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The New Happiness Code Review: Does The Polarity Switch Work?

November 15, 2020 GMT

Massachusetts, MA ( TS Newswire ) -- 15 Nov 2020

The New Happiness Code - a new manifestation program for those interested in magnetizing abundance has just been released to the public. The programs release has generated a frenzied buzz of excitement throughout the personal development community, and prompting an in-depth review from Honesty First Reviews Tiffany Hendricks.

While there seem to be an endless supply of different manifestation programs and products on the market these days, the one thing we hear repeated over and over again is that the majority of people interested in manifestation are unable to achieve truly significant results, no matter how hard they try, says Hendricks. Obviously, this can be quite frustrating. So,when were were informed about the release of David Xs new Happiness Code program we were very eager to take a look, and see in order to determine whether or not it was actually as new and different as it is made out to be, and whether is was something worth recommending to our readers.”


A special promotional offer for The New Happiness Code is available here on the Official Website.

Hendricks review reveals that The New Happiness Code provides customers with a first of its kind system for erasing limiting beliefs embedded in the subconscious mind, and then programming in new abundant beliefs in their place. This remarkable sounding feat in accomplished by utilizing a so-called Polarity Switch that is apparently based of some fascinating brain science discoveries out of Harvard University. The programs creator David X asserts that this neurological protocol is able to actually change the magnetic resonance of your brain, allowing one to transform their relationship with happiness, and in turn magnetizing wealth and abundance.

One key aspect that stands out about The New Happiness Code, differentiating it from other manifestation courses weve reviewed, is the fact that it approaches limiting beliefs as an actual physical phenomenon that are essentially wired into the human brain, says Hendricks. Unlike the many woo-woo personal development courses out there - this program is based on real brain science, and includes a direct and actionable plan for magnetizing oneself for abundance using sound wave science. Due to the fact that this system is based on how the brain actually works, and the success stories Ive already seen, we anticipate that many people are finally going to experience the power of manifestation with this program.”


The New Happiness Code is a completely digital program which means that nothing is shipped. The product is delivered via a secure membership site - allowing customers instant access to all of the audios and training materials.

This 3 week program uses the power of magnetic resonance technology to speak to ones subconscious mind. The audio tracks apparently contain embedded meditations that intend to speak to ones subconscious mind - doing away with their old limiting beliefs and reprogramming them for abundance.

During the first week or the course customers listen to a track called Alignment which was designed to flip the switch on scarcity resonance. This track intends to release listeners from the pressure they may feel around trying to create abundance, and dissolve their subconscious self-limiting stories and beliefs, allowing them to become aligned with the abundance they both desire and deserve. The next weeks tracks move on to Expansion where listeners begin to expand into abundance, and Limitless which is intended to program in beliefs on limitlessness. Once the mind is magnetized for abundance the idea is to use the Limitless track for ongoing maintenance, so that one can continue to expand the horizons of limitless possibility.

A special offer currently available on Davids website offers 3 additional training programs that come bundled together with The New Happiness Code as free bonuses. These bonus trainings Include The New Sleep Code which is intended to prime your mind for deep regenerative sleep, The New Peace Code for helping to eliminate anxiety, and The New Confidence Code for discovering and developing inner confidence.

The program is backed by a full 60-day money back guarantee to ensure customers are fully satisfied with the quality of the material. The customer service team is available to answer questions and provide any additional assistance that may be required.

Pricing and Where to Buy The New Happiness Code?

The New Happiness Code is NOT sold in any stores or on Amazon, and is only available directly from the company website.

Its recommended that you buy directly from the company through the links on this page to ensure that you get the real thing.

Ordering through the links provided will also give you access to a special discounted price - of over 90% off the original retail price.This special offer with a no questions asked full money back guarantee.

The New Happiness Code system is exclusively available online via the Davids official website. Click here to access now for the special discounted price.

Weve reviewed a lot of manifestation programs over the years, says Hendricks. But The New Happiness Code is truly in a class by itself. Anyone interested in studying how the mind works will find the science behind this system fascinating - and the end product is like nothing Ive ever seen. If youve been wanting to manifest abundance in your life, you should definitely try using The New Happiness Code right away. I think you might be surprised how fast it can work and how powerful this brain wave technology actually is.

Those wishing to purchase New Happiness Code, or for more information, click here.

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