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Synapse XT Review – Does SynapseXT Supplement Treats Tinnitus?

September 25, 2020 GMT

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) -- 25 Sep 2020

As of March 2020, the World Health Organization discovered that over 5% of the worlds population suffers from debilitating hearing loss. That translates to 432 million adults and 34 million kids. These numbers say a lot about hearing loss. If you or your loved one struggle with tinnitus or any form of hearing impairment, know that you are not alone. The large numbers of people suffering have Synapse XT taking up the challenge to provide a solution to this problem.


What is Synapse XT?

Synapse XT is a supplement developed by someone who was undergoing hearing loss and tinnitus. He researched the condition after realizing he was close to giving up on life. His discovery journey led him to a particular Dr. Barnes, who had found a cure to his own hearing loss struggle years ago. This old doctor helped him unravel a treatment that has enabled him and thousands of other people who struggled with hearing loss and debilitating sounds to find lasting relief.

What Does Synapse XT Contain?

The supplement contains a blend of natural ingredients blended explicitly to soothe, cure, recreate, feed, and protect your brains communication network. This formula uses specific ingredients correctly measured to work together to cure you.

Hibiscus: The main ingredient used is a specific hibiscus species out of the 230 known species. It is native to the Kunlun Mountains in Tibet. It gets used primarily to eliminate the weak communication links in your brain and, by so doing, take away all the noise plaguing you.

Next, you have Hawthorn Berry, garlic, and several Vitamin B varieties used to repair years of deterioration. You also get green tea that multiplies critical neural connections, juniper berries that cleanse your brain of accumulated toxins, and Vitamin C that acts as a shield against brain disorders like Parkinsons disease, Alzheimers, and brain tumors.

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How Does Synapse XT Work?

Tinnitus spreads across all communication networks in your brain, affecting how you hear external sounds. It jams the signal transmission, causing severe anomalies where you hear a constant ringing, buzzing, screeching, and whistling. You also get other reactions to this condition, including hypersensitivity to sound, regular headaches, and eye pain. This condition affects the synapses of your brain, causing them to transmit brain signals weakly.


Your brain will tell you everything is not right through conditions like tinnitus and hearing loss. If you do not do anything, these conditions soon lead to memory loss, brain disorders, anxiety, chronic fatigue, dementia, and severe headaches.

The curing protocol created by Dr. Barnes gets to work in your brain network and cures you of the communication anomalies in just seven days. It improves your brains communication capabilities by restoring synapses health and even boosts brain function. It eliminates tinnitus and hearing loss and increases your IQ by a few points.

The product has four curing stages. The first stage has your hearing starting to clear, so you begin hearing people moderately. The persistent internal noises quiet down as the formula starts to repair your communication channels damage. You get your mind back in the second stage as the noises dissipate, and your hearing clears up. The third stage has a lot of improvement as your memory improves tremendously, the fatigue fades to nothing, and you gain better focus and clarity. You also get your sleep back. In the final stage, your brain cells regenerate and get you performing at optimal function.

Using Synapse XT Formula

Synapse XT offers a unique formulation in pill form that you should take every day for at least six weeks to enjoy its benefits. It brings to you restoration, rejuvenation, and a wholesome cure you cannot find anywhere else. You can use this product as a supplement and not replace any prescribed medication. Anyone above the age of 18 can use it.

The manufacturer encourages you to take the product for at least 75 days to entirely reverse the damage inflicted on your brain. You get to experience improvements from the first three weeks, and you might get tempted to stop taking it. Persist on for two and a half months for the most significant benefits.


The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules of the supplement every day for at least two and a half months. You can take the product regularly to improve your mental acuity while reducing the likelihood of brain deterioration.

Safety Standards of Synapse XT

To give the very best to hearing loss sufferers, the researchers who created this product went to great lengths to source out only the very best ingredients that would make the formula effective. They liaise with ingredient producers who only grow their crops organically to ensure they give pure nutrients. They go on to use a lab dedicated and certified for the production of human products. These standards ensure you get a safe and effective product to eliminate your hearing loss and related problems.

Synapse XT Benefits

● You benefit from the silencing of all the noises that have plagued you for so long.

● Your mind heals and gets restored to proper function so you can think clearly and with greater focus.

● Your memory improves as healing takes place. You can recall details from your past life and the information that matters to you without a struggle.

● You get protection from any brain and mental disorders as the nutrients you take to create a hedge of protection and strengthen your body against these attacks.

● You work faster as your IQ, and mental acuity improves by leaps and bounds.

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Cost & Shipping

You have three pricing packages to choose from. The more you buy, the more you can save. When you buy one bottle of Synapse XT, you get it at $69. This bottle can take you for 30 days as it contains 60 pills. You also have access to three bottles that can take you through three months of use. Buying this package allows you to save $10 a bottle and access each bottle at just $59 per bottle. Next, you have the six-month package that gives you six bottles at only $49 a bottle, allowing you to save $20 per bottle.

It takes less than seven days for shipping to deliver your package to your doorstep. You pay the shipping fee for the one bottle pack, while the other two have free shipping within the US. The shipping charges get applied at checkout.


The company has a 60-day refund policy in place, which allows you to return the product and get a full refund minus shipping charges. You pay shipping charges for returning the empty or partially used items. The company refunds you 48 hours after receiving your returns.


How long will I need to take this supplement to get benefits from it?

You start to experience the benefits of this supplement within the first three weeks of taking it. This stage is the initial healing process, and you get encouraged to take the product for up to 90 days to experience the full benefits of healing. You can also take it for up to six months if you want to experience all its benefits.

How fast does shipping take?

It takes less than a week for you to get the product.

Is there a money-back guarantee to rely on?

The product has a 60-day money-back guarantee covering your purchase if you do not feel satisfied with it.

Customer Testimonials

Tinnitus had taken a huge toll on me. Friends and family kept a fair distance from me and I lived in complete isolation. I tried getting a solution from my doctor to no avail. After a bucketload of prescribed medication, I stopped expecting any good thing from that treatment line. I started researching alternate medicine and finally discovered Synapse XT. It remains my one true miracle. Linda Ricker.

It took losing my 13-year marriage for me to understand things had gone way out of hand. I thought I could go through the hearing loss troubles and emerge victoriously. Boy, was I wrong. Looking back, I wish I had sought this treatment course earlier than I did. Maybe then my marriage would have gotten saved. But Im also glad I found my salvation in Synapse XT. I can now live a beautiful and fulfilled life. Morris Crepe.

I love nature. So one thing that I missed when my hearing started acting up was the sounds of birds chirping, water flowing down a brook, wind whistling through the pine needles, and the eagles call. I didnt know how I was going to live without the goodness of nature. It suddenly hit me that there could be a solution out of this, and I started digging.

My research led me to Synapse XT, and something got me lingering. I watched the video several times and finally realized all that was said was factual. I had to try it. And when I did, my life took a turn for the best. I can now enjoy nature and revel in every beautiful sound out there. Sylvia Handel.

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Deafness does not respect age or social status. It attacks you in whatever situation you are in. Whatever hearing problem, you struggle with can affect the quality of your life negatively. It takes a toll on you, making you shy away from interacting with the outside world. You become less than the person you could be. But life doesnt have to go down the drain. Take up Synapse XT today and restore your life to health and productivity.