minimal amount of fee, called as ‘transaction fee’ on every executed transaction, i.e., during placing an order and booking profits.

Can your account get hacked?

Though scams and Internet swindles have become synonymous with the crypto industry, Bitcoin Era ensures that its customers stay clear of them. The software verifies your details and encrypts your trading account under a secure system. It’s a password-protected account, and only you can access it.

Through trading on Bitcoin Era, are you buying crypto?

No, you don’t purchase and hold crypto when you place a trade order on Bitcoin Era. The software supports HFT or High-Frequency Trading, i.e., it buys several assets in a few milliseconds from one crypto stock exchange, and instantly sells it on another at a higher price. Register on the Bitcoin Era trading application and join the team of millionaires


  • With the help of the ‘time-leap’ feature, the software gets ahead of the market by a few milliseconds.
  • It’s the most reliable trading app on the Internet.
  • Bitcoin Era is a free trading platform.
  • It has a success rate of 99.4%.
  • It accurately predicts the market fluctuations and places profitable trade orders on your behalf.
  • The platform is web-based and easy to access.
  • Your account is secured, preventing phishing scams.


  • The software deducts a minimal transaction fee.
  • There’s a 1/10000 chance that you lose money on a trade.

Customer Testimonials

Until last year, I was broke. I didn’t have a proper job and was working a minimum wage. After an altercation with my construction manager, I decided to resign. I found Bitcoin Era on the Internet. It looked like a convincing platform, so I deposited $450 as my initial investment. In two months, I earned over $12,000 in profits. I’m slowly paying off all my debts and becoming financially independent. Jason, 26, United Kingdom.

I’m a financial broker by profession. Six months ago, I decided to start my own firm. Building a company from scratch isn’t easy and certainly requires a lot of capital. Using the manual mode of the Bitcoin Era app, I’ve earned over $100,000. Thanks to the developers, I can live my dream now! Emilia, 43, UK.


After examining the features of the Bitcoin Era software, we can conclude that it’s one of the trusted trading apps. Traders, amateurs, and professionals can use the app and leverage the volatility in the crypto market. The best specification of the app, by far, is its auto-trading mode. So, the software executes profitable trades for you, and the profits earned are fully yours. The platform only deducts a minimal transaction fee.

Thousands have relied on the software with their hard-earned money. It has helped traders become millionaires in 61 days! Start today. Sign up on Bitcoin Era now.