Yuan Pay App Review : Chinese digital currency is now up for grabs

November 13, 2020 GMT

London, UK (

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) -- 13 Nov 2020

Nearly a year after development, the Chinese digital currency is finally available for crypto enthusiasts and traditional investors alike. The Yuan Pay App , an officially government-approved company has been given the right to sell these coins for virtually every single currency in the world.

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People from all over the world now have an opportunity to stock up on the Chinese digital currency in anticipation of significant growth in the coming months of its implementation in the local economy.

The Yuan Pay App is a product of Yuan Pay Group, an officially recognized company from China. They are one of the first platforms where currency exchange for the CBDC is available. The company was one of the few on the PBoCs (Peoples Bank of China) list for the currency distribution alongside well-known companies like Tencent and AliPay.


However, what sets the Yuan Pay App apart from others is its unique ability to sell these coins for other currencies. They act as an exchange so to say, without having to call themselves that. Lets take a closer look at this exciting new opportunity, in this review.....

How to create an account with Yuan Pay App?

To create an account with Yuan Pay App is very simple. The users simply need to access the main website, and upon doing so, they can register a username and password. Once your account is created, you can access your dashboard and start investing in the Chinese digital currency.

Simply choose the amount you want to invest with the broker elected by the platform, choose your payment method (you can choose between master and visa cards, sofort and bank wire). As soon as you choose the amount you want to invest, you should see the funds shortly after in your dashboard.

There is still time to invest, but you should do it as soon as possible, because more people are getting invested into the digital Chinese currency offered by the Yuan Pay App.

Click here to open an account now with Yuan Pay App

Here is what every investor can expect from the CBDC soon:

  • A massive growth to around $5,000 within a few months is likely
  • A colossal (90%) conversion of Chinese fiat currency to the digital Yuan.
  • Half a billion people engaged in trading this one coin daily worldwide.

With guarantees like this from a body as large as the Chinese government, its quite natural that the Yuan Pay App can afford to promise massive growths to its early investors.

Why is the Digital Yuan more unique than BTC for example?


One of the main differences between the digital Yuan and the BTC was believed to be the volatility. Many traders thought that China wanted a currency that could be the new world medium of exchange. This needed it to be a stable coin. But no, the digital Yuan will be a floating currency, meaning that its value will be determined by the market, and You!

Here are some interesting facts about the digital Yuan and why its a bit more unique than the largest crypto, Bitcoin:

  • Government-approved coin - This is one of its largest strengths. You as an investor are guaranteed that the worlds largest economy will never do anything in terms of regulation, that would harm this coin.
  • Growth potential - Much like BTC, the digital Yuan is something new on the market, meaning the level of interest guarantees its growth in the near future.

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And as for the Yuan Pay App review itself, here is what the company has to offer.

Yuan Pay App and the CBDC

As already mentioned, the Yuan Pay App is a product of the Yuan Pay Group, an officially approved company for the sale of the CBDC. They hold pretty much all of the legal documentation they require to legitimately conduct the sale of the digital Yuan. Any other company offering this is fraudulent and misleading.

By being the only one with this privilege, Yuan Pay App narrows the research required to get better acquainted with the digital Yuan, centralizing it on just one platform. Here are some additional features they provide:

  • Bank partnerships - the Yuan Pay App has connections with almost every bank in China as well as a large list of international brands as well. No matter where the investor is, they can buy the digital Yuan directly from their bank account.
  • Guarantee of safety - By centralizing the sale of the digital Yuan only to one company, the Chinese government prevents all fraud regarding their coin. The possibility of Yuan Pay App scam is simply not existent as they have multiple legal bodies governing its business operations. All operations are double-checked and then triple-checked for any violation.
  • Profit-focused investment - the Yuan Pay App does not charge any fees for the purchase of the coin. The company wants the coins to be distributed as diversely as possible, therefore a no-fee policy was a perfect way to attract investors of every caliber.

If this Yuan Pay App review isnt enough, then the company is ready to provide some testimonials from globally recognized businessmen and investors.

Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group has put high expectations on the digital Yuan and is completely sure of the legitimacy of the governments distributor of choice.

Peter Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal has also placed high expectations on Chinas cryptocurrency, ultimately leading to his confidence in the YuanPay Group as well. He confirmed his confidence when PayPal finally approved BTC payments on its platform.

Digital Yuan has been in distribution since November 1st, but Yuan Pay App suggests that due to high demand, theres no guarantee that sales can go on for too long. The company suggests that anybody interested in investing in digital Yuan do it before the end of the year.

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