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Fortune Telling Online: A Practical Guide To Getting Psychic Advice And Guidance 

October 30, 2020 GMT

London, UK ( TS Newswire ) -- 30 Oct 2020

Gone are the days when you had to go out into the world and find somebody who was highly qualified in fortune-telling and had psychic abilities..

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Thanks to the internet, you can now find a great fortune teller or psychic in a matter of minutes if you know where to look!
However, with so many different options available, it can be hard to choose the correct one. Thats where this article can help you out. Lets start by discussing the different types of readings available online.


Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards are one of the most popular forms of fortune-telling. They are used to gain insight into the past, present, and future of your life.
Most people assume that there is only one form of Tarot reading but there are actually two - Open Readings and Question Readings.

Question Readings

The purpose of a question reading is to find the answer to an important question that you have surrounding your life.
When taking part in a question reading, it is important to have an open-end question as opposed to a yes or no answer question.
It is also advised to not make a specific decision based on your reading but rather let it guide your direction in life.

Open Readings

Open readings are considered a more general reading that can cover areas of your life such as health, wealth, and relationships.
You do have the option to control the direction of an open reading somewhat. However, it will not be as specific as a question reading.

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings are among the most popular types of readings and involve using the services of a psychic who provides you with insight regarding your past, present, and future.

Psychics use their unique abilities outside of sound, smell, touch, sight, and taste to provide you with this information.
While psychic readings are becoming increasingly popular, many people associate having a reading with a fear of the unknown.
If this resonates with you, then our advice for you would be to take the plunge and arrange a reading.

Regardless of what may come to the surface, you still have the ability to change the outcome - You should think about the process of psychic reading as preparing you for what may happen in the future. It can allow you to avoid any unpleasant experiences that may arise going forward.


Astrology Readings

Astrology readings are used to determine future aspects of your life based on cosmic objects such as stars and planets. These astral bodies are positioned in a certain way when somebody is born. Their position is said to explain specific personality traits.
Each period of a month is associated with a Zodiac Sign. For example, if you were born in a certain period of January, then you are considered a Capricorn.

While you can see your monthly, weekly, and even daily Horoscope online for free, we suggest you pay for a more personalized reading which will go more in-depth.

Angel Card Readings

Angel Cards can be considered as an alternative to Tarot Cards. The way they work is that an Angel Card reader will tune into your Guardian Angel and then shuffle the Angel Cards.
While shuffling the cards, the advisor will receive a message from your Guardian Angel telling them when to stop shuffling. Whichever cards are on the top of the pile contain the messages that you need to hear at that specific time in your life.
The reason why Angel Cards are different from Tarot Cards is because their aim is more focused on the present rather than what could take place in the future.

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Where Should You Go To Get Your Reading Online

Okay so now you have considered the different options when it comes to fortune-telling online. Now its time to decide where to go to get your reading and who can do it up to the standard that you require.
Lets take a look at the three best fortune-telling networks that you can find in 2020.

Keen Psychic

Keen Psychic have been around for 20 years and provide an amazing service for people who are looking to get Psychic readings. They have helped over 3 million people get high-quality Psychic readings since 1999.
You will get your first 3 minutes FREE when you sign up and can choose an advisor based on rating, reviews and rate per minute. You can also see how long advisors have been Psychics for, and how many readings they have done.

What Services Does Keen Psychic Offer?

From Tarot readings to Pet Psychics, you can find all the most popular services on Keen Psychic.
The difference between Keen Psychic and Psychic Sources is that Keen Psychic does not offer a video chat option for their clients. This is not too much of an issue as they still offer a chat and phone call option.

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When it comes to the best fortune-telling network, Kasamba should be your go-to website. They offer your first 3 minutes of a phone call completely FREE when you sign up!
In the 21 years they have been operating, they have helped over 3 million people get high-quality readings.
The readings you can get on Kasamba include Astrology, Dream Analysis, Tarot Readings, Psychic Readings, and many more.

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How Does Kasamba Work?

