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Golden Superfood Bliss Review: Danette May and Earth Echo’s Bedtime Tonic Supplement

June 11, 2020 GMT

Homewood IL, United States, June 11 2020 (Wiredrelease) Marketing by Kevin, LLC. Golden Superfood Bliss is a supplement that helps to reduce the sugar cravings to give consumers a better chance at weight loss. Each day, the user will end up eating 650 less calories than they normally do, since they wont be engaging in emotional eating habits.

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Lets review the insides of what makes this herbal bedtime tonic so potent and why users are raving about the results Danette May and Earth Echos Golden Superfood Bliss is creating.


What is Golden Superfood Bliss?

One of the biggest struggles to overcome while losing weight is the innate desire to eat the foods that have gotten the individual to their size in the first place. Since so many diets focus on reducing calories and cutting out these junk foods without getting to the root cause, consumers tend to revert back to their old ways after being on a new eating plan for a while. However, a new product from Earth Echo claims that consumers can be cured of emotional eating with the use of their tonic.

The tonic Golden Superfood Bliss is based on a bedtime tonic that is over four millennia old, and the creators of this particular brand believe that it has the right makeup of superfoods to replace the desire to binge. Almost everyone has been a video of emotional eating before, ending a long day with a calorie-filled snack that the body cannot compensate for. Self-control is an absolute necessity for any diet, but the onset of stress can cause the body to crave the foods that someone with a healthy appetite wouldnt.

This endless cycle of eating poorly and then eating right is almost more damaging than not dieting at all, causing the body to slingshot from one extreme to the next. By using Danette Mays Golden Superfood Bliss, the consumer ends up stopping the cravings all together, which means that they dont have to do the work of building up their willpower. With no temptation to eat the foods that they shouldnt, sticking with a healthier eating plan becomes much easier.

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What Makes Golden Superfood Bliss Work?

Golden Superfood Bliss works to promote better sleep, which Danette largely credits to higher levels of stress and inflammation. In an effort to help reduce inflammation and promote better sleep, consumers are given turmeric. Most people already have this ingredient in their cupboard, though it is next to impossible to eat enough of it in a meal to have the anti-inflammatory effects that Golden Superfood Bliss offers.

Along with turmerics obvious benefits for inflammation, scientists have found that it also can help with sleep. Danette even calls it one of her favorite remedies to help with relaxation and anxiety. In fact, she already has been drinking a variation of the tonic for years before this option even came out.

Though turmeric alone would help, this formula also includes:

Coconut milk

MCT oil

Amla fruit

Ginger root



Reishi mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms

Maitake mushrooms

Lions mane

Each of these ingredients have some influence on the three main effects of this formula. Coconut milk, MCT oil, amla fruit, cinnamon bark, and ginger root have all been linked to helping the user feel fuller for longer and reducing the appetite.

Cardamom and ashwagandha work together to soothe anxiety and inflammation, while promoting better sleep. While cardamom brings consumers more antioxidants to flush out free radicals, ashwagandha has been showed to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) by up to 28%.

The four mushrooms included in this supplement each touch on all of the benefits, handling everything from inflammation, satiety after eating, and immunity.

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Buying Golden Superfood Bliss

One bag of the Golden Superfood Bliss remedy is available for $59.95 right now, which is already a 25% markdown. However, consumers have the chance to get these bags shipped to their door on a monthly basis to keep up their use with a subscription, knocking the price down to $53.95 (over 32% savings).

Consumers that want to buy more than one package at a time have their choice of:

Three pouches for $149.95

Six pouches for $199.95

The multi-packs are not available under a subscription at this time, but there is a 60-day money-back guarantee for any user that doesnt get their desired benefits from its use.

FAQ: What Else Should Customers Know About Golden Superfood Bliss?

How many pouches are best to order?

If the user is seeking out the lowest price per package, the six-pouch package is the best option. With the return policy in place, consumers can purchase as many packages as they want with the security of knowing that they have up to two months to get a refund.

How is Golden Superfood Bliss different from other remedies?

By taking Golden Superfood Bliss, consumers can ease their stress, reduce anxiety, and reduce inflammation. Without these triggers for unhealthy eating habits, the creators believe that this formula will eliminate an overactive appetite, as well as sugar cravings.

How long will it take to get results with the use of Golden Superfood Bliss?

While this remedy may help many, their current health and weight can play a role in how effective the formula is and how quickly the changes happen. While some users see a change within a few weeks, others can take a few months.

Final Words About Golden Superfood Bliss Supplement

Golden Superfood Bliss is helpful to anyone that is dealing with more than just their sugar cravings. While this product doesnt directly cause weight loss or even directly control the appetite, it focuses more on reducing triggers to which the natural reaction is a heightened appetite. There are many remedies out there that fight similar battles, but the use of turmeric as a way to improve sleep and reduce the inflammation that the body deals with may be a step in the right direction.

The website includes a substantial number of scientific studies that back up their ingredients and the way that turmeric can help.

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