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Onnit Alpha BRAIN® Reviews: Urgent Report Uncovered by Researched Reviews

December 16, 2020 GMT

Southamprton, Pennsylvania, United States, December 16 2020 (Wiredrelease) Researched Reviews :Alpha BRAIN Reviews Update: Groundbreaking New Report Gives Important Information Every Consumer Needs To Know Published by Researched Reviews.

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What Is Alpha BRAIN?

This supplement is a nootropic, simply meaning that it is a dietary supplement that supports certain brain functions including memory, mental speed and focus and is designed for healthy people. It is derived from ingredients that have been shown to be effective at promoting cognitive abilities in a variety of individuals.

Researched Reviews analyst David Kingston states, Onnit Alpha BRAIN may be able to truly assist cognitive ability, helping to unlock the brains fullest potential.


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The nootropic supplement Alpha BRAIN is sold by the company Onnit. As a nootropic supplement, it is meant to have a beneficial effect on brain function. Nootropic supplements can support memory, alertness, creativity, motivation and general cognitive function.

This product is created for people who have trouble focusing, who struggle with their memory, who have difficulty holding intelligent conversations, who stress about public speaking, or who need to perform mentally strenuous tasks. It may help support the brains capabilities doing so in a natural way, resulting in guided focus and clearer speech throughout the day.

How Does Alpha BRAIN Work?

If you want your brain to work better, you need to concentrate on two things: getting it to make more alpha waves and supporting the production of neurotransmitters, chemicals that relay information in and from the brain. Alpha BRAINwas formulated with both goals in mind.

With its trademarked ingredient blends, Alpha BRAINhelps build an environment in which the brain can operate at its peak, promoting mental sharpness.

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Alpha BRAIN FAQ The following are some common questions about this product with the answers provided.

Q. Is Alpha BRAIN legit?

This product has sold over 1 million bottles and has been endorsed by Joe Rogan. There are plenty of positive reviews found on the popular website Reddit in 2020 as well as many others users stating they were happy everywhere online. It has been well reviewed, and people rave about its effectiveness and how it has changed their life for the better.

Q. Are there legitimate Testimonials?

Yes, there are many positive testimonials such as:

1. Eddie A: Game changer. Definitely worth every penny. Thank you.


2. William D: After a long period of building my company, missing a lot of sleep, stress, my motivation and focus to get more work done was gone. After 3 days of 1 Alpha BRAIN at breakfast I got back in my flow state and crossed off one thing after another from my to do list. Didnt expect this amazing result at all.

3. Neal M: After listening to Joe Rohan talk about this I decided to order it and noticed a difference the first day! I usually have a problem with remembering things and it seemed to help me recall things a bit faster. But the main thing for me was the brain fog I was experiencing every day. I noticed immediately that I was more clear headed throughout the day and that means a lot!

4. Robert S: I feel energized through out the day when taking it. There is no bad after taste or powdery burps after taking it like some others I have taking. Very impressed with this product.

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Q. What are the side effects of Alpha BRAIN?

Everyones physiology is a bit different. While the ingredients in Alpha BRAIN are generally regarded as safe, everyone is going to respond differently. This includes the potential for a range of side effects. Anyone who has been in the nootropic understands this risk. That is why Onnit suggest, if you are new to nootropics, to start slow with a half dose and always consult a doctor before using this or any other supplement.

Q. Does Joe Rogan really take Alpha BRAIN?

UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan has said multiple times that he takes Alpha BRAIN, and he even takes the supplement while on the air. Rogan has stated that he doesnt feel like he can go to UFC without taking the supplement first, because it gets his brain working on another level than what it normally would be. He says that the supplement helps him to think better and use words more effectively.

Q. Is Alpha BRAIN sold in stores?

Yes, Alpha BRAIN can be purchased at local stores as well as online. It is widely available, and Onnit offers a store locator on their website to help people to find stores near them that offer their products like Alpha BRAIN. Q. Does Alpha BRAIN ship internationally to countries such as Australia, Canada, UK. etc.? Yes, online orders can be shipped internationally. Keep in mind shipping may take longer for international orders.

Q. Can individuals take Alpha BRAIN every day?

Yes, this supplement is designed to be taken every. However, not everyone should be taking this supplement, particularly those in poor health or anyone who is taking other medications. They should consult with a doctor first to ensure that it is safe for them to take.

Q. Is Alpha BRAIN a stimulant?

This product is a safe stimulant but does not contain any ingredients like caffeine. For those who use the supplement, that means that they will not have to worry about a crash later in the day as their energy levels deteriorate. That is a common side effect of a caffeine-based supplement, but Alpha BRAIN does not have that issue. It will encourage mental acuity for the user as it stimulates the release of dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

Q. Does Alpha BRAIN have caffeine?

There is no caffeine in Alpha BRAIN. Users will not experience any energy crash like they would with coffee, sugary substances or other ingredients that contain caffeine.

Alpha BRAIN Pricing:

Pricing depends on the consumers choice of either a one time only purchase or the subscription option. Currently the one time only offer is $79.95 a bottle. With the subscription, customers will get their Onnit products whenever they want at 15% off MSRP including the same money back guarantee. Consumers can cancel their subscription at anytime.

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Alpha BRAIN Ingredients

The key ingredients in Alpha BRAIN are all chosen for their ability to help build an environment in which the brain can operate on all cylinders, promoting lasting mental clarity.

Components in this formula work together to create a feeling of being in the zone for users, allowing them to perceive things they might not otherwise notice, to support cognitive functions, mental speed and focus.

Alpha BRAIN Supplement is made up of 3 distinct blends.

