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Free Love Tarot Reading: Get Some Psychic Guidance For Your Love Life

October 30, 2020 GMT

London, UK ( TS Newswire ) -- 30 Oct 2020

The power of love and interhuman relationships is widely accepted by most of us.

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Even so, we fail to recognize its highly spiritual sense. While we agree with William Shakespeares famous quote “love is blind”, we still put our faith in reason.

Instinctively, we are all searching for love and avoiding pain. Yet, relationships often offer both. Things may oscillate due to countless reasons, which are never the same. Thus, one solution cant fit us all.


Most relationship advice we get has a psychological approach thats not always effective. This happens because psychology rarely considers the individuality of the human spirit. Tarot, on the other side, is a powerful tool that allows you to discover unique forces. It can give you another perspective, one based on much more than the science behind the human mind.

Even a simple free love tarot reading can offer you very useful information. You can reach a higher understanding when it comes to factors that influence your past, present, and future relationships. Read on to find out how psychic guidance can work in your favor.

How Can Tarot Cards Tell You About Love?

Love is a wonderful feeling thats very hard to express. It spreads on so many levels, a fact that makes it almost impossible to understand sometimes. Happily, a tarot reading can actually offer you clear indications. It can help you find complex explanations for past and current situations. Also, you can use the received guidance to free yourself from profound causes that have an influence on your love life.

A tarot card spread, regardless of type, may contain both positive and negative cards. Even so, if yours contains negative cards, it doesnt always mean something bad is going to happen. They might only warn you about certain aspects that you should improve.

For example, to try and be more open and understanding with the people in your life. Or, to signal that you have somehow got lost in your way to happiness.

A classic tarot card deck contains 78 cards, out of which we will focus on the four most important ones for love.

The 4 Most Important Tarot Cards for Love

The 4 most important cards for love are part of the Major Arcana. The latter consists of 22 cards that form the foundation of the tarot deck. They symbolize karmic energies and influences that affect the human condition in the long run.


The Lovers is probably the most famous card when it comes to love and relationships. When this card appears in a love reading, it usually means that love becomes a priority. A new relationship could be around the corner, or a strong connection from the past could return.

This card can also represent a possible obstacle to love. You might feel indecisive about a relationship or another issue in your life.

The Empress is a symbol of unconditional love, fertility, and union in love. In short, it represents all the aspects that can be positive when it comes to love and relationships. Its presence also symbolizes the maternal element, sensuality, and free-thinking. Moreover, the Empress can also refer to birth, fertility, and pregnancy.

The Sun is also one of the most important love tarot cards. Traditionally, this card represents success, achievement, and mental balance. In this sense, the unconscious and the conscious are in harmony and acceptance.

Numerous psychic sources that offer free love tarot card explanations agree on the Suns other meanings. More specifically, this card is a reminder of how important it is to be yourself. It emphasizes the way naturalness can be of great help to your overall happiness and joy. Except for pronounced self-expression, other meanings are marriage, children, and prosperity.

The fourth love card is called the World and its all about happy endings. It represents the moment when your love is complete and you only enjoy the feeling of fulfillment. Its also a symbol of growth, success, enlightenment, travel, and new beginnings.

Guidance on a Spiritual Level

No matter what love means for each person, everybody wishes to feel it at a certain point in life. Ultimately, its love that makes it possible for us to experience feelings on a higher spiritual level. We are all looking for a companion in life and that is why we constantly need guidance. However, we arent all lucky enough to find a special someone. Or, if we do meet someone, we are somehow not as happy as we thought we will be.

All this uncertainty might hold you back from living your best life. So, why not try a free love tarot reading or a professional reading for only $1 per minute? It could explain in detail what problems await you in your love life. Moreover, it could reveal certain aspects you should pay attention to. You may even get tips on how to maintain mutual trust and understanding in your relationship. Overall, the opportunity to get a glimpse at your near future can help you avoid a large number of problems. How can we put a price on that?

