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AskNow Psychics Readings & Online Horoscope SPECIAL PROMO 15 Minutes For $10 Only

November 15, 2020 GMT

Maine, ME ( TS Newswire ) -- 15 Nov 2020

AskNow: Your Trusted Source for Psychic Advice

Psychic reading services have grown remarkably popular across the globe. Tremendous demand for spiritual guidance headed to the digitalization of numerous psychic companies. Due to this digitalization, people now have access to an extensive assemblage of psychic websites, hotlines and even mobile apps by which people can get prompt feedback from the topmost psychics from every corner of the world.


ADVERTISEMENT is a website that has been giving telephonic psychic readings and chats psychic readings since the year 2005. Each online psychic in the Asknow interface is a trained specialist in a distinct sphere of life including love, wealth, relation advice, and profession. So if you are particularly seeking for a love reading. You will find an abundance of wonderful asknow psychics to choose from. The psychics profess to specialize in telephonic psychic readings and online chat readings. If you fancy getting psychic readings over the phone, then Asknow may be the desirable fit for you. Ask Now has a highly interactive homepage working as a pivotal point for all your psychic needs.

One of the best parts about Asknow is that every psychic on their website has a bio page where you can read about their skills, understand their astrological sign, and also view ratings granted by previous customers. Once you spot someone you approve, you can call them up to connect with them immediately (if theyre free) or you can schedule an appointment to speak to them. Customers can also subscribe to the daily asknow horoscope to get a better understanding of the day. You just have to click on your birth sign and get your possibilities revealed.

Before a psychic starts working for AskNow, they are rigorously vetted and screened to guarantee that they are genuine and offer reliable psychic services. The screening method also examines the psychics accuracy, expertise, and dedication to helping others. As per the AskNow website, only a few asknow TeleTech are chosen from the hundreds who apply.

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Price Range

AskNow proffers three levels of pricing structures that are Elite, Top Rated and Master psychic respectively. All of their psychics are put into a definite level depending on their skills and level of expertise. The most experienced psychics are perceived as Master Advisors, while the less expert psychics are put in the Top-Rated level. The price range can diverge significantly from $3.99 to $13.99 per minute, depending on the level you choose. However, new customers are extended special offers to encourage them to get started. For instance, if you are new to the site, you can receive a 15-minute psychic reading session (it can be either phone call or online chat) for $10.


Who would choose Asknow?

If you are wanting to get acumens on love, wealth, well-being, profession, investment or any other subject. You can unquestionably try Asknow. AskNow is one of the preeminent psychic reading websites. With various introductory packages, new clients can curtail spending a lot of funds on receiving psychic readings. If you are fortunate, you can receive up to 30 minutes reading discount, and each of the packages is available with five gratis minutes with either an Elite psychic or a Master Psychic. Every psychic possesses a bio describing their skills and abilities. The biograph assists the clients to know more further about the psychic before communicating. You can also check the asknow psychics reviews, ratings and evaluations from former clients to help you pick the right psychic. To save time and choose the right psychic, AskNow has numerous filtering choices. Some of the filtering options include payment options, the field of specialty, and whether you want a chat or telephone sessions.

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Key Features

If you pick psychic services from AskNow, satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not content with their psychic services, AskNow helps the clients to terminate their session and call the customer service team. If the services were not reliable, you could also receive a refund for up to 5 minutes.

2. Great Discounts

With numerous introductory packages, new clients can save a lot of money getting psychic readings. If you are lucky enough, you can get up to 30 minutes of reading discount, and each of the packages is available with five complimentary minutes with either a Master psychic or an Elite psychic. The flexible rates are listed on every psychic page. You identify the dollar amount you would like to feature to your account. After completion of your reading, you are charged for the span of your reading multiplied by the Advisors per-minute rate. If an Advisor is not available at the moment, you will get in line and request a Return Call to tell you when its your address and get a reading. youll also do this by calling Customer Care.


Main features and Specifications

  • Economic Pricing
  • Readings are available in Spanish and English
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Thoroughly screened psychics


Asknow is the most accomplished company in the Industry. You can pick from the psychic service you believe will assist your circumstance in the most competent manner. As there are numerous psychics working 24/7 live for this company, the possibilities are that somebody is getting to be online and available for you no matter what assistance you would like to opt for. There are love psychics, spiritualists, fortune tellers, tarot reading psychics, archangel card reading psychics, numerology readers, and many more such facilities.

If you face any inconvenience alongside your psychic reading, or the situation itself, a customer service specialist is constantly accessible at your service at Asknow. They have telephone options and a live chat option to communicate with deputies of the company 24/7. Aloof from this, they have a comprehensive FAQ division which can help you to comprehend the solution to the problems you are encountering the most.

The company also has a great name when it comes to keeping clients data private. All of their psychics are obliged to retain the content of your conversations confidential (except for the times when theres an impending peril of infliction to self or others, or if any statutory obligations necessitate that the knowledge is revealed). The psychics do a record interaction for important reasons however they have an impeccable reputation when it comes to keeping private consultations to themselves.


Although Asknow is a preeminent name in their particular industry. The company does not provide its customers with video or mail readings. The money-back-guarantee is also credited for up to 10 minutes. There should be no limit if they are ensuring reliable assistance. The introductory offer is also exclusively accessible to new clients only. The search function holds inadequate options too. Asknow does not have many bilingual psychics, it only has a few Spanish speakers. It does not give any better dealings when higher package levels are chosen, alike other websites.

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Customer Reviews

AskNow is the countrys leading psychic network. You can effortlessly connect with the most equipped and talented psychic advisors from across the nation at any moment during day or night, through telephone or online chat. Principally every psychic reader affiliated with this company owns a minimum of 4-star rating out of 5.

Despite a few trivial impediments, while seeking the most suitable psychic services, AskNow is the best site to start with. Their psychics can render reliable guidance on your profession, wealth, and love life. Their rejoinders and solutions are trustworthy, making it easy for the customers to trust them. Lastly, the sites charges are affordable that draws new users to the site.