Flow Blend TM

Focus Blend TM

Fuel Blend TM

ONNIT FLOW BLEND TM: Promote alpha brain wave production.

Includes special ingredients to help promote alpha brain wave production as well as optimal brain cell function.




Oat Straw Extract

ONNIT FOCUS BLEND TM: For Optimal Acetylcholine Levels.

This blend can help the body make acetylcholine. These ingredients can also help sustain optimal levels of acetylcholine and can encourage nerve cells to actually receive it.


Huperzia Serrata


ONNIT FUEL BLEND TM: Optimal Nervous System Communication.

The Fuel Blend ingredients can help maintain a healthy brain environment. These specific ingredients can also further optimize neural communication



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Mr. Kingston also gives a breakdown of the ingredients and possible side effects below:

L-Theanine: L-theanine is an amino acid. It can be found in both green and black tea. Known for helping individuals relax, L-theanine has many health supporting benefits including focus and building immunity. There are no confirmed or direct side effects of taking L-theanine.

L-Tyrosine: Tyrosine is also an amino acid. It can also be found in dairy products, eggs, fish, meats, oats, beans and nuts. Tyrosine is involved with chemical messengers involving the brain to assist in mental alertness. This includes memory and thinking skills. Tyrosine is very safe when taken as directed. Some people may experience side effects such as headache, nausea, fatigue and heartburn especially if taking in dosages above what is recommended.

Phosphatidylserine: Phosphatidylserine helps protects the cells in the brain and also carries messages between them. Phosphatidylserine is very important in promoting brain function and memory recall. Phosphatidylserine is considered safe for most individuals when taken as directed appropriately. Individuals taking too high of a dosage of Phosphatidylserine can experience side effects like stomach upset or insomnia.

Oat Straw Extract: Oat straw comes from the plant called avena sativa. Benefits of using Oat Straw are promoting brain function and mood support. No Reports of negative side effects.

Alpha-GPC: Alpha-GPC is a chemical naturally made in the body but it can also be made in a laboratory. Alpha-GPC is known to promote the production of the compound called acetylcholine in the brain which is important for learning and memory function. Alpha GPC is both safe and well tolerated. According to the Onnit website, some users may occasionally experience fatigue, nausea, nervousness headaches, diarrhea and gastrointestinal distress. In some individuals it can result in dizziness and low blood pressure.

Huperzine A: Huperzine A is a compound extracted from fir club moss plants or Chinese club moss but can also be made in a laboratory. Huperzine A can help promote mental function and memory. Huperzine A increases levels of a chemical called acetylcholine. Huperzine A should be safe for most adults. Certain individuals have experienced some side effects. Some of these side effects are dry mouth, restlessness, loss of appetite, dizziness, slowed heart rate and inability to sleep. Typically these side effects are experienced by individuals taking more than recommended amounts.

Bacopa: Bacopa comes from a plant grown in India. It is shown that it may alter specific brain chemicals such as serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine and neurotransmitters associated with anxiety and depression. Individuals using Bacopa may promote in memory and learning. Bacopa is mostly safe for adults when taken as directed. Some individuals may experience side effects such as dry mouth, stomach cramps, fatigue and nausea. These side effects are typically seen when individuals take more than the recommended dosage.

Pterostilbene: Pterostilbene is a polyphenol normally found in small berries and nuts. It is known to help protect the brain as well as the nerve cells. Pterostilbene is considered very safe with no significant side effects reported.

L-Leucine: Leucine is one of the three branched chain amino acids and is also referred to as the main amino acid. It helps to synthesize protein in the body. No side effects are reported with L-Leucine.

Cats Claw: Cats Claw comes from the bark of a vine found in the Amazon rain forest. It is shown to help with cellular integrity. Cats Claw is generally considered very safe. Some users experience side effects such as dizziness, headache, and vomiting. This is typically seen in people taking a dosage higher than what is recommended.

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Pros and Cons of Alpha BRAIN

Pros (Benefits):

Helps with flow state (the feeling of being in the zone)

Supports cognitive abilities in most people

Promotes focus

Helps with memory and recall

Promotes the user feeling alert and mentally active

Helps with difficult, mentally challenging tasks

Gluten free

Caffeine free


Can be a bit pricey

Some minor side effects are possible

How Long Does Alpha BRAIN Last?

Each bottle of Alpha BRAIN contains 90 capsules. Directions state for adults to take two capsules daily. So the bottle will last a total of 45 days..

Researched Reviews Conclusion on Alpha BRAIN Supplement:

David Kingston of Researched Reviews states, This product has been carefully designed with its ingredients meticulously chosen to provide consumers with the best nootropic experience possible on the market.

The supplement Alpha BRAIN is particularly helpful for people who experience cognitive fatigue, memory problems and difficulty in communication or public speaking. By supporting brain functions, it allows people to feel more confidence and to be more effective in what they do.

Where to Buy Alpha BRAIN?

Alpha BRAIN can be purchased straight from the manufacturer for the best price. That way, consumers do not need to pay a middleman and cover shipping costs to retailers.

The manufacturer of Alpha BRAIN also offers deals that might not be available elsewhere, and it would be wise of consumers to check the manufacturers website regularly for pricing updates.

Consumers should also be aware that knockoff products and similar supplements that may look the same but are not as effective are being sold by popular online vendors.

It is also important for consumers to understand that these popular online vendors most likely will not offer the product guarantee to buyers. To be certain consumers are backed by the full product guarantee, only purchase through the manufacturers official site.

Visit The Official Alpha BRAIN Website Here

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