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How to start a business with No money 

September 9, 2020 GMT
How to start a business with No money 
How to start a business with No money 
How to start a business with No money 

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) -- 10 Sep 2020

Do you have an amazing business idea and you want to start a business but have no money? We are here at your rescue. No, it wont be possible for us to give you money but definitely, we will provide you with some ideas and ways that will surely help you out to start your business.

1. Your business plan

The first and foremost step is to plan. If you have no money or capital to start a business, then you need to have a concrete business plan. Identify the requirements of the customers, and then devise your business plan and strategies.


You must have a great idea for your business and that idea comes out of the research. Your product should be such that solves the issues prevailing in the market. If you have a brilliant idea and a good business plan then you might not feel the need to get a business loan.

2. Look out for investors

The next thing that you can do after creating a plan for your business is to find potential investors. These investors can invest in your business. Pitch your plan to the investors and make sure that your plan has a propitious return on investment. If you have this, you can arrange an investment easily.

This is one thing that you can do when you are looking for an investor, but in case you dont want that, then there are other ways-out.

In this article, we will discuss ways to start a business without investors and capital.

3. Identify your assets

Now instead of financial resources, you have to make use of other resources to take your business to the top. It requires a strong mindset and determination, efforts and hard work to make your plan successful. Conduct your SWOT analysis so that you know your strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities, and threats. Knowing your skills, your experience will be a big asset for you as well, what knowledge do you have about your surroundings and the business that you are going to start, what is the main goal of starting this business. Once you have an answer to all these questions, you are good to go, answers to these questions will make things easier for you to some extent.

4. Dont invest with an expectation of instant and good returns

Starting a venture is all about taking risks. So when you invest a small amount of capital or money that you have, dont invest with an expectation of a return. Invest that amount that you can afford to lose. When you start a business, you might have quit your job to do that, or not working with a corporate company and earning a fixed salary could be the opportunity cost of starting this business. So when you can risk your career, and a comfortable lifestyle for the business, you can risk a considerable amount of money, maybe very little or negligible amount, in this business.


5. A website for your company

A company website is imperative to launch your business in the digital space. You can use the templates available on the internet to create a website. There are numerous tools available on the internet to measure your goals. For example, you can use Google Analytics to measure the reach of your website. You can also create business pages on different social media platforms to connect with your customers.

6. Expand your reach

The next important step is to expand your reach. Make a list of your contacts you can reach out to and maintain a close connection with them. You can connect with different businesses and businessmen on LinkedIn. These connections will help you out in expanding your reach and entering new markets.

7. Research

Research your market, research startups, especially the ones that are in your field, this will help you to identify loopholes and your opportunities. Watch the interviews of successful startups and businessmen, you can use their experience to devise your business strategies. You can get into different social media groups to know what are trends prevailing in the market, what businesses people are talking about nowadays, etc, this will help you in molding your plans to make your business successful.

You can avail free courses for business, for example, a course to create a website, a course to launch your business digitally, or a digital marketing course, etc. You can take as many free courses you want and you are going to learn something new from each course that you can adapt to.

Your biggest opportunity is that you are a new business and you can easily adapt to the changing and dynamic environment in the market. A settled or an old business is in a habit of working in a system or policies that it has set over the years so it is difficult for them to adapt to changes quickly. But this is not the same for you. So if there is a shift in technology, or a shift in customer preferences, etc, you can benefit from that as well. You can make changes in your plan to adapt to the changes in the market.

If you focus on all these things, then definitely you will be able to start your business and survive in the market. Though there are some drawbacks to starting the business with limited or no capital, there are many opportunities for you as well. So just focus on the resources that you have, the connections, or the support that you can get from the people around you. Make use of different social media platforms to connect with your customers and reach new customers. If you want an investment, then you can pitch your plan to investors. If you have a job, then you can save as much as you can from your salary to arrange some investment for your business. Apart from investment, and other resources that your business has is you. So dont hesitate to test your business idea in the market and dont be afraid of failure, thats a part of the business. Make use of all your resources to the best of their ability.