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Best Drones for Beginners In 2020

September 9, 2020 GMT

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) -- 09 Sep 2020

When it comes to drones, there are several models and designs to choose from. The world has advanced so much in technology that these drones are equipped with so many cutting-edge features. Buy Our Recommended Drone For Beginners

However, if youre using drones for the first time, there are certain models that wont be that easy to handle. For this reason, its recommended for beginners to purchase a drone that comes with simple features and functionality.


We recommend the use of the DroneX Pro because its affordable, reliable, and simple enough for first-timers. Simply put, its one of the best drones for beginners.

DroneX Pro Review

Just recently, the amazing DroneX Pro stormed the market and won over the hearts of many. This is a product that has been designed to deliver unwavering quality and reliability. The DroneX Pro isnt just the best drones for beginners but is also designed in a modern style and is sturdy enough to be used by various people.

Even if you have never handled a drone before, the Drones user interface and controls can be easily mastered by almost anyone.

This drone has been purchased and successfully flown by many beginners, who have then gone online to give the most excellent reviews. It wont hurt to try out this drone not financially, nor in expectations. The DroneX Pro goes for a price below $100 a fair sum of $99.

The quality offered by this DroneX Pro is definitely far above its cost of purchase. That just shows that this product is a great opportunity that you cant afford to miss.

Just like any other product, you have the right to know what the DroneX Pros advantages and disadvantages are. An extensive review of the product has been done, and we have been able to identify its most reliable and attention-worthy features.

At the same time, we have also outlined the disadvantages associated with this product. Keep reading to find out more.

How Does It Work?

The reason weve chosen to review this drone and explain its functionality is because we firmly believe that this is one of the best drones for beginners. Regardless of your experience level with drones, you can still operate the DroneX Pro with ease.

Now, once youve purchased your DroneX Pro, youll want to power it up and fly it around. Press down the power button for the drone to turn on, and get a hold of the controller.


Theres a joystick feature on the controller thats used to navigate the flying drone through the sky remotely. Once the drone is up above, youll get a live video feed of the cameras coverage area.

Apart from being remotely controlled by a joystick controller, you can also access the drones features via your smartphone. From your connected smartphone, you can see the live video feed from the drones camera.

Main Features

The most attractive features that make the DroneX Pro worthy of attention are:

  • Quality Camera

This Drones camera has added significantly to its popularity among drone lovers.

The camera can be set to capture image content in a couple of varying megapixels feel free to use any of the available megapixels whenever you want.

Your choice of megapixels will be determined by the situation at hand and individual preference. The camera offers up to 720p of HD quality. Both the videos and pictures taken with the drones camera are of significant quality. However, the camera could have been made to be more stable.

  • Futuristic Design

The DroneX Pro has a really cool futuristic implementation. It has a compact design, which features foldable propeller arms that allow for more portability.

The drone can be stored easily without taking up much space. The drones color scheme is mostly black with yellow bands on the two front propeller arms. Theres a white-colored design on the drones top that features three linearly arranged arrowheads.

The drones camera sits snugly beneath the head region, giving it a wide range of video coverage. The power button, which is also colored black, sits atop the drone for easy access. With the way the DroneX Pro is designed, it can withstand a significant level of excessive use.

  • Long Flight Time

Once the Drone lifts off the ground and up into the air, the flight time starts counting.

Different drone models are able to stay in the air for varying amounts of time. Some similar drones to the DroneX Pro cant operate for more than a few minutes.

Considering the compact size of the DroneX Pro, its able to deliver flight power for about 10 minutes.

  • Good Stabilization Control

This is another key feature that has been superbly delivered in the making of the DroneX Pro. Drones offer the best results when they are flown steadily. For this reason, the DroneX Pro has been made to fly with great balance when its taking off, flying, and landing.

One major factor that affects the stable flight of drones is wind. If a drone lacks stability, it will get blown around when the atmosphere is windy.

The DroneX Pro is able to withstand windy weather without getting blown off course. Thanks to the Altitude Hold Mode, its able to retain its elevation and keep still in the presence of strong wind.

  • Standard Remote Control

The controls provided by the DroneX Pro make it stand out as one of the best drones for beginners. Theres a significant level of versatility with this product as its equipped with two control features.

The controller is designed to accommodate smartphones for alternative remote controlling this feature works with the aid of a DroneX Pro app. Apart from the smartphone control option, theres also a pair of joysticks on the controller for navigating the flying drone through the air.

One major advantage of the DroneX Pro mobile app is that it allows you to track the position of your drone in case it flies out of sight.

  • Gyroscope Navigation

In addition to the assisted landing feature, the DroneX Pro also has a gyroscope for better navigation through the air.

The gyroscope interface opens on your connected smartphone and gives you the ability to control the Drones movement correctly.

The gyroscope works with your phones gravity sensors, and can easily guide the pilot on how to navigate effectively.

  • Headless Mode

If you lack the experience of flying a drone, youll be glad to start your practice with the DroneX Pro.

It is equipped with a headless mode that allows you to see better when landing. Normally, drones are designed in such a way that the camera provides you with a rear view, instead of front view video feed when landing it.

The DroneX Pro solves this problem with the assistance of the headless mode that can adjust the camera to face front for easier landing and flexible navigation.

  • Easy Landing

After youve flown your drone around for some minutes, youll have to control its descent and properly land it to avoid damages.

However, landing drones is usually a bit tricky a good amount of accuracy is needed. Luckily for beginners, the DroneX Pro has made landing a whole lot easier. You can activate its smooth landing features by simply pressing a button.

The drone is able to select a nice landing spot and descend in a stable manner. It can also land fully automatically in a situation where its disconnected from your smartphone.

  • LED Lights

Lastly, the DroneX Pro, which is one of the best drones for beginners, is equipped with a pair of bright LED lights.

Nighttime drone flying is prohibited, however, there are still other low-visibility situations that you may find yourself in. At times like that, a pair of bright LED lights would go a long way. The DroneX Pros pair of lights are positioned on the left and right sides of the camera.

The lights shine brightly and light up any obstacles at a certain proximity. They also make it easier to identify the flying drone and track its position.

Who Should Get the DroneX Pro?

You might feel like youre not qualified to control the DroneX Pro. The truth is that everybody can safely operate it.

In fact, its $99 price makes it to be even more affordable and available to people with different budgets. You can get this drone for the kids at home, and watch them operate it easily.

If your spouse is a tech enthusiast or any one of your other loved ones is, you can purchase the DroneX Pro as a present for them on their birthdays or other celebratory event like a wedding anniversary. The DroneX Pro is available vastly in stores for purchase. You can go online to make an order with fast delivery.

With DroneX Pro, theres almost no limit to who can effectively operate it. The manufacturers have done a great job with the features integrated into its design. Lift off, flight, and landing can all be done with a great level of ease, accuracy, and stability.