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Psychic Source Review 2020: Psychic Guidance For Love, Life & More

November 2, 2020 GMT

London, UK ( TS Newswire ) -- 02 Nov 2020

Psychic Source Review

The Psychic Source Network is one of the most trustworthy psychic platforms around. The sole fact that it has been around for the past 30 years is a strong indicator that it is widely trusted and respected.

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The network is packed with the best psychics in the industry, who depend on trusted and varied techniques to bring answers to your questions. Whether astrology, Tarot or other forms of mediumship, Psychic Source Network experts leave no stone unturned to help their clients.


They understand that resorting to a higher power is a matter of faith. You can feel a reassurance, a certain guidance from spiritual realms as you make your way in the material world. The best part of it all is that you can meet these guides from the comfort of your home. There are also psychics to suit every budget, with skills that cater to your needs.

With its user-friendly website, you will have direct access to a wide range of psychics whenever you log in. All you have to do is sign up for an account, add money on that account and find your preferred method of divination. If all you want to do is browse, and learn more, there is plenty of useful information, guidance and advice on the site, to get you started.

Whether horoscope readings or relationship blog posts, the Psychic Source Network offers a lot of free resources for those who just want to look around until they have made up their mind.

The site offers detailed descriptions of the types of readings available, how to connect with the experts and plenty more. Just use the navigation panel on the home page to view the various sections and information. Here are a selection of the types of skills and services on offer.

Love Psychics

In the psychic world, love is the hottest topic around. This is why the Psychic Source Network has some of the most informed and experienced experts in the business to guide you in your romantic journey.

Whether you are dealing with a break-up, or need to know whether its ok to tell that special someone about your feelings, love psychics at the Psychic Source Network have a ton of experience in these matters.

They can not only sense the energies around your problem, they can also advise as to the best course of action based on these energies.


Psychic Mediums

Mediums can sense the energies of other realms and even people who have passed on. If you need to connect with your loved ones or spiritual guides, they can surely help.

They can channel the sources of light that are there to shine on your path and lead you to your answers.


The gift of clairvoyance is to be able to see things as they have previously happened in the past, or are or are going to happen in future.

It is also often associated with scrying or crystal ball gazing. Clairvoyants use a certain level of concentration and channeling of spiritual sources to see the answers to your questions.


Clairaudience means the tendency to hear messages from spiritual guides. Experts with this capacity will receive the answers to your questions through communications that are audible only to them, or heard within.


Cartomancy is a broad term used for those with the ability to read the symbology of cards or other items such as runes.

There are many card traditions in the world, beginning with Playing Cards, the Tarot de Marseille, German Sibilla, Spanish Barajas, French Lenormand or Oracles.

Those with this precise ability not only systematically read the cards, but also infer meaning in accordance with your situation.

Tarot Readings

One of the most popular or well-known forms of divination, Tarot is very accurate with depicting the energy of a situation. Readers use a variety of decks, or the standard Rider-Waite Smith, to get answers to your question.

Tarot readings are the most organic forms of reading, as they will often provide answers based on current happenings. One can choose to alter their approach to a problem in order to obtain the desired outcome based on a Tarot reading.

Angel Card Readings

Although we do not see them, angels are our most faithful companions. They are always around and provide subtle messages throughout our day. Perhaps we do not feel the confidence or do not know how to read these messages.

Angel card readers help by channeling the better-known angels, such as Gabriel, Michael or Raphael, to provide guidance as per your needs. An angel card reading can give you clarity on these signs that are transmitted to you daily.

Numerology Readings

We all see numbers all day and often, they show up repeatedly throughout our day. Numbers are also present in our birth dates. So, how important are these or what do they mean? How are these impacting our daily life?

How can these numbers help us achieve our dreams? What are they trying to tell us about ourselves? Numbers are wonderful problem-solvers. Experts can help you discover their magic and meaning.

Best Psychic Network

How do you choose the best psychic network for you? This answer is simple, because you are reading this review. If you have searched online for users opinions of psychic platforms, you will be sure to find the Psychic Source Network among the best psychic networks. This is because they have been around for three decades and their experts match in experience and skills.

Their reviews, their number of returning clients and their consistency are proof of the quality they provide. Finding the best psychic on the internet is therefore not rocket science, nor does it require magic.

With the Psychic Source Network, you will find reliable and honest readers, who have natural empathy and care to help you through trying times. They are among the best in the industry not only because of their top advisors, but also because they can assist in finding the most suitable methods to address your concerns.

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Find a Psychic Tool

Their Find a Psychic Tool is fun and friendly. Through just a few clicks, you can swiftly go through a short questionnaire. First, you will be asked about your problem: a general reading? A relationship reading? Career, pets or lost items?

Just tick on the most fitting box to be brought to the next page. There, you will be given a choice of psychic abilities, as per the ones described above. Do you wish to talk to a clairaudient psychic or one who reads cards?

Is it an animal communicator you need or a medium, to channel messages from departed loved ones? Whatever your requirement, the tool will help you with the best match. Just breathe in and let your gut guide you on this one and move on to the next page.

You will here have the possibility to choose tools: cards, astrology, spirit guides. Take your pick as per your instinct. Finally, how would you like to speak to your advisor? Via text or phone? This too is entirely your decision.

How To Get a Reading and Other Qs

If before the arrival of modern technology people would travel near and far to visit seers, this is no longer needed. Although many claim that an in-person reading is better, its perfectly fine and accurate to get a digital reading too.

Therefore, the Psychic Source Network offers the standard 3 forms: instant chat, video or phone calling. Its up to you to decide which mode of communication youre most comfortable with.

How Much Does a Reading Cost?

Readings at the Psychic Source Network cost as low as $1 a minute for new customers. This makes it easier for those who do not want to commit a lot of resources until they find the right advisor for them. You can easily recharge your account through an online wallet, the minimum being $10 and maximum $30.

While you talk to your chosen psychic, your wallet balance will show and you will know how much you are spending on the reading. You can therefore keep control of your spending quite simply.

Can I Get a Free Reading?

You can get 3 minutes free from selected readers. This empowers you to know if a reader is right for you. Often it will take more than the initial 3 minutes for a reader to tap into your energy, so if you feel you do not want to wait, you can just opt out.

What Are The Drawbacks on The Psychic Source Network?

Perhaps they have less psychics than on other platforms and they also only cater to Northern America. That makes it limited if you want to choose them if youre outside that region.

You will also not have as many psychics and styles to choose from as on other platforms such as Keen, for example. Also, the feel of the website may be a bit outdated compared to similar offers. If that tips the balance for you, you may well find other sites more visually stimulating.

About Keen

Keen is ranked 2nd best by Discover Magazines 5 Best Psychic Reading Sites of 2020. Its reputed for its chat capacity, which fares better than the one on Psychic Source Network. Keen also has a range of advisors, with varied capacities.

There are more than 1700 psychics on the Keen platform, whose interface is a lot easier to navigate. You immediately find the Find a Psychic Tool on the homepage, as well as the top advisors on the platform.

Keen has also been reviewed by a number of fresh and modern publications, which gives it a lot of authenticity and credibility. Its website is crisp and has a simple, yet pleasant visual appeal.

Try to try out Keen psychic advice platform, click here and discover what it has to offer!