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Second Passports and the Right to Travel During Times of Crises

October 19, 2020 GMT

Los Angeles, CA ( TS Newswire ) -- 19 Oct 2020

Get a Backup Plan B

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world on its head. Entire industries are teetering on the edge of collapse along with most of the worlds global travel economy. Visa services are on hold, planes remain largely idle on runways, and virtually every other form of travel service is either shut or opened at 10% capacity.

Covid has greatly impacted peoples mobility as entire countries have restricted the movement of its citizens and imposed lockdowns with little certainty of what the future travel industry will look like. Most countries around the world have barred non-residents from entering giving travel permission only to a few selective countries. Travelers and businesses men are finding new ways to circumvent travel restrictions and finding second passport solutions to be their ticket to escape.



One thing that is clear is that it will take time for global movement to return to the way it was pre-covid. Despite all restrictions in place, citizenship consultants have seen an increase of more than 50% in the number of second citizenship inquires in the past 6 months.

While some countries and individuals are feeling a nationalist surge during these past months, other are looking for a way out. This dichotomy is being played out in many spheres. The CNN reported that over the last few months the US has recorded more individuals looking to renounce their citizenship than ever before.

People are looking for more ways to secure their freedom of mobility as they are faced with travel restrictions that have been largely based upon citizenship. All of a sudden if you are a UK citizen and need to travel to the US you are unlikely to find it possible due to the travel ban imposed on selective nationalities.

While most of the current travel restrictions are temporary, and likely to ease as the year progresses, it understandable that people do not like their freedom of movement restricted.

Economic Citizenship Options

Many individuals feeling trapped by the travel ban have increasingly sought alternative solutions in in reaction to the increasingly politicized pandemic response. A potential solution is a citizenship by investment or economic citizenship whereby an individual is able to purchase a second passport and citizenship through any number of countries development programs.

In exchange for a passport clients are asked for a donation either in cash or in a real estate purchase. Unbeknownst to many, but golden visas, as they are often called, are available in many countries around the world including the United Kingdom, United States and even Austria, although the price tag is upwards of one million dollars.


Other programs in Europe that have gained attention are in Malta, Gibraltar and Cyprus, though they have rather extensive background checks and waiting periods that tend to deter all but the most determined.

Slightly cheaper and hence more popular citizenship programs are found in the Caribbean nations of Dominica and St Lucia where passports are currently being sold at reduced prices and can be had for 100,000 USD. Due to the rapidly changing travel economy both nations announced a 45,000 USD discount on all citizenship fees in an attempt to attract more clients due to the loss of revenue the past months.

While citizenship programs are nothing new, they have attracted more attention, and will likely continue to attract more customers to in the coming months especially if uncertainty continues to plague the travel industry.

Plan B Escape Route

While the pandemic has shifted many peoples priorities over the last year, what it has also done is made people increasingly aware of the need of having a backup plan. Many people are feeling the restriction of movement as being their primary motivator for getting a second passport, as well as the change in the status of many passports which is noticed in the influx of second passport inquires.

An American passport as of now can only travel to 87 countries whereas that number was at 171 back in 2019. Similarly, Brazil, once regarded as having a strong passport ranking, slumped down 19th due to the bungled response to the virus and the backlash that has come in the form of Brazilian citizens not being able to travel abroad to many countries.

This has resulted in the hierarchy of passports which has been redistributed. Though most of the privileges that are associated with highly valued passports are likely to remain even amidst and after the crises, what has changed are in-country factors that are attracting investors.

Whether your looking for coronaviruses preparedness and the availability of proper medical care in case of illness or a escape plan; whatever your reason finding a safe place to weather the storm seems to be a prime motivator for people looking to new horizons and seeing that a second citizenship might just be the solution.

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