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Fever Patrol Reviews – A New Thermometer launched

Fever Patrol is a handy device for anyone who is conscious of their health and that of their kids. The manufacturer claims that this can perform as a thermometer without the stress and hassle of a regular thermometer. This device does not require any physical contact. This means that a patient can have their temperature taken without being woken up.

Fever Patrol Advantages

Fever Patrol is a good device to keep in your roster of medical supplies. Anyone who has a first aid kit should, according to the manufacturer, have this device as part of it. The advantage of this auto thermometer is that it can give accurate readings in exact values. It also does not require contact to measure the temperature of a person. This is beneficial since it avoids passing around germs from person to person. In this way, several people, or a family, can share the thermometer with disinfecting it all the time.

For those with children, you know how hard it is to take their temperatures. It is hard for them to sit still. The old-fashioned way of measuring their temperature is through their anus. This is very uncomfortable for children. Other methods, such as mouth or arm, are more comfortable but are prone to error if the child drinks water or moves around. With a non-contact temperature reader, you can easily take the temperature of a child without making them uncomfortable.

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Fever Patrol Product Claims

This device boasts a user-friendly method of reading temperature. It is easy for parents to handle. It works much faster and more conveniently than a regular thermometer. It can read the temperature simply by holding the device near the patient’s forehead. Once you press the button on the device, it will immediately give a temperature reading. By this reading, you can judge whether or not the person has a fever. You are advised to consult if the person does have a high fever.

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Fever Patrol Benefits

-Can read the temperature of a sleeping person

-Can display in both Celsius and Fahrenheit

-Suitable for infants, children, and adults

-Reads temperature quickly

-Does not require contact and will not spread germs

-Can be shared without needing disinfecting

Fever Patrol Specifications

-Wide handle design

-Single-button for different modes

-Can be handled and operated using only one hand

-Portable design

-Uses a color-coded screen

-Displays accurate values

Fever Patrol Key Features

This may also be because this device is very new to the market. However, there seem to be numerous customer reviews online. Many of these reviews come from parents who used the thermometer on their children. The opinion is generally positive since it saves them a lot of trouble when measuring their children’s temperature.

This device, as claimed by the manufacturer, was made by an international team of innovators and researchers. The team supposedly performed tests with the device to ensure consistent quality. Their website claims a product satisfaction guarantee, along with the promise of a refund if you would like to return Fever Patrol.

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Fever Patrol Customer Reviews

Viruses that spread by contact can stick to surfaces such as regular thermometers. Since the regular thermometer requires contact, people can contract germs from thermometers that have not been disinfected properly. A thermometer that requires no contact is advantageous for several patients at once. Additionally, the display screen of this thermometer is color codes so that you can easily determine how high or low someone’s temperature is.

Most of the customer reviews about Fever Patrol are positive. These customers have found a lot of benefits to Fever Patrol. Parents, especially, really appreciate the contactless aspect of this thermometer. For them, this device makes it very easy to monitor their children’s health and temperature. It also helps that the device can give readings quickly.

The customers of this product also like to recommend it for other parents. They like the fact that it does not need to be disinfected every time they want to use it. All they have to do is hold it near a person’s forehead, press the button, and read the temperature it displays!

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Where To Purchase Fever Patrol

The best place to purchase this device is through the manufacturer’s website. This will ensure the quality and legitimacy of Fever Patrol. The website is also useful since they have much of their product details and customer service information there. If you are in Germany you can reach their customer service by dialing “800”.

Another advantage with ordering straight from their website is that customers no longer have to search for the device in medical supply stores or pharmacies. It is very convenient to buy Fever Patrol from the comfort of your home. Several payment methods are accepted on the website. These are Paypal and credit cards such as Mastercard, AMEX, Visa, and Discover. You only need to fill in the pertinent details. You can expect the device to arrive at your doorstep in just a couple of days.

The device is on a 40% discount promo. This will save you a whopping 39.99 Euros immediately. The more units you buy, the greater the discount will be. Two thermometers will give you a 45% discount, three thermometers will give you a 50% discount, and so on. This is very useful if you are bulk ordering for your co-parents, friends, or workmates who also want a device of their own. If you buy a package of 5 units, you’ll save as much as 150 Euros. The manufacturer even guarantees lifetime protection and warranty if you pay an additional 10 Euros. So if your device gets damaged, the manufacturer can supply you with a new unit for free.

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Contact Info

This product is supplied by Strong Current Enterprises Limited. Their website can be found at:


You can contact them through [email protected] or their service line at 0800 or 8303403. They can be reached on weekdays during business hours.

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