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Global CTB Review – A Broker Dedicated to Making You a Better Trader

November 3, 2020 GMT

Los Angeles, CA ( TS Newswire ) -- 03 Nov 2020

Trading online is a lot harder than it may seem. While it may look like you are just putting money into assets and watching numbers go up or down, the truth is very different. In reality, the decisions that a trader makes are always on the basis of knowledge they have acquired over years of experience.

Veterans are able to rake in millions of profits through online trading thanks to the years they spent in the trenches learning. But that time in the trenches learning about trading can also be fun, if you have a helping hand to guide you through it. And one of the best types of help you can get is from brokers like


A Platform for the Modern Day Trader

Lets say you find a broker that offers an incredible selection of assets, along with great features. However, their trading platform is still a little outdated. They still dont use any animations or slides, and they probably havent heard of a menu bar before. Would you choose this broker over any other alterative?

Probably not, since every other application that you use is so incredibly well optimized. Everything is smooth, fast, intuitive, and easy. Therefore, people will often leave a broker like the one I mentioned before, simply because of their lackluster platform.

Fortunately, there are very few brokers, if any, that still have an unoptimized platform. Broker like Global CTB have also ensured that their platform is available for people on mobile and similar devices. By allowing their platform on mobile devices, people will be able to make the most of their trading experience.

Moreover, by offering their customers the ability access the platform from their phones, they have a lot of versatility in how they trade. Traders can trade on the go when they when they are traveling, which helps them save time. On the other hand, traders can also set a dedicated time for trading and trade on their computer.

Training and Education

Many people who start trading have a very skewed interpretation of what traders actually do. They think that the extent of a traders job is looking at a graph and predicting if it will go up or down. While that is certainly true, there is a lot more that happens when making that simple invest or dont invest decision.

The trader will need to know a lot about the type of market they are trading in as well as the type of company they are investing in. After considering both of these factors, they will also have to check the companys track record and many more things. As you can see a lot of thought goes into making that simple up or down decision.


And the way that you can learn that is through trial and error, or through proper education. Global CTB offers their traders with plenty of advanced educational material that helps sharpen your skills. The education center will also feature private sessions and webinars with professionals. There you can ask them any questions that you may have about trading.

Security and Safety

A major concern that every trader shares beginner or veteran alike is that of security when choosing a broker. A broker holds a lot of power over their customers, as they are responsible for their personal information and their funds. And it will only take a single security breach for all of your personal information falls into the wrong hands.

Luckily, since brokers understand that they are often targets of hackers, they have invested heavily into security. Most brokers have deployed an excellent defense that deters hackers and keeps their customers safe.

Brokers like Global CTB have implemented the KYC and AML policies, which allow them to find any malicious users that could possibly bring harm to the service. This includes hackers that are using wrong information to register, and scammers who are not giving accurate information.

Other than protecting their users from the inside, they are also protecting their users from the outside. When you enter your data into Global CTB, they will encrypt all of your data. Only you can view this information, which keeps it safe from third-parties. Encryption is a very common security measure that almost every broker uses to protect their clients.

Assets to Invest In

One of the most important factors that motivate any trader to join a platform is their list of assets. Assets are the most important thing to a broker. In many ways, it is the patty to the brokers burger; and without that patty, nothing else is worth a traders time.

Therefore, brokers will always have to offer their traders with a competent list of assets. These assets will allow new traders to experiment with a lot of markets and their assets. Moreover, veteran and intermediate traders will be able diversify their portfolio and open their opportunities to make a profit.

Global CTB offers a wide range of assets for you to choose from. They offer more mainstream options like cryptocurrencies, stocks, and bonds. They also offer less popular yet equally lucrative options such as commodities, metal, and oil.

For their cryptocurrencies, traders can invest in some of the biggest currencies out there such as Ethereum and BitCoin. Traders can also trade in all various smaller cryptocurrencies that are looking for their big break. These smaller companies are especially great investment opportunities for new traders.

Making It into Trading

Although trading is hard when you start, it doesnt always have to be like that. When you work with a good broker, you will be able to learn a lot about trading in a short time. With the help of proper videos, webinars, and live sessions, you will become a good trader in no time.

However, a good rule of thumb to remember when trading is that you should always trade to learn not to make a profit. Because the truth of the matter is, traders that have the kludge they need to trade often earn a better profit anyway.