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Vision 20 Review - Does This Zenith Labs Supplement Effective For Eyesight?

September 12, 2020 GMT

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) -- 12 Sep 2020

Do you suffer from vision problems like myopia and hypermetropia? You are not alone. Long and short-sightedness are becoming very common in today’s world.

Vision changes usually happen with age. Your eye muscles become less flexible and can’t adjust so that the light rays entering your eyes via the lens cannot focus perfectly. Thus, you see blurred images.

This is why you need glasses. They help your lens focus light perfectly on the retina so that you can read the fine print on a package or see far off signs once more.


But, with changing lifestyle and the constant staring into screens for play, work, and everything else, your eyes get fatigued quickly. Blue light from devices like mobile phones, laptops, and TV screens is another source of damage to your eyes.

No wonder vision loss is one of the most common problems that people are facing today.

There are many other reasons for poor vision and these can range from your genes to an unhealthy diet. All in all, your eyes and vision are at risk all the time.

So what do you do if you find yourself struggling to read road signs or the small text on the wrappers? Or even if you feel that your TV screen looks very dim? MUST-SEE: Shocking New Vision 20 Report This May Change Your Mind

This usually makes you rush to an optometrist for spectacles. But this will not protect your eye health or vision over longer periods.

This is because the eye contains living cells that require proper nutrition. Without nutrition and blood supply eye cells can not function and wither away.

You don’t want this to happen to your eyes, do you?

Read on to know what is possible if you want to keep your eyes healthy and vision 20/20.

We are not talking about some new types of glasses, but an eye supporting natural supplement that contains the orange vitamin and more to arrest and rectify vision loss.

Zenith Lab’s Vision 20 is a dietary supplement for your eyes that contains the right nutrients needed for your eye and vision protection in just the right amounts.

Just take the pills in the bottle regularly and this is all that you require to do to see an improvement in your vision and eye health. The product is also entirely natural and it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.


About Vision 20

More than 9,000 men and women have saved their declining eyesight using Vision 20.

This is a vision-supporting supplement that contains the orange vitamin that reverses most of the critical vision problems like night vision, near and farsightedness.

The manufacturers, Zenith labs, have come up with Vision 20, a remedy that truly protects your eyes. It’s important to understand that your glasses don’t protect your eye lens or even the retina . All they do is to bend the light entering your eyes.

Laser surgeries are risky as well as expensive. They can damage eye vessels in your retina and they are also temporary solutions.

Vision 20, on the other hand, proves that age-related vision decline is reversible.

How Does Vision 20 Work?

The rates of myopia or nearsightedness are skyrocketing over the past 300 years. What’s causing this epidemic? Invisible blue radiation. A wave of blue radiation is falling on the globe and this is damaging your retina. The molecular needles are damaging your eye lens.

Vision 20 is perhaps that only product that can be helpful. This formula contains the color essence that’s found in a yellow flower called Marigold. It is commonly found in your gardens. The molecules that give this yellow flower it’s vibrant orange color are the molecules that can protect you against the devastation of the blue radiation.

These molecules that are carefully used in Vision 20 not only improve your eyesight, they also protect your eye health and prevent macular damage in the future.

23 medical studies done on thousands of men and women have proven without a doubt that the molecular essence of this orange autumnal flower can save your eyes.

Before we talk in detail about how this vision decline solution works, let’s take a look at how your eye enables you to see.

  • Light enters your eye through the lens on the cornea.
  • An inverted image is projected onto your retina which is at the back of your eye.
  • The light sensation travels along your optic nerve to your brain and you officially see the image.
  • The lens through which light enters your eye is controlled by muscles these flex to adjust so that your eye can focus the image properly. The muscles stay loose to focus on far objects , and they tighten to focus on the close ones. As you age, your eye muscles lose their ability to flex.

Why does this happen? This is because the eye lens is attacked by a damaging kind of oxygen called Reactive Oxygenated Species or ROS toxins. These toxins are found everywhere- in water, plastics, processed food and just about in everything.

Blue UV light or invisible blue light is the worst thing to happen to you. When it hits your eyes, it triggers a swarm of ROS toxins to be released. These toxins cause irreversible damage to your eyes. These attack your vision by making lens cells inflexible and stiff. Your lens can get stiffer and stiffer till you go blind completely. Your night vision begins to decline as the ROS toxins cloud your lens, making all light passing through it dimmer. You thus may need to keep the lights on at home in the night too.

And that’s not all. ROS toxins can impair your immune system too. Studies show that most people who have more than a normal decline in vision with age are the most likely to find themselves in old age homes.

Your eyes have natural protection against ROS toxins called the Vision Detoxifier compounds. These are your natural protective molecules. But, the more the number of ROS toxins attacking your eyes, the less is the eye able to produce these protective molecules. This is a vicious cycle like no other.