Since ancient times, tarot readings are considered the most effective spiritual guide. This is because they access the power of the subconscious. There is no scientific proof for the energy held by these cards. Even so, their power is undeniable. They are a mystical tool that can predict the future, and provide answers to difficult questions.

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Your Future Lies Within the Cards

Tarot can be used to identify trends in your future. It cannot give you definitive answers. Even so, it can tell you what is likely to happen if you follow the current course of action. For example, it may show that if you dont talk to your partner anymore, you will continue to be unhappy.

There are some tarot readers that have clairvoyant abilities. They could tell you, for example, that they see three children in your future. This doesnt mean that you will have three children regardless of your choices. The future is still in your hands.

Therefore, you must seriously decide if you want to know every detail seen by the psychic who does your reading. Of course, in order to get such a detailed reading, youll need to opt for more than a free love tarot reading.

Dont Ask Yes or No Questions

To further understand how tarot cards work and how they can help shed light on your love life, you shouldnt ask closed-ended questions.

According to most psychic sources on free love tarot information, you should ask open-ended questions. This is because tarot cards can help you clarify the subject, not tell you what to do. They allow you to make a decision based on understanding the context.

If all you want is a yes or no answer, then why not flip a coin? Will you act on that outcome without being able to see the reasoning behind it?

Examples of questions to ask a psychic:

  • What are some things I should know about my partner?
  • What does my love life look like?
  • Will my boyfriend love me forever?
  • How can I find my soulmate/twin flame?
  • What am I supposed to learn from my relationship?
  • What can I do to have the love life I want?
  • Should I avoid anything to find true love?
  • How can I get a better relationship?

Seek the Right Guidance

A free love tarot reading can prove to be a very efficient beginning when you decide to seek spiritual guidance. In fact, renowned and highly experienced psychics offer notable amounts of free minutes to help you out with your questions. They do so for a reason.

While a simple and automatic tarot card spreading will reveal certain cards, you might find it difficult to search for meanings. Or, if you do have the needed patience to learn all the hidden significance behind them, you might have a hard time interpreting them.

What you truly need in order to use the power of a tarot reading to the maximum, is a highly intuitive and knowledgeable guide. The interpretation offered by a real psychic is the result of experiences passed down from generation to generation. Each tarot card contains secrets and truths to explore.

Used for hundreds of years, tarot reading is the most common form of clairvoyance. This divinatory art uses a wide variety of symbols, which prove to be rich in information for those who know how to decipher them.

Thus, if you do choose a professional love psychic reading, youll be able to approach the next events in your life with more courage. You can find out every detail you need to know about your current and future love life. Also, youll learn to make the right choices and trust the right people.

Tarot Readings by Experts

At any time, you can benefit from the interpretation of a professional tarot reader and adviser. Excellent sources are Keen Psychic, Psychic Source, and Kasamba.

At Psychic Source , if you are a new customer, you benefit from the new customer introductory special offer. What this means for you, is very little money invested in your future. You can enjoy a free reading for up to 3 minutes , and a rate of as little as $1 per minute. If you think your problems need more time to discuss, then you can opt for the extremely economical packages that control exactly how much you spend. Other than that, you can expand your knowledge by reading countless articles for free.

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Kasamba celebrates 20 years of presence in this domain. On this occasion, they offer 3 minutes for free, regardless of the chosen service. In other words, you can choose a tarot reading for love, a psychic chat, or even a fortune-telling session if thats what you want. Although they ask for your credit card information, they only charge you after your session ends. Paypal payments are included.

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At Keen Psychic , you only need to pay as little as $2 per minute for a reading. However, it really depends on which person you chose. To make sure you get your moneys worth and pick an expert you interact well with, you get 3 minutes for free. A reliable resource for psychic advice since 1999, Keen is at your disposal 24/7 via phone, chat, or app.

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Your love life can benefit from a love tarot reading. When everything else fails, its time for you to trust your intuition and seek answers elsewhere. Tarot is an effective divination art that channels your subconscious and helps you understand the context of your past, present, and future life. Get the psychic guidance necessary to decipher the messages that you receive!

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