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FitBeat Reviews - Is FitBeat SmartWatch Legit and Worth Buying?

September 24, 2020 GMT

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) -- 24 Sep 2020

FitBeat is a smartwatch that is compatible with both Apple and Android phones. This watch is easy to operate and monitors your health and fitness metrics within just seconds.

In this digital era where we all want to know things fast and also want to know what’s going on with our health at all times, it doesn’t make sense to use a traditional blood pressure checking device. It also doesn’t make any sense to use different machines for managing and tracking different aspects of your wellness.

FitBeat watch makes it easy for you to keep note of several aspects of your health and it doesn’t take time to show you its collected data. It can also perform other functions, for instance, it enables you to set alarms and displays basic notifications from your connected cellphone. Get FitBeat watch at a special discounted price here!


If you’ve been on the lookout for such a device anyway consider checking this smartwatch out. It’s pretty amazing with many undeniably cool features. Dive into the review below to learn more about this product.

FitBeat Review

Knowing what’s up with your health is very essential. In fact, completely ignoring your health, thinking all must be fine, can be very dangerous. The consequences can leave you in regret for the rest of your life. Take for example, the people who often don’t measure their blood pressure. Then when all of a sudden, they suffer through a hypertensive crisis, they have to rush to the hospital and feel guilt for not taking preventative measures!

Admittedly though, it can become inconvenient to constantly check your blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and other health factors. Similarly, it is also necessary to stay fit and burn more calories than you consume. How can you analyze this detail though? And how can you track how much you’ve slept because sleeping enough is also important. The FitBeat watch can help with all these things.

As per the official website, FitBeat is a smartwatch that can connect with your smartphone and you can easily operate it to stay ahead of your health. It enables you to live a fit and healthy lifestyle and that too, in a convenient way. You must have heard about how helpful smartwatches can be. This is just another smartwatch but with better features and its available at a better price. These two features make it standout. Order FitBeat smartwatch for the lowest discounted price right here!


What Does FitBeat Watch Do?

The FitBeat watch is super useful. According to the details mentioned on the official website, below is a quick look at what functions you can expect from it:

Measures your health markers

FitBeat can swiftly give you an overview of important blood metrics such as your blood pressure and even your blood oxygen levels. Moreover, it can also measure your heart rate. This way, you always know how well your heart is doing. This function is especially for those people who are cardiovascular or diabetes patients or have the symptoms of such illnesses.

Measures fitness metrics

Rather than taking a peek at your smartphone again and again, make it more convenient for yourself to keep note of how many steps you’ve walked, how many calories you’ve burned, and how much time you’ve spent being active with this smartwatch. This allows you to nail your fitness goals and keep your weight and overall health in check. You may also want to check out KoreTrak fitness tracker watch.

Measures your sleep

Have you been missing out on sleep lately? Do you want to keep track of how much you’re sleeping so that you can set a proper routine and sleep only as much as you think is optimal for you? FitBeat smartwatch can analyze your sleep patterns so that you can correct your sleep routine and wake up refreshed every day instead of feeling groggy from lack of sleep or tired from too much sleep.

So, these were the main functions of this device. If you’re health conscious, you definitely need a smartwatch such as this one in your routine to monitor your health, lose and manage weight as well as to sleep healthily.

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More Features Of The FitBeat Watch

The FitBeat watch has some pretty dope qualities that make it a worthwhile purchase. Below is a look at more of its functions and features as shown on the its website:

Compatible with all phones

You don’t have to worry that this device would only be compatible with an Apple device, not Android or vice versa. This is because this smartwatch can easily connect with both.

Easy to operate

Another reason why this smartwatch is preferable is because it is easy to use. You wouldn’t even have to take a glimpse of the user manual and will be able to get exactly how the watch works. That’s how easy to use it is, even for those who have never owned a smartwatch before.

Works fast

You don’t have to worry about FitBeat being slow at updating you about your health. In fact, to measure your health metrics, such as your blood pressure, the device will take just 10 seconds. That’s how fast it is at keeping you updated.

Great design

The smartwatch has a very sleek and stylish design. It comes in black and since it has a minimal look, you can wear it everywhere. Since smartwatches are so popular these days and show how health and fitness conscious you are, this purchase will be truly impressive.

Positive customer reviews

Just check out the customer reviews that have been given on the watch’s official page online, and you’ll see that people are loving this device. This shows that the smartwatch won’t disappoint you in any way and your investment wouldn’t go to waste.

Can show some phone notifications

Of course, FitBeat smartwatch cannot function as a mini wrist-worn phone, but it does keep you notified with what’s important. For instance, when connected to your phone, you can easily send and receive calls and messages through it. You can also view your message history and receive some app notifications. In this way, you’re never really disconnected.

Premium quality

The quality of the FitBeat watch is also commendable. It is comfortable on your wrist as the band doesn’t dig in too deep and neither is it loose. You can even wear it while sleeping, swimming, running or taking a walk.

Reminds you when you’re idle

When you stay inactive for a long time, the watch reminds you to get active and moving. This way, it doesn’t let you get lazy for too long. Since we all know how harmful it is to be physically inactive, this is a superb feature.

Works as an alarm

Apart from being able to see the time, since this is a watch after all, you can also make alarms in the smartwatch. So, if you’re sleeping with your watch on and your phone is charging away from you, this watch’s vibrating alarm can wake you up at your set time.

More functions

To add to its usefulness, the watch also has more functions. For one, through this device you can unlock your phone and even locate your phone. Furthermore, you can also set event reminders.

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FitBeat Pricing and Where to Buy?

Typically, smartwatches are quite expensive. This is what deters people from buying them and hence, they choose to stick to their inconvenient ways which keep them inconsistent in measuring their health and fitness. The FitBeat smartwatch, on the other hand, is quite reasonable.

To make it affordable for everyone, it is currently being offered for half its original price. What’s more, there are even better discounted packages available as well! Below is a look at all the available deals of this amazing product:

The original price of a single watch is $99.96. Currently, it is available for just $49.98.

You get a 55% discount if you purchase two watches with each available for $42.74.

You get a bigger discount of 60% if you buy three watches at $39.89 per watch.

The best deal? Buy four watches for a 65% discount with each watch coming for $139.94.

It is recommended to buy a single unit and see how the device works and what its features are like. Then you can consider buying more for others.

Please note that shipping and handling charges are applicable. However, to assure you the product won’t disappoint, a money back guarantee of 30 days accompanies your purchase. This means you can use the watch for 30 days and if you like it, keep it. If you find it faulty, you can return it and get your money back within 30 days with less S&H.

Payment modes are safe you can pay with your credit or debit card. To make your purchase, head online to the official website of this watch.

FitBeat Reviews - Final Verdict

FitBeat is a smartwatch that enables you to keep track of your health and fitness metrics. However, it does so much more than analyze your sleep patterns, health metrics, and fitness scores. The device is compatible with Android and Apple phones and also enables you to conveniently receive calls, set an alarm, check out the time, and more.

Considering how smartwatches are slowly becoming an essential these days, you can get the FitBeat watch right now while it is on a massive discount. Head over to the official website using this link.