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Commission Hero Review – Is Robby Blanchard Course Legit or A BIG SCAM?

September 10, 2020 GMT

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) -- 10 Sep 2020

Making money online is a way to get the freedom of life. Commission Hero comes in as a better option that provides people with the opportunity to stay an independent life. Youll have the opportunity to generate thousands of dollars commission by the help of a simple guide by Robby, a successful affiliate marketer and creator of the Commission Hero Affiliate Program .

So You can Join Commission Hero Today and Start Making Money right away.

Robby launched the Commission Hero course to equip people with the secrets of affiliate marketing. The course has received a lot of praise all over; a lot of students posts on Facebook showcasing their experience with Commission Hero have blown peoples minds. But then, is Commission Hero really a legit course or its just a big scam? Click Here To Watch The Free Commission Hero Training Webinar.


In this Commission Hero review , youll be enlightened all the secrets Robby used to make $9,200 per month. It sounds sweet, right? You will also get an idea of all viable strategies you should use to drive in traffic using Facebook ads. Keep reading to get what Commission Hero Affiliate Program entails.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Robby is a retired fitness coach who grew up in a small town in Massachusetts in the USA. He is also the creator of the markets Bigwig, Commission Hero . Robby Blanchard started selling digital products in 2015 before he made mind to venture into affiliate marketing.

He has since received different awards and gained a reputation in the affiliate marketing industry. For instance, Robby was named as the top ClickBank affiliate of the year in 2019. He is a respectable person based on his immense contributions and success in affiliate marketing.

More often, Robby has confessed making up to $50,000 within a day, something that has thrilled peoples minds. With such a success record, the Commission Hero Affiliate Program might be your key to success in affiliate marketing. Most people have known him for his unique educative tutorials that have opened doors to many who followed his footsteps.

Robby uses a different teaching approach to deliver a point. He tends to focus more on mistakes he previously committed and provide a lucrative solution that will lead learners on the right track.

A slight mistake in affiliate marketing can cost you a lot; therefore, getting directions from an expert is the best way to go. Robby explains errors affiliates make and ways to avoid them. All this information will help affiliate marketers avoid all the loopholes they might get on the track.


What is Commission Hero?

This is an online course created by Robby Blanchard to equip learners with skills to make money as affiliates. Robby Blanchard course provides people with the opportunity to learn directly from an expert affiliate who has made millions with ClickBank, promoting his products as well as other peoples products. Learners are taught how to promote ClickBank products by running Facebook ads to make $1000 a day.

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There are two major learning aspects in the Robby Blanchard course . The first aspect is the training videos that guide learners to fully understand the business model and how they should get started with it. Learners are guided through major steps including;

  • Setting up Facebook Accounts
  • Finding ad images that generate leads
  • Building landing pages
  • Writing ad copies
  • Running Facebook ads
  • Finding the right offers

The second aspect of the program is the complete excellent support the creator of the course provides his clients. Robby started a Commission Hero Facebook group where you can connect to other people learning the course. You can ask burning questions to gain a better understanding of what the course entails.

The veteran affiliate Robby himself is in the group offering guidance and advice to members who needs assistance. Other like-minded people will answer a few questions on behalf of Robby where possible. Most questions are answered within an hour; you can try to figure out the time Robby has dedicated himself inside the support group answering learners questions.

What is inside the Commission Hero Course?

Commission Hero is easy to follow guide to maintain affiliates on track. The course has different sturdy sections to help learners understand all the secrets of affiliate marketing. Below are essential things youll get inside this program;

  • Landing pages
  • The Facebook training system
  • Ad account training
  • Ad images that provide better conversions
  • A private coaching group
  • Rolodex of contacts and
  • Live training sessions by Robby

Does the Commission Hero system work?

Everything sounds sweet about Commission Hero , right? But then, does it really work? How do you earn using this system? Keep reading to get it clear from our Commission Hero review.

Even though this is easy to follow the course, few moving parts will keep you on track. You need to follow everything as written in the course to achieve success in affiliate marketing. Skipping a step will affect your results; therefore plan well before you enroll this course.

Strategies that are followed;

  • First, find the right affiliate offer to promote. The members area has outlined a few examples of available high converting offers learners can use.
  • Secondly, build your landing page. Commission Hero has provided templates their members will use to build excellent landing pages to work with.
  • Driving traffic using Facebook ads. Youll be guided closely by what you should do to achieve this.
  • Lastly is killing the losing ads, scale winning ads.
  • Conduct the process repeatedly.

Doing this successfully is not a cakewalk. Youll need to create multiple ads and always be ready to spend on Facebook Ads to get the best results.

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How you can make money with Commission Hero

Commission Hero doesnt guarantee you overnight riches; you dont make money directly from this system. Instead, Commission Hero lays a system affiliate can use to earn. The course trains explicitly the following;

  • How to find other peoples products to promote
  • How to promote other peoples products on Facebook
  • How to convert leads into sales
  • Collecting commissions from attained sales

Affiliate marketing is usually done with either paid or free traffic. For Commission Hero , you will learn to do it with paid traffic through Facebook ads. Even though its quite expensive, results are seen as fast as possible. Following Commission Hero s training guide, picking the best offers, and creating compelling landing pages will help you generate big profits.