The great thing about Kasamba is that it takes away the risk that you could potentially end up spending your money on an advisor that isnt up to the standard that you expected.
Their well-designed website allows you to view and vet each advisor before spending a dime.
When selecting an advisor, you will be able to see their star rating, number of reviews, and previous reviews. You will also be able to see their personal about section that gives you a more in-depth overview of who they are, what they do, and any experience they have in their specific field.

What Services Does Kasamba Offer?
It is important to offer a variety of different services as different people will require different readings.
Advisors on Kasamba are split into eight different categories which then drop down into subcategories. The main categories include Psychic Readings, Love & Relationships, Tarot Readings, Fortune Telling, Dream Analysis, Astrology Readings and Career Forecasts.

Kasamba Payment Options

When you sign up for Kasamba, you will need to add funds to your account before you can begin paying for Advisors services. You can do this using either a credit card or a Paypal account.

You also have the option to pay directly from your credit card after your reading is complete. If you do decide to use this method, you will need to verify your credit card beforehand but you will not be charged until your session is complete.

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Psychic Source

Psychic Source is similar to Kasamba in the fact that it connects people with advisors that provide a number of different readings. With so many different readings available, you can rest assured that Psychic Source has something for everyone.

The great thing about Psychic Source is that they donate 1% of the money you spend to one of their four chosen Charities. These Charities include Futures Without Violence, Paws With A Cause, and the National Center for Housing and Child Welfare.

This means that with every purchase you make, you will be helping to either stop violence towards women and children, training guide dogs or to help children with abusive parents.
If this wasnt enough, you will also get 3 FREE minutes with your first paid reading! Can it get any better?

Get a tarot, astrology and psychic readings with Psychic Source today, by phone, chat or video call - includes 3 minutes free! ​​​​​​​

What Services Do Psychic Source Offer?

Similar to Kasamba, Psychic Source offers all the most popular readings that are available in this day and age such as Angel Cards, Astrology, Tarot Cards, and Psychic readings.

Once you have decided which reading you want to get, you can then look through all the advisors that Psychic Source has to offer and decide which one you would like to have a reading done with, based on rating and how much they charge per minute.
Remember, if this is your first reading then you will get the first 3 minutes completely FREE!

How Does Payment Work?

After you have created an account with Psychic Source, similar to Kasamba, you will then have the option to add money to your account and begin having readings with different advisors.
The great thing about Psychic Sources is that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. So in the unlikely event that you have a reading that you are not satisfied with, you can get your money back.

Different Ways To Get Readings

The great things about Psychic Sources is that you can get a reading done in three different ways depending on your wants and needs.
You have the option to get a reading done through a standard phone call, over chat, or by video. All of these options will provide you with great results. However, we recommend sticking to the video or phone call where possible, as this will provide a deeper connection with your advisor.

That being said, lets take a more in-depth look at all three options

Chat Meeting
A chat meeting is held through an online portal where you will be able to communicate with your advisor. These types of readings are great for people who are in an environment with other people and dont want anybody to overhear their conversation.
Standard Phone Call

A standard phone call is great when you are looking to get a reading. This gives your chosen advisor the chance to hear your voice and connect with you on a deeper level than through a chat portal.

Psychic Source also have a call option built into their website, which makes it super convenient to call advisors.
A video chat is the best option if you are looking to really connect with a specific advisor and get the most out of your reading. Being able to see your advisor makes the whole process more personal and user-friendly.

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Summary & Conclusion

Fortune-Telling online can be a risky service if you look in the wrong places. We suggest you stick with the 3 main networks that we have mentioned in this article - Kasamba, Psychic Source or Keen Psychic.
The best way to conduct any type of fortune-telling online is through either video or a phone call. That being said, chat is a viable option in some circumstances.

Try fortune telling online with Keen - including 3 minutes free!
Get your fortune told online today with Kasamba - includes 3 minutes free!
Get a tarot, astrology and psychic readings with Psychic Source today, by phone, chat or video call - includes 3 minutes free!