Without Vision Detoxifier compounds, more ROS can invade and damage your eyes.

What’s worse is that blue UV radiation is everywhere. It comes out of your LED lights, computer screens, mobile and what’s more, it is released by the Sun.

You can’t escape blue radiation, but you can shield your eyes against it. To rescue your vision , you need a protective shield that Vision 20 gives. The Marigold flower essences in Vision 20 directly attack this problem by dissolving the ROS toxins. They also support your lens’s ability to protect and heal itself by rebooting the production of the Vision Detoxifier compounds.

Other than fighting harmful ROS toxins, the dietary supplement can also improve blood circulation for a better supply of nutrients to your eyes.

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Vision 20: Ingredients

Vision 20 is a huge breakthrough that uses the color essences of flowers like Marigold to fight eye damage due to toxins. This flower contains what’s called the “color essence” and these are molecules that give the flower its yellow-orangish color.

This is what this supplement supporting vision uses primarily. You can find-

Carotenoids- These are nutrients that have vitamin A. This vitamin, as you know, supports eye health. What’s extra here is that the carotenoids in Vision 2P are the ones you need to protect the lens of your eye specifically. These are recently discovered and are Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

These rare carotenoids work as Vision Detoxifier compounds. They dissolve ROS toxins before they damage your lens. They also help maintain the flexibility and clarity of your lens, protecting near-distance, far-distance, and night-vision.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin in Vision 20 are taken from the color essence of the Marigold flowers, where these are found in plenty. Other supplements take these from Daffodils which don’t have enough of these vital nutrients.

Zinc- What has been seen in various studies is that these vision detoxifying compounds are absorbed much better by your body when Zinc is around. Thus, Vision 20 has zinc to carry out the work of bursting the ROS toxins.

What is critical to understand is that if you don’t have the exact ratio of zinc to Lutein and Zeaxanthin, your system won’t absorb these nutrients properly. This ratio has been worked out by vision specialists working to produce this wonderful eye supplement.

Beta Carotene - This nutrient protects your eyes from extremely bright light and slows the death of vision cells in your eyes.

Lycopene - This amino acid protects your eye cells.

Rose Hips - These berries contain a high dosage of Lycopene as well as high levels of antioxidants.

Vitamin A as Retinyl Palmitate This vitamin reduces night blindness.

Taurine - This amino acid protects against light damage.

Grape Seed extract - This protects from vascular damage.

Bilberry extract - This prevents your eyes from night vision loss.

How To Use Vision 20?

Take one capsule as per the suggestions on the bottle.

Is Vision 20 Safe?

Zenith Labs sticks to international safety standards while manufacturing Vision 20. What you see on the label is exactly what you get in the bottle . All ingredients in the product are tested for purity so that there are no toxins and contaminants in it.

Vision 20 supports the health of your eye, but it does not treat any preexisting eye disease and is not formulated to replace any medicines for your eye problems that you might be taking. Use it only for healthy vision, but follow your doctor’s advice on any eye health issues.

Benefits Of Vision 20

  • Vision 20 is a dietary supplement that works for anyone who wants to improve the health of their eyes and protect their lens against ROS toxins.
  • It is a natural formula. It doesn’t contain any chemicals.
  • The nutrients in the product are safe and in the right quantities for effectiveness.
  • The product is easy to use.
  • There are no reported negative side effects with the supplement.
  • It is a high-quality dietary supplement made by Zenith Labs, a trusted lab.
  • It supports the flexibility and clarity of your eye lens.
  • It helps protect your near-distance, long-distance, and night vision.
  • It gives you freedom from the aging bifocals for longer.
  • It helps protect your vision from deteriorating with age.
  • It helps you hold on to your independent lifestyle even as you age.
  • It can help you watch TV better.
  • It supports healthy vision in older ages

Purchase And Price Of Vision 20

There are 3 packs-

  • 1 bottle of this supplement is at $69.95
  • 3 bottles for $59.95 each
  • 6 bottles for $49.95 each

Returns And Refunds

The supplement is backed by a money-back guarantee of 60 days.


Will Vision 20 Work For Me?

Yes, it will. ROS toxins affect everyone’s eyes. As this product protects your eyes from ROS damage, it will work for you.

Will Vision 20 Stop Me Wearing Glasses?

Vision 20 will support healthy vision and stop further deterioration in your vision, but you must rely on your doctor’s advice before removing your glasses.

Vision 20: Customer Testimonial

Pamela I have been using this formula for the last two months and my vision has improved substantially. I can now watch TV without any issues. I can walk in the night without falling and am feeling more confident about life in general.

The Verdict On Vision 20

Zenith Labs’ Vision 20 is a very effective dietary supplement for improving eyesight and promoting eye health.

It protects your eyes from the damaging effects of blue light. Try it for yourself to see the difference.