Who is Commission Hero for?

The system is not meant for every person around; its meant to a few individuals who remain dedicated to achieving results with it. Below are people should consider Commission Hero system ;

  • Commission Hero is for people who need to learn the secrets of being successful in affiliate marketing by the use of Facebook ads to drive in traffic.
  • Robby Blanchard’s course is also for few who are ready to promote ClickBank products to earn extra bucks successfully.

  • Commission Hero is for people who are ready to learn Robbys secrets and experience as a successful affiliate, including his knowledge in things like copywriting, buyer psychology, among others.

Can Commission Hero work for me?

Yes, Commission Hero is a legit program for affiliates. All you need is going through the entire program, grasp Robbys secrets, and put them into practice.

Should I buy the Commission Hero course?

Most students have reviewed Commission Hero positive and have reported getting results out of it. Its a worthy buying program that assures you better results.

Commission Hero Pricing and Payments

There is a set amount an individual pays to attain Commission Hero membership . An individual can choose to pay once or in 2 installments. Commission Hero price is set at $997. Those who will make two payments are required to pay $597 for a single installment. The separate payments are billed 30 days apart from one payment to the other.

Through calculations, you will spend an extra $197 if you chose the two-way payment options. So, you can consider the one-time payment plan if you need to sign up to avoid these extra charges.

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Commission Hero Pros and Cons


  • Robby is a credible instructor to get you through Commission Hero system presence of a community Commission Hero Facebook group and live training support
  • Commission Hero is a done for you system, you learn from something that has worked
  • Viable methods are taught assuring you high earning potentials
  • There exists no gimmicky sale tactics or upsells


  • Commission Hero is a one traffic method that needs high upfront investment
  • There are hidden costs that are required to get through the Commission Hero system
  • The refund rates are not clear
  • Its not clear how much is spent on ads

Comparison between Commission Hero and other affiliate systems

Commission Hero vs. Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate is among the most praised affiliate marketing system that has hit the ground with a boom. John Crestani is the creator of the Super Affiliate system, and learners spend six weeks to complete the course. Super Affiliate systems cost $997, just like Robbys system.

Compared to Commission Hero , Johns affiliate program has in-depth information that helps learners advance the higher in affiliate marketing. However, time is spent on grasping all the tricks in the course, unlike what is spent on the Robby Blanchard course . This is the reason many people run for Robbys Commission Hero Affiliate Program since everything is straight to the point.

Commission Hero vs. Savage Affiliates

Here comes another renowned Commission Hero alternative , the Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett. Unlike Robbys Commission Hero affiliate program that utilizes only Facebook Ads to drive in traffic, Savage Affiliates teaches learners how this can be done using different methods.

Comparing to the purchase cost of these two programs, Savage Affiliate is an affordable option in the market. It costs $197, unlike Robbys Commission Hero Affiliate program that goes at $997.

In terms of the refund policies of these systems, Commission Hero refund policy is quite strange; refunds are only requested after 12 months for a week. On the other hand, the Savage Affiliate, students are entitled to a 30 days action refund guarantee.

Is Commission Hero legit or a scam?

Overall, commission Hero is a legit program worth the money. Even though there exist a few questionable elements of the training, there are many students who have reported success with Commission Hero . Besides this, learners get access to the training once they sign up; this also leads us to consider Commission Hero Affiliate Program legit.

Commission Hero Real User Reviews

I like Robbys program, everything he offers students comes from his own experience Damascus M.

Commission Hero is a program worth the money, Am enjoying the fruits of the best course in the world Ralph O.

I honestly recommend Robbys Commission Hero affiliate program , it changed my life and am now a six-figure person. Cheers, Robby! Dorian M.

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The Faqs About Commission Hero

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a legit program. Even though they are legit in the market, they absolutely cant claim they teach people making money fast. A considerable part of the program is communication with other affiliates who have made it through the program.

Is ClickBank any good?

ClickBank is legit and worth trying. ClickBank is an associate program to Amazon; they offer products to its affiliate to recommend to readers. You earn commission after successfully crossing a sale.

How do you make money from ClickBank?

You start the process as an affiliate where you will promote pages already optimized to build tour sales funnels. Its vital to grasp secrets, much like keyword research for SEO, and selecting the right products to promote to earn big after a sale.

What is ClickBank used for?

ClickBank is both an e-commerce site for content creators and also a marketplace for affiliate marketers. The ClickBank team manages all sales and checkout processes for any products added to their database. They also make it visible products added to their network to affiliate marketers.

Commission Hero Reviews- My Verdict

Commission Hero is a quality affiliate marketing course worth your hard-earned money. The program specializes in using Facebook ads to drive in traffic to your affiliate offers. Even though the price to gain access into the training is a bit high, its reasonable for the results youll get after completion.

Whether youre new to affiliate marketing or you already have marketing experience, join Commission Hero to take your income to the next level. Youll be equipped with all the secrets to getting through affiliate marketing directly from ClickBanks top affiliate Robby Blanchard